Bosch 2021 New Lineup Sneak Peak!

Bosch – 2021 New Lineup Sneak Peak!

Mount Prospect, IL. —  Bosch has been a partner to the trade pro for over 80 years and is launching a new lineup of high-power tools to meet their customer needs.  The recently unveiled 2021 line-up features a new family of high-power, heavy-duty, cordless tools designed for the jobsite Professional.  In addition to cordless tools, Bosch has also designed new-industry standards in the areas of quick-loading grinders & accessories as well as drill/driver accessories.  To meet the full-spectrum of PRO needs, they are also unveiling 2 new and improved jobsite management and support software suites.  We at Tool Box Buzz are pretty excited to check out some of these new offerings and can’t wait to share more of the industry’s best and most complete PRO tool feedback.


The PROFACTOR™ system brings long-awaited corded performance in a cordless solution to tackle jobs that typically require the power of a corded tool. How? PROFACTOR™ pairs Bosch’s long-awaited next-generation cordless tools equipped with BITURBO Brushless™ technology with the innovation, power and runtime of the CORE18V™ battery platform to bring corded-comparable power to a cordless solution. For maximized efficiency on the job, the Hell-ion™ Turbo Charger brings fast and faster charging to support PROFACTOR™ tools and CORE18V™ batteries in delivering all-day performance. Bosch is bringing the best of the best to tackle the toughest applications.

Rotary Hammers

Bosch’s new high-power Rotary Hammers are designed for both SDS-Plus (GBH18V-34CQN) and SDS-Max (GBH18V-36CN & GBH18V-45CK) users.  And Bosch proudly highlights that they deliver the industry’s best cordless power at up to 9.3 Ft-Lbs of impact energy.  They also have an option for vacuum integrated functions to limit on-site exposure to the dangers of concrete or other material dust.  As part of the PROFACTOR line-up they are engineered to deliver the most power out there while setting new standards for low charge time.  We Can’t wait to test them out and maybe even include them in a 2021 SDS Head-2-Head!

Miter & Circular Saws

Some of the sexiest tools being launched by Bosch in 2021 might be their new lineup of saws.  The “Surgeon” (GCM18V-12GDCN) delivers powered performance with a cordless platform.  The Axial glide movement design looks awesome and we can’t wait to get our hands on it to test it out.  The Track saws and track-compatible circular saws offer versatility that PRO both on the job site and in a shop will love.

High-Torque Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are a staple of heavy-duty torquing and tightening applications.  Bosch offers both a 1/2″ (GDS18V-740N) and 3/4″ (GDS18V-770N) anvil high-torque impact wrench with their new PROFACTOR lineup.  This lets PROs choose the right size for every work task required while delivering high power and ridiculous charge times.  We’re pretty excited about these too.


Standard Arbor Grinders

At 13 Amps of power, the new 18V PROFACTOR grinder (GWS18V-13CN) will make metalworkers everywhere take note.  And with the rapid charging times, we suspect that more than a few fab shops or Steel erecting PROs might make the switch to a cordless suite of heavy-duty grinders.  Bosch might have a solid winner with this new grinder line-up.  This grinder keeps the standard, threaded arbor that users are familiar with so they can keep burning through the accessories they already have stocked up.

X-Lock Arbor Grinders

Bosch was satisfied just with improvements to the standard-arbor offerings.  They also developed a new “X-Lock” arbor.  This makes loading a new shell as simple as unlocking and locking the X-shaped arbor using a lever.  No spanner wrenches needed.  Time saved is money earned so this new line-up of X-lock grinders may be saving folks a lot of cash…


X-Lock Grinders

Bits & Drivers

While certainly not the most exciting Bosch 2021 New Lineup tool unveiled, it might be one of the most practical.  No PRO has ever wished their bits or drivers broke faster or stripped fasteners more efficiently.  Bosch get after it with an upgraded design to the shank and head angles of their bits to deliver 50x longer life to their bits (compared to standard bits).


Measuring Tools

The blaze line-up is Bosch’s offering of full-spectrum measuring and leveling tools.  From the baseline and still full-featured GLM165-22 to the super-high-end Revolve GRL4000-90CHVGK, there seems to be a tool for any PRO.  Since we did a few in-depth laser tool reviews in 2020, we can’t wait to see how these stack up to the competition.





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  1. Samuel Barnes

    Can you guys please update your LBOX system to have a base component with wheels besides your hand truck and dolly cart attachments. It is the only thing holding me back from switching my kit box from Tough systems to your brand and I already have the whole line of your 18v tools when working on film sets.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Sam – You should reach out to Bosch….we have no affiliation with them, we just report on industry news and our reviews.

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