DEWALT Announces New HEPA Dust Extractor Vacuum (DWV012)

DEWALT Dust Extractor Vacuum – Model DWV012

With all the new Federal and State laws about working with Lead Paint and other toxic construction debris it’s likely we’ll be seeing all kinds of new vacuums capable of handling fine particle sizes. Today DEWALT introduced their latest vacuum which includes a HEPA Filter allowing contractors to comply with the latest regulations.

The new vacuum includes a self cleaning filter system and an auto-start so that it turns on when tools are turned on.

For more details on this new vacuum from DEWALT see the full Press Release below:

DEWALT® Launches HEPA Filter Dust Extractor Vacuum and Universal Connector System

TOWSON, Md. (October 1, 2012) –DEWALT announces the launch of its new Dust Extractor Vacuum (DWV012).  The Dust Extractor Vacuum was designed specifically to provide dust control solutions for drywall sanding and concrete grinding, cutting and drilling applications.   “Using a dust control system can decrease the potential for inhaling dust, increase visibility and reduce clean up and maintenance costs,” says Jeff Beck, product manager, DEWALT.

The Dust Extractor Vacuum meets the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for HEPA vacuums when used with DWV9320 HEPA filters (included with the vacuum).   The DWV012 has continuous auto filter cleaning, which means that every 30 seconds one of the filters is backflushed with air to remove dust to provide suction until the tank is full. The HEPA filters should be replaced every 6 months under normal applications.

The DWV012 includes a tool activation setting that turns on the Dust Extractor Vacuum whenever the user starts the connected tool, a variable speed to set the amount of suction and a bail handle for gripping and tying the tool down (ideal for users working on scaffolding or for transporting the unit).

The large-mounted castors and large rear wheels provide durability and mobility when transporting and rolling the tool.  Included with the vacuum is the DWV9000 universal connector.

DEWALT Perform & ProtectTM PowerTool  Line

The DWV012 Dust Extractor Vacuum is one of many DEWALT power tools within the Perform & ProtectTM power tool line. The DWV012 meets DEWALT’s Perform & ProtectTM criteria for dust containment. See DEWALT’s complete line of Perform & ProtectTM SKUs here.

Universal Connector System

DEWALT’s new Universal Connector System features nine individual adaptors that work with many of the grinding, drilling, chipping and demolition power tools currently on the market. A quick connect hose attachment (DWV9000), which provides a positive lock and allows the hose to swivel, replaces the existing hose connection on grinding and hammer shrouds. See the DEWALT connector reference chart here.

The DWV9000 retails for approximately $19.99 and the Dust Extractor Vacuum (DWV012) retails for approximately $529.00 and is available through industrial and commercial distributors. The DWV9000 and DWV012 come with a three-year limited warranty, one-year service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.


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