Bosch Power Box™ 360 Poised to Re-Define Jobsite Sound System Category

Power Box legend keeps growing thanks to premium sound quality, durability and loads of new features!

The award-winning Bosch Power Box™ immediately became one of the manufacturer’s hottest selling products when it was first introduced in 2004 and, again, when it was upgraded in 2006. With its unmistakable roll-cage design, the original Power Box™ became the standard by which all others would be measured. Even four years later, the Bosch Power Box™ still enjoys best-in-class status. Later this year, however, Bosch Power Tools & Accessories will once again turn the category on its ear when it launches the next evolution in the series, the Bosch Power Box™ 360.

One glance at the Power Box 360™’s premium 360-degree speaker configuration alone indicates the new Power Box is unlike anything else in its class. The five-speaker design with an integrated subwoofer – an industry first among jobsite radios – projects high-quality, enriched sound in all directions. That means no more jobsite bickering over the placement of the radio.

Not only does the Power Box 360™ offer outstanding premium sound but Bosch also made the sound more powerful than the previous PB10-CD. The PB360S model offers more than 2 times the sound power output of the previous version, and the PB360D model offers up to 5 times more sound power output. Advanced digital signal processing delivers optimized AM/FM reception and quality, for crisp, clear radio sound. Enhance the music listening experience further by selecting from four preset equalizer settings, or customize the music by programming separate bass and treble controls.

Prefer to take your personal digital media player with you? No problem. The Power Box 360™ features a weather-sealed digital media bay that offers secure storage and protection from moisture, dust and debris. Simply plug your digital media player in, close the door and get back to work. Not sure you want to take your expensive media player to the job site? The digital media bay also features built-in SD memory card and USB ports so you can play your favorite MP3 and WMA digital music files right from your SD memory card or USB thumb drive device.

The USB port also doubles as a powered USB port so that you can also charge most USB-enabled devices. The PB360D model even features a built-in SIRIUS™ Dock & Play port for connecting select SIRIUS satellite radio devices (device, antenna and subscription sold separately). Care to play your portable CD player, other satellite radio device or any other digital media device? Both versions of the Power Box 360™ feature external auxiliary ports as well as a line out port for connecting your Power Box 360™ to another unit.

Turn the Power Box 360™ around and there’s a built-in battery bay. Plug the unit in and conveniently charge Bosch 14.4-volt or 18V lithium-ion power tool batteries inside the Power Box 360™. If there’s no access to electrical outlets, those same batteries can be used to power the unit, which makes the Power Box 360™ ideal for on-the-go or outdoor use.

If users do have access to electrical outlets, the Power Box 360™ also serves as a power center. The PB360S model features built-in four-way power outlets and the PB360D model features four-way GFCI outlets so you can power or charge anything from corded power tools and small shop lights to cell phones and laptop computers. Both models also feature a 12V DC (car charger) outlet for more even more versatility.

When it comes to controlling all that power and functionality, Bosch has made that easier too. The new illuminated LCD display on both models is angled upward for easier viewing and large, easy to see buttons and knobs make controlling and programming the unit nearly effortless. The PB360D model features a fully backlit front control panel for easier viewing in the dark and exclusive remote control with onboard storage for users to control the Power Box 360 from up to 40 feet away.

Of course, the Power Box 360™ retains the distinctive and rugged aluminum and rubber roll cage design. By using precisely positioned rubber bumpers to suspend the radio inside the protective cage, the Power Box 360™ is isolated from the shocks and impacts commonly encountered on the toughest jobsites, so the music never skips a beat and the Power Box 360™ stands up over time.

To find out more or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99 (877-267-2499).

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