Bosch PS90 12V Max Inspection Camera Preview

Bosch PS90 12V Max Inspection Camera

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., September 20, 2011 – The dark, inner recesses of utility boxes, pipes, and duct work are now easier than ever to view thanks to the new Bosch PS90 12V Max Inspection Camera. The new camera enables electricians, plumbers, and mechanics to see more clearly what’s clogging a drain, blocking a switch or causing a machine to malfunction.

The PS90 12V Max Inspection Camera boasts compactness, clarity of image and a large LED screen for enhanced optics. It delivers depth of field, color uniformity, easy battery management and handling comfort over the long haul, increasing both work efficiency and accuracy.

A waterproof 48-inch imager allows for increased accessibility to tight bend radii for a multitude of applications. The 17-millimeter head is metal, making it a more durable option over plastic heads on similar inspection cameras on the market. The camera’s small size enables ease of handling and simplicity in use of buttons and functions.

Bright LED illumination, four times magnification, plus a large, 2.7-inch screen give the user increased visibility and effortless viewing in dark places. The light and lens configuration ensure maximum visibility while preventing hot spots and glare. The 9-inch pin connector enables easy linkage of the 17-millimeter hook, magnet and mirror attachments that offer additional accuracy, depth of field and ability to identify the blockage more quickly.

The PS90 12V Max Inspection Camera is equipped with video cable for video out connection, a 30-minute battery charger for fast, continuous operation, and a battery life indicator to gauge the remaining battery runtime. Bosch also offers an optional 36-inch imager with a 9.5-millimeter head for reaching tighter spaces.

The 12V Max Lithium Ion battery provides 8-15 hours of continuous use, depending on utilization of the LED light, and comes with the BC430 charger, a fast charging device for high work efficiency. The BAT412 Battery Pack can be taken out of the charger before charging is complete, can be charged before empty and will operate in the coldest weather, making the PS90 12V Max Inspection Camera easy to use and reduces overall maintenance.

The PS 90 12V Max Inspection Camera is available through authorized retailers nationwide. The PS 91, which includes both 17-millimeter and 9.5-millimeter imagers in one kit, is also available. To find out more or to locate a dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.

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