Swanson Savage Lightning Box Beam Levels

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Swanson Savage Lightning Box Beam Levels

Swanson Savage 24" Luminated Box Beam Level

Manufacturer: Swanson
Model number: Lightning Box Beam Levels
Price: 29.56
Power source: 2 AA Battery
Regardless of what type of construction field you are working in, your job can not be done correctly without some type of level.  The Savage Lightning Box Beam levels are precision machined levels with the unique lighting features. Having LED lights that illuminate your vials is clutch in low lit work areas.

Swanson may be best know for their “Speed Square” which Albert Swanson invented in 1925. Since then Swanson has developed many other types of tools, one specifically worth mentioning is there Savage Lightning Box Beam levels. Keeping innovation in mind, they designed a level that allows quick, accurate readings even in the toughest, low-light conditions.

Swanson sent us the following levels for testing and review:

  • TLL049M – Lightning 9” Aluminum Luminated Torpedo Level
  • SVLB24 – 24” Lightning 24” Box Beam Level – Luminated
  • SVLB48 – 48” Lightning 48” Box Beam Level – Luminated

Manufacturer’s Features and Specifications

  • Continuous Dual Rail Frame
  • .029° Vial Accuracy
  • Precision Machined
  • Supershock© End Caps
  • Diamond Bumpers – eliminating marring
  • 80% Stronger Savage Straight Frame
  • Acrylic Block Vials
  • Multi-Ring Vials

On the Jobsite

Testing the Savage Lightning levels has been a little over 2 weeks during a few custom fireplace mantles. These levels are strong and constructed of thick aluminum construction with a patterned SuperShock end caps. These caps provide a stronger box level and add to its durability.

Low Light – No Problem

We have all been in those tight areas where lighting stinks. Trying to hold a flash light or use your phone light, while trying to make something plumb or level, is a pain in the neck. Having three [3] bright LED vials definitely will make working in those conditions easier and safer.

LED Vials

The LED vials are powered by 2 AA batteries which are supplied. There is a nifty built in timed-feature that automatically shuts the LED lights off.  The levels turn themselves off, after 10 minutes. There is a red power button, which is slightly raised above the surface making operation easy with or without a glove on.



One concern would be the location of the battery housing. The housing is plastic and looks as, if dropped at the right angle, would easily damage. Also the screw is so small that could easily get lost if dropped.

Overall Impression

As a remodeler there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not reaching for a torpedo level, 2 footer, 4 footer or my 6 footer to make something plumb or level. In my opinion it is one of the most important tools that I have on my jobsites, aside from my cordless impact driver.

Swanson Savage Lightning levels are reasonably priced and easily ordered online but I have not seen them in my local box stores. These levels are highly recommended!

How Much and Where to Buy?

The Swanson TLL049M 9″ Aluminum Luminated Torpedo Level can be purchased online for around $25 here: Swanson Savage 9” Torpedo Level

The Swanson SVBL24 24″ Luminated Box Level can be purchased online for roughly $30 here : Swanson SVLB24 24-Inch Lighted Box Beam Level

The Swanson SVBL48 48-Inch Luminated Box Level can be purchased online for roughly $42 here: Swanson SVLB48 48-Inch Lighted Box Beam Level

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