DEWALT’s New Anti-Vibration & Anti-Rotational Technology in Hammer Drills

New Line of DEWALT Hammer Drills

Back in January I had a chance to get my hands on this new line of hammer drills that use anti-vibration and anti-rotation technology and I was very impressed. With a continued emphasis on producing safer power tools these new hammer drills are sure to be very popular with workers that make a living hammering concrete. Learn more about these exciting new features in the official press release below.

DEWALT® Incorporates Anti-Vibration and Anti-Rotational Technology in New Line of Hammer Drills

DEWALT D25723K Hammer DrillTOWSON, Md. – March 17, 2014 – DEWALT® announces the launch of two new hammer drills—the D25721K with SHOCKS Active Vibration Control® System and the D25723K with SHOCKS Active Vibration Control® System and E-ClutchTM Anti-Rotational Technology. The SHOCKS Active Vibration Control System and E-ClutchTM Anti-Rotational Technology are two features within the DEWALT Perform & ProtectTM line of power tools. The SHOCKS Active Vibration Control System provides less vibration* and the E-Clutch Anti-Rotational Technology provides better control**. These new models are ideal for users performing applications such as dowling and chemical anchoring while working on roads and bridges, concrete forming, plumbing, and repair and restoration jobs.

The D25721K & D25723K both deliver powerful performance with 1260-2520 BPM and 11 joules of impact energy. The two models meet the Perform & Protect criteria for vibration with the inclusion of the SHOCKS Anti-Vibration Control System which reduces vibration during use.  The D25723K hammer drill goes a step further with the inclusion of the 2-Stage Clutch (D25723K only) and DEWALT’s new E-Clutch feature. The 2-Stage Clutch allows the user to select the clutch setting best suited for their application, and the E-Clutch is DEWALT’s Anti-Rotational Technology that protects the user by reducing power to the tool in a bind-up situation.

“Hammer drills have the potential to rotate without warning during bind-up situations,” says Brian Koll, product manager, DEWALT. “Protecting the end user is a top priority for us, so we developed the SHOCKS Anti-Vibration Control System for vibration reduction and the E-Clutch technology for user control while drilling and demoing concrete.”

Additional features on both the D25721K & D25723K hammer drills include electronic variable speed that allows the user to adjust the speed of drilling or chipping while maintaining speed under load; a rear handle mount that allows for an ergonomic position for the user when performing downward chipping or drill applications; chisel rotation mode which allows the user to turn the chisel without having to remove it; and an LED indicator light that alerts the user when servicing the unit is recommended. Dust collection options are also available for these models (sold separately).

The new D25721K & D25723K hammer drills will both be available this spring for $799.00 and $999.00, respectively, wherever DEWALT products are sold. Both tools will come standard with a three-year limited warranty, two-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

DEWALT Perform & Protect

The DEWALT Perform & ProtectTM line of power tools is designed to provide a high level of one or more of the following: control, dust containment, or low vibration, without sacrificing performance.

The D25721K & D25723K hammer drills are two of many DEWALT power tools within the Perform & Protect power tool line. The D25721K hammer drill meets the Perform & Protect criteria for vibration, and the D25723K hammer drill meets the Perform & Protect criteria for locations, DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America. For more information, visit or follow DEWALT on Facebook and Twitter.vibration and control. See DEWALT’s complete line of Perform & Protect SKUs here.

* Compared to units without vibration control

**Compared to units without anti-rotational control

According to EPTA-Procedure 05/2009

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