Rockler Straight Edge System – Review

Rockler Straight Edge System

Earlier this year Rockler introduced the Straight Edge System. The new system is designed to help users cut and rout large work pieces like 4’x8′ sheets of plywood. They recently sent us the new Straight Edge System to review.

Straight Edge System Features

  • Ideal for stock up to 8’ long and 2.75” thick.
  • Two 52″ extruded aluminum straight edge pieces Use separately or lock them together using built-in steel union bars and set screws
  • Power tool guide fits straight edge groove for total control with your circular saw or router
  • Two T-Track Clamps with a 2-3/4″ capacity and T-knobs for easy adjustment
  • High-visibility yellow erasable story stick writing surface
  • Convenient removable handle slides along the T-track and lets you move the edge from one project to another
  • T-fence attachment turns your straight edge into an adjustable T-square

Thoughts on the Straight Edge System

I’ve been using the Rockler Straight Edge System for a couple months now on quite a few different projects. I’ve used it to rip down 4’x8′ sheets of plywood, sheets of 2″ foam board, thin sheets of Luan and even some countertops. I also used it to cut some dado’s in plywood for shelving.

What I liked

  • Overall I was very happy with the quality of the straight edges. They were nice and straight out of the box.
  • Once I figured out how to assemble all the pieces the system is very easy to use and quick to set-up.
  • The straight edge is stiff enough that it holds a straight line even when applying pressure from tools like a router and circular saw.

What Needs Improvement

  • The clamps that hold the straight edge in place could use two improvements. First off the clamps should have some sort of protective surface to protect surfaces from marring.  Secondly the clamps should likely be made from steel or redesigned to be stiffer. When you tighten the clamps really tight (especially true when working with thin hard products) the clamps have a tendency to bend and lose their grip.
  • The ends of the straight edges don’t appear to be extremely square (this is fairly important). Aligning the two straight edges and tightening the splice bars was time consuming. I eventually got them aligned but it would be far easier if the ends were cut more precisely.

Overall Impression

The Rockler Straight Edge System is a really versatile clamping straight edge system. Overall I think it’s a good product at a reasonable price ($99). If you don’t own a table saw and you want an inexpensive way to cut and rout in a straight line then this is certainly a viable option. Even with a few suggested improvements I think this tool is a good addition to most shops. I would say that it’s probably not a tool for moving from jobsite to jobsite.

If you’d like to buy the Rockler Straight Edge check out their website for additional details.

Also check out my quick video on the Rockler Straight Edge System below.


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  1. I realy like my Rockler Straight Edge System. But you are right on. The clamp does bent easily and there is no way to clamp the straight edge to my project to allow clearance for my saw with out this special clamp. I hope they make a sfiffer replacement soon.

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