Stabila LD250 Laser Distance Measurer Review

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Stabila LD250 Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer

Stabila LD250 Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer

Manufacturer: Stabila
Model number: LD250 BT
Price: $133.00
Power source: AA batteries (2)
The modern alternative to the traditional tape measure is a laser distance measurer (LDM). You won’t need to rely on another person with a steady hand to conduct accurate measurements with the Stabila LD250 BT Laser Distance Measurer because LDMs can be handled by a single person across long distances.

A good laser measure can be a beneficial addition to the toolkit of a variety of professionals, including builders, contractors, architects, surveyors, tilers, kitchen fitters, flooring contractors, and many other professions that require precise measuring.

Sending a pulse of laser light to a designated target and then measuring the time it takes for the refection to return is how an LDM gets the most accurate measurements. This enables incredible precise readings, even at long distances.

Stablia LD250 Features

  • Compact, easy-to-use laser.
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 technology for the wireless transfer of measurement data from the laser to a smartphone or tablet.
  • Free STABILA Measures app lets you transfer measurements directly to photos of the building site or drawings.
  • 4 basic measuring functions: length, area, volume and continuous measurement.
  • Calculates measuring results quickly.
  • The large digits and display lighting make it very easy to read.
  • Impact-resistant housing with shock-absorbent STABILA soft grip casing.
  • ISO-certified distance measurer – the measuring range (0.2–50 m) and accuracy specifications (± 2.0 mm) fulfill international standard ISO 16331-1.
  • Protection class IP 54: protection against dust deposits inside and against spray from all directions.

Stabila LD250 – Trusted By Professionals


The crew of Tool Box Buzz has been using Stabila products for a long time. We’ve written many reviews on a vast majority of these products (check them out here). Stabila is an industry leader and one that is trusted amongst many professionals.

The Stabila LD250 BT Laser Distance Measurer replaces an older Hammerhead LDM I have been using since October 2014! This LDM is much beefier than my previous LDM. The LD250 is definitely more rugged and appears as though would take a lot more of a beating than the HH LDM.


Stabila LD250 BT On the Jobsite

There are many times I find myself reaching for an LDM. The Stabila LD250 was perfect for measuring SQFT in basement remodel. Using the free App StabilaMeasures, you can point and click and the measurements go right into your program.

As you click on each drawn line in the diagram you can point and click the LDM. The exact measurements will automatically load into the app. Once you make your way around the room each number saves giving you your total measurements.

Another use during this current basement remodel we are doing, was measuring for baseboard. The Stabila LD250 is super accurate. When measuring for baseboard cuts, I like to take my straight-cut measurements all at once. I find this way is time effective. Take all the measurements then cut them and install versus one at a time. This LDM was SPOT on. The exact measurement of all the distances and cuts was perfect.

The Benefits of Using Laser Distance Measures

The three main benefits to using a laser measure are:

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use / Speed
  • Durability

These days, laser measurement accuracy is highly precise, especially when using a high-quality LDM like the Stabila LD250 BT. In fact, the entire range has a 1/16″ or less accuracy for distances of up to 100′.

As seen in the picture above, the Stabila LD250 was exactly measured at 4’9-5/16″. The LDM I had previously been using measured at 4’9-5/8″. That is a 5/16″ difference. While measuring square footage that is minimal but on trim cuts that is the difference between perfect or going to pick up another piece of trim.

The Stabila LD250 Laser measures are also well known for their extreme durability. The LDM has a minimum Water Protection IP Rating of IP54, protection against dust deposits inside and against spray from all directions. They are also built to withstand falls from height as well as strong vibrations from machinery.

Why LDM Are A Must

Laser Distance Measuring tools provide simplicity and speed. With products like this Stabila LD250 BT LDM and the added apps designed for your phone or tablet, difficult measurements and calculations will no longer be an issue.

Although the Stabila LD250 BT costs more than the average LDM, you get what you pay for. For $133.00, you’re getting the Cadillac of LDMs. Stabila is a market leader in the areas of layout, measuring, and leveling. When it comes to precision, go with Stabila, which is a brand trusted by the TBB Pro Crew.

Stabila LD250 Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer

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