DEWALT® Launches New 12 Volt MAX Hand-Held Radar Scanner – DCT418

DEWALT® Launches New 12 Volt MAX* Lithium Ion Hand-Held Radar Scanner with Innovative Technology Sensing Features

DEWALT 12V Hand Held Radar Scanner DCT418TOWSON, Md. (Jan. 28, 2013) – Today, DEWALT will expand its existing 12 Volt MAX* Lithium Ion system with the introduction of a groundbreaking Hand-Held Radar Scanner (DCT418). The DCT418 offers new innovation in the form of radar sensing technology that detects and identifies wood, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, live electric wires and PVC behind multiple types of wall surfaces making it ideal for remodelers, installers, service technicians and maintenance personnel.

“During research conducted by our Innovation Team, we heard a number of frustrations from end users who work in buildings where there currently is no easy and reliable way to determine if pipes, studs or wiring are present behind a wall.  As a result, we are launching what we think will be a game-changer in the industry,” said Christine Potter, director of marketing, DEWALT. “Our new hand-held radar scanner detects objects behind the wall including wood, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, live electricity and PVC and displays them on a color LCD screen.   This results in a more efficient jobsite experience for the professionals who rely on our tools every day.”

The DCT418 scans through multiple wall surfaces including drywall, plywood, concrete, marble and ceramic tile at a sensing depth of up to 3 inches. The DCT418 displays objects it detects behind the wall surface on a 3.5-inch LCD color screen.

The DCT418 features a pre-scan mapping mode that eliminates the need for the user to calibrate or choose between settings.  The first pass over the wall surface maps all of the detected objects behind the surface.  When the user reverses the direction of the DCT418 to scan, the objects detected behind the wall surface are displayed.  This pre-scan mapping mode provides both accuracy and ease of use.

Other innovative features include a tracking bar that counts the number of objects detected in an up to 9.8 foot section of a wall surface, and a confidence meter communicates the unit’s signal strength. An ergonomic handle with a soft over-mold grip provides a comfortable grip for the user.

The new Hand-Held Scanner will be available in April at distributors. The DCT418 is expected to retail for approximately $299.00, and the kit (DCT418S1) will come complete with one DCT418 Hand Held Radar Scanner, one 12 Volt MAX* Lithium Ion battery pack, one fast charger and a kit box. The DCT418 will come standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.

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  1. Todd, I’ve been waiting for this tool to come out for a while…it seems to be delayed. Any news on when it will actually be available?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Was supposed to be this summer. I still haven’t gotten a sample so I’m assuming it’s still delayed. Let me reach out to my contacts and get some updated info. Stay tuned….

    2. Todd Fratzel

      I’m told the scanners should start hitting the shelves later this week!

  2. Thanks for looking into it for me!

  3. Dave Miller

    I received this tool a few days ago after a 3 month wait from amazon. First off let me say that I am a huge Dewalt fan and this may be the first till I have been disappointed in. It gives in insistent readings when ran across the same wall section. It shows PVC pipes in almost every section of wall that I scan and I know for a fact there are no pipes there. Very disappointed in this tool…definitely not worth $300. Save your money until they get the bugs worked out of it.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Dave – Did you do a factory reset? I had the problem until I did a reset and now it’s very consistent.

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