Trigjig Fixed Rafter Square Review

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Trigjig Fixed Rafter Square Review – Model RSA7

Trigjig RSA7 Fixed Rafter Square

Manufacturer: Trigjig
Model number: RSA7
Price: $159.00
Rafter squares come in a variety of styles, but there are only a few (two that we are aware of) that have fixed levels connected. With the help of these squares, you may make your work plumb and/or level in addition to marking lines at different angles.

The UK is where Trigjig tools are designed and made. The primary focus of Trigjig is on hand instruments for precise marking and measuring. These tools have been precisely CNC-cut from the best materials available. Trigjig places a strong emphasis on the requirement to produce tools that are cutting-edge, precise, actually useful, and the best available.

RSA7 Features

  • 7-inch rule
  • CNC deep engraved protractor gauge
  • Scribe lines every 1/4 inch
  • 1/3rd scribe marks for common timber widths
  • Parallel slots
  • Rise per foot of the run table
  • Rafter length per foot of the run table

European Aluminum

The Trigjig Rafter Square is constructed from 4MM thick European T6 aluminum. The term T6 aluminum refers to the hardness or temper that is produced by precipitation hardening. This grade is heat treatable and has a strong strength-to-weight ratio. It is utilized for engineering and structural applications, boats, furniture, and more because of its excellent formability and weldability.

Trijig’s rafter squares are all CNC-machined to extremely precise specifications. Along their whole 7″ length, they have a right angle precision of +/- 0.008° as well.

Trigjig RSA 7 Rafter Square On the Job

We’ve had the RSA7 on the job site for several weeks and have been extremely impressed with it. These squares are great for quick and simple marking of studs when framing in a basement and other carpentry tasks, made simpler and quicker thanks to a handy spirit level vial in the fence.

Other Notables

This rafter square’s anti-glare coated finish prevents marks from becoming difficult to read in the sun. Recessed markings on the laser-marked ruler are deeply engraved to reduce wear and tear when you pull it out and place it in your tool bag.

Silver anodized aluminum two-piece fence fastened to tool with machine bolts made of stainless steel. It has a 40mm spirit level with a sensitivity of 0.5° that is visible from all four sides.


Trigjig’s production practices, quality, and workmanship are incomparable and really are on another level when compared to mass-produced, laser-cut, or cast rafter squares. The RSA7 Fixed is made to a very high standard and is intended for craftsmen who want the best possible quality, design, and longevity from their equipment. The RSA7 will run you roughly $159.00. This square is definitely TBB recommended.

Trigjig RSA7 Fixed Rafter Square

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