PLS 180G Green Cross-Line Laser

PLS 180G laser Review

PLS 180G Green Cross-Line Laser

Manufacturer: Pacific Laser Systems
Model number: PLS 180G
Price: $422.00
Power source: AA Batteries
Most contractors know Pacific Laser Systems as a PLS laser, and many do not know that PLS is a Fluke company. PLS just introduced 11 new; point, line, and rotary lasers, that feature improved durability, accuracy, and performance. We took a look at the PLS 180G Green Cross-Line Laser.

3 New Lasers

PLS is replacing most of their point, line and rotary products, this launch includes three entirely new models:

1. PLS 5G five-point laser in green
2. PLS 6R combo laser [replaces the PLS 4]
3. PLS 6G combo laser

What’s New?

Some of the newer changes include more robust dust and water resistance, as well as a one-meter drop rating.

A new pendulum lock on the handheld lasers, protect it during transport and also new is the UB9 Universal Ceiling/Wall Bracket.

We like that these new lasers provide a bright, crisp reference points and lines for quick and accurate layout, and are designed to work in harsh jobsite environments.

Lastly end users can choose whether they want a red or green laser level. All models except the H2 red, horizontal-only rotary laser will be available in red or green.

First Impression

My very first laser was a PLS laser and it was awesome back then, so I was excited to review the new PLS the 180G Laser Line Level.  The “G” stands for green laser.

The PLS 180G is a pro-grade self-leveling, cross line laser level that comes in both red and green. I use lasers like this for many applications including:

• Wall construction
• Acoustic ceiling installation
• Tile installation
• Trim layout and design

I was impressed with the Kit, what was included, how robust the laser body was and most importantly how crisp and bright the green laser was.


The PLS 180G Kit has an IP 54 rating. IP stands for International Protection Rating, consists of the letters IP followed by two digits. It classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures.

The IP standard was designed to provide users with more detail on the products durability in the elements.

• The first digit represents protection against ingress of solid objects
• The second digit represents protection against ingress of liquids.

The larger the value of each digit, the greater the protection. For example; IP54 means:

• 5 = Limited protection against dust ingress.
• 4= Protected against splash water from any direction.

Using the PLS 180G Laser

The PLS 180G laser is rated for 1/8” at 30-feet. We tested accuracy at 30-feet confirming plumb and level lines with a Stabilia level that was also checked for accuracy.

It comes with a magnetic L-bracket, and the UB9 Universal Wall/Ceiling. This PLS 180G laser is powered by 3AA batteries and is rated for a 3 hour plus runtime. We found this to be an accurate rating.

I prefer Green Lasers

Over the last two or three years I’ve gotten the chance to review a dozen or so lasers and have come to the conclusion that I have a preference for green lasers. Studies have shown green appears up to four times brighter than red to the human eye, which makes the lasers more visible on the jobsite.”

What I liked

It’s hard NOT to love the sharp, crisp green lines. Their easy to see and really bright. I like the Velcro protective case and all of the mounting options that come in the kit. This laser also has a receiver which will be helpful in bright environments.

We also like the new case which is yellow and more durable than the previous case.


The PLS 180G laser kit sells for $422. 


For us, the biggest pet peeve with lasers is having to use disposable batteries. It’s always a pain when we pull out our laser from the trailer and the battery is dead or only lasts a short while.
The devil advocate would argue that with AA batteries you can always get them. I’m not in that camp. I’d like to see PLS come out with a rechargeable unit or batteries. Maybe they can partner with a tool company and utilize their battery.


PLS laser levels are backed by a three-year warranty with same-day replacement by local dealers to minimize downtime. For more information visit

Overall Thoughts

These lasers new additions made a good laser even better, no doubt. The green lines are super bright and crisp – its BEST feature!

These new models are now more robust and job-site durable, and should give you years of reliable service.

PLS 180G Laser Video Review



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