2021 Holiday Gift Guide

TBB’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you dread having to find a gift for the workshop-a-holic in your family? Well, have no fear! Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide will help you pick out the perfect gift(s) for that hard-to-buy-for tradesperson in your life. We go through the heartache, pain, and suffering of testing out some of the industries uniquest (yep, that’s a real word), most practical, and just plain coolest tools and job site gadgets to create a full-spectrum holiday gift guide.

To help you out regardless of your budget, we broke down the tools by price categories which are:

  • $50 and under
  • $50-100
  • $100-200
  • $200+ (Santa’s REALLY Nice List!)

And all of the tools in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide are ones that are on our job site kits or in our Pros’ workshops. So hang some lights and then get ready to hang out with us for a bit.

$50 and under Gifts

Ryobi 11 in. Flexi-Shaft Bit Holder

Why didn’t I get one of these before!? This flexible shaft drill/driver extension from Ryobi lets you reach all the formerly hard-to-reach places for your fastening needs. Tight space? Deep hole? Angled approach required? Yes, this bit extension lets you reach them all. And at $9 it’s a no-brainer. Purchase Here

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Do you know what’s better than finishing up an error-free job?  Doing it while listening to great tunes. This small, light and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker is easy to throw in a toolbox for those times when you’ve got a job to do and you aren’t wearing hearing protection. The sound is good and the Bluetooth is easy to pair. So for $30 it’s an easy choice. Purchase Here

Ridgid Flip Top Portable Work Support

I’ve got A Ridgid flip-top support on both the infeed and outfeed side of my table saw as I type this. And they are fantastic! They eliminate the misaligned tracking that often comes with roller support stands. And adjusting them to just the right height is incredibly easy so they’ll work with pretty much any tool in the workshop. These stands can be locked in a flat position or set with a limited range of swivel-ability to easily receive incoming feed materials. They run about $33 and are worth every penny! Purchase Here

Bosch 61″ BT150 Compact Tripod

Sometimes we want to take some quality pictures of a job well done. Or shine some light on a dark work area. Your job site task might even require a precision leveled laser for an added level of accuracy (intentional foreshadowing here). Whichever of these needs arises, the Bosch 61″ BT150 Tripod offers a fully-adjustable tripod to keep your tools steady. They cost $50, which is less than it would cost to hire an extra set of hands to hold said tools even less steady for a day. Purchase Here

$50-100 Gifts

Ridgid 14-Piece Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Kit

You can never go wrong with extra blades for an oft-used tool (yep, more foreshadowing). And with a multitude of uses, an oscillating multi-tool can sometimes chew through blades and accessories. This Ridgid oscillating multi-tool blade set gives a good variety of popular (and high-need) blades at a fraction of the cost compared to getting them individually. It runs for around $55. Purchase Here

Milwaukee 10 in. 40T + 60T & 7 1/4 in. Carbide Metal-Cutting Saw Blades

Recognize a theme here? Another couple of blade sets for arguably the most used tool in many workshops (and millwork floors). This time of the circular variety. Milwaukee’s 10 in. 40 & 60 tooth blade set is a perfect combo kit for any standard table saw. And their 7 1/4 in. circular saw metal cutting blade offers essential material-cutting versatility without requiring the purchase of a specialized tool. The 10 in. blade set runs for $69, while the 7 1/4 in. metal cutting blade goes for $60. Remember, these are an investment that will absolutely span many jobs and projects. Purchase 10 in. Here7 1/4 in. Here 

Crescent Tools 44 in. Indexing-head Wrecking Bar

Does your lucky gift receiver have an itch to pull apart some pallets and repurpose the wood into a beautiful hand-crafted masterpiece? Better question… Do you have a desire for them to do that? Or do they ever need to cleanly remove decking or planking during a restoration or demo job? The Crescent tools 44 in. indexing-head wrecking bar makes these tasks a breeze. At least compared to the alternative of using a shorter pry-bar, crow-bar, or (heaven help them) a hammer and wedge. They cost $63 which is still significantly less than the over-the-counter back pain remedies you would otherwise have to buy at the end of the job. Purchase Here

Milwaukee 500-Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight 2011R & M12 Rover Floodlight

Can you ever have too many flashlights and work lights? No. The answer is no! And Milwaukee has some of our favorites. This re-chargeable Milwaukee penlight also has a magnetic base as well as a two-way clip. That means it’s as easy to stick onto a metal surface as it is to clip onto the brim of your favorite work hat. It quickly recharges using a standard mini-USB cable. The Rover M12 floodlight is fantastic in its own right. It also has a magnetic base and is powered using Milwaukee’s M12 battery platform. Plus, the light has 2 brightness settings, and best of all? the light swivels to give you increased position-ability (also a real word) for any task you might need it for.  At $60 and $69, they aren’t cheap, but they are definitely 2 of our favorite lights for a reason! Purchase 500 Lumen Light here & M12 Rover Light here

Craftsman 11-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set (SAE or Metric)

I have a wrench set, so did I really need a new wrench set? The answer, after using Craftsman’s new ratcheting wrenches, was a definite yes. Craftsman has created a fantastic wrench set with a combo of open-ended and ratcheting closed-ended wrenches. the ratcheting closed-end means tightening or loosening tight nuts or bolts in a cramped space is now easy, with no knuckle bleeding, experience. The polished, chromed steel looks great and the range the 11-piece set covers will handle most light-duty shop or automotive tasks you throw at it. They run about $74 and come on either SAE or Metric with Craftsman’s standard lifetime warranty. Purchase SAE Set Here & Metric Set Here

Ryobi 15- Piece Router Bit Set, 1/4 in. Shank

The router is an extremely versatile workshop or job site tool. From trimming countertops to rounding odd sharp wood edges, there seems to be a router bit for almost every wood application. This set is a perfect fit for anyone that finds themselves firing up their trim router with any frequency. It comes with an excellent range of bits in a convenient storage case. And it will save them money in the long run by not being forced to buy individual bits for each application. Just make sure your tool-loving counterpart is using a 1/4 in. shank router collet become snagging this great set for $65. Purchase Here

$100-200 Gifts

Winckelsteel 12-piece Woodcarving Set

Not every job has to be an arduous task. Sometimes handcrafting a custom-tailored workpiece can be a therapeutic experience. And the Winckelsteel 12-piece woodcarving set offers such an experience. If your woodworker, whether budding or professional, has ever expressed a desire to get into woodcarving, then this full-size set is the perfect starting point. The hardened steel blades come pre-sharpened and are designed to hold an edge well. And the solid wood handles are comfortable and look great in the included canvas roll-up carrying case. It will cost you $120 to put this under the tree. Purchase Here

Boss 18 oz. Framing or 14 Oz. Finish Hammer

I literally have a drawer full of hammers in my workshop. But none compare to my Boss hammers. But these hammers are more than just a hammer. They also have an integrated (albeit rough) angle measuring, T-square, and 6 in. ruler built into their handle. These work great for basic framing tasks and will quickly become any job site PRO’s go-to hammer. They are well balanced and even included a magnetic, recessed nail-starter spot at the top of the head. Oh yea, and they look and feel fantastic too. They will cost you $145 but make a great fit for anyone swinging a hammer day in and day out on a job site. Purchase Here

DEWALT 20V 7 1/4 in. Circular Saw w/ FlexVolt Advantage

A circular saw is an invaluable tool whether in the workshop or on the job site. If your tool addict doesn’t have one (or has an older one) then you need, not should, to help them upgrade. The DEWALT 20 circular saw with FlexVolt advantage is the perfect fit and one of our go-to tools. It supplies ample power and is comfortable for extended periods of use. It’s also extremely accurate and offers a great line of sight. Plus, it has some great design features with an integrated rafter hoof, super-bright LED light. And it maximizes safety with a well-designed electric brake. You can embarrass Santa and buy this saw for $199. Purchase Here

$200+ Gifts (Santa’s REALLY Nice List!)

Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Realtree Heated Jacket

Does your tool-craving gift target like to hunt? Or do they like camouflage? Or do they just enjoy being warm outside when it’s freezing? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL RealTree Heated Jacket is sure to be a winner. And it’s literally the hottest thing on our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s extremely comfortable and the well-placed heating elements (in the core and the pockets) have separate controls for 3 levels of heat. Plus, the QUIETSHELL material is soft on the inside and out, eliminating and unwanted swishing while walking. it runs true to size and can be purchased with or without a battery. And the battery can be placed in the front or rear pocket so the jacket is comfortable to wear whether say… sitting back in a tree stand or chair or leaning forward on a ladder. It’s currently priced at $229. Purchase Here

Bosch Green Cross-Line Laser Level & Upgraded w/ Plum Line

If your favorite workshop or job site expert ever needs to precisely align and install lights, outlets, windows, doors, tiles, cabinets, trim, etc… then a Bosch auto-leveling laser light (either GLL100-40G and the GC100-40G) is a necessity, not a need. These lights both have a horizontal and vertical bright green laser line covering near 180-degrees. They both also self-level and are accurate to 1/8 in. at 30 ft. It even comes “pre-wrapped” in a heavy-duty molded plastic case and includes a magnetic L-bracket. They also pair exceptionally well with the Bosch Tripod previously highlighted in this article. So what’s the difference between the GLL and the GCL? The GCL has a third added feature; an upright and downward-facing laser plum line! They are definitely high-end tools at $235 and $289 respectively. But may fill a serious need that can often get overlooked. Purchase GLL100-40G Here & GCL100-40G Here

Milwaukee Packout Rolling Jobsite Toolbox Set

The Milwaukee Packout series of job sites, portable toolboxes is an industry favorite, and for good reason. They are tough and offer industry-leading job site protection, storage, and portability of any PROs essential tools. If your PRO hasn’t made the leap yet to the Milwaukee Packout series then this is the perfect starter set. It includes a rolling base, a medium-sized toolbox, and open storage crate. They are constructed of the highest-grade composite polymer materials to withstand the rigors of and elements on any job site. And they look great to boot. Plus, by buying this combo kit, you end up with some serious savings when compared to buying each piece individually. We use them on our sites with great success for years now. At $230 you can’t go wrong with the Milwaukee Packout Rolling Jobsite Toolbox Set. Purchase Here

Craftsman 41 in. Rolling Toolbox S2000 Base and Upper Cabinet

Last up is the Craftsman 41-inch series toolboxes. Each piece is purchased individually so if you don’t want both (yet), start with the rolling base. Having a large toolbox in the workshop means better organization, time savings, and a lower risk of tool loss or damage. The heavy-duty casters and 18GA steel I-beam construction make it rugged. Add in full-extension drawers (rated at 100 lbs) with drawer liners & mat and Craftsman has a real winner. Want to go all out? Just add the matching upper box in black! It comes complete with an integrated power strip and charging area and features the same keyed internal locking system as its companion bottom toolbox. At $459 (Lower base) and $259 (Upper), these are the most expensive items on our 2021 holiday gift guide. But these are probably significantly less expensive than the tools they will contain so it’s worth considering. Purchase Upper Toolbox Here & Lower Toolbox Here

We know shopping for tool lovers is definitely a labor of love. It makes you ask “What do you get someone who seems to already have everything?” But trust our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide to gift you some great suggestions that are sure to be winners and bring a smile to your loved ones face.

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