OX Tools Tradesman Level Series Review

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OX Tools Tradesman Level Series

OX Tool Tradesman Level Series

Manufacturer: OX Tools
Model number: Tradesman Level Series
Back in 2016 the crew of Tool Box Buzz ran a Head to Head on the Best Construction Level. We had 4 industry-leading brands in that H2H. Fast forward to 2022 we are still seeking out the best of the best when it comes to precision levels. OX Tools recently sent us out their Tradesman Level Series levels to test and evaluate. While we are not putting these levels through the same testing we did in the shop during our head-to-head, we are putting these levels to the test out on the job site.

OX Tool has been supplying the general construction, masonry, and tiling sectors with high-quality professional equipment since 1974. Their company has constantly developed as a result of the high quality of their products and their continuous commitment to providing excellent service to us, the consumer. OX Tools is continually studying and releasing new materials, new features to improve their line of tools to make the professional contractor’s job a little easier by listening to the individuals who use their products on a daily basis.

Level Line Up

We were sent the 24″, 48″, 72″ and 96″ for review however the OX Tool Tradesman Level Series levels come in the following sizes:

  • 24″ / 600 mm
  • 36″/  900 mm
  • 48″ / 1200 mm
  • 72″ / 1800 mm
  • 78″ / 1950 mm
  • 96″ / 2400 mm

2′, 4′, 6′ and 8′ during a mudroom renovation

First Impressions

First impressions count, and the OX Tools Tradesman Levels made a strong first impression on us. The quality of the materials, weight, and longevity are all factors we consider while making first impressions. The light blue pain, comfortable hand holes, and high-quality vials on both sides and in the middle of these levels wowed us. OX Tool also includes shock-absorbing end caps that protect the level against accidental drops.

Lightweight but built to last

These Tradesman Levels are really light weighing in as follows:

  • 24″ – 1.9Lbs
  • 48″ – 2.9Lbs
  • 72″ – 5.0Lbs
  • 96″ – 4.0Lbs

Vials and Accuracy


One of the key features of a good level is the visibility and readability of the vials. These levels use a traditional yellow color in the level vial and this color is the most common and easily read in lower lit circumstances. The magnified vials make them simpler to read, and each vial is individually calibrated and has a lifetime warranty.


In our opinion accuracy is the most important feature on any level. Ox Tools Tradesman Levels are made to be exceptionally accurate. They have vials with an accuracy of 0.0005″ over 1″ or.5mm over a meter.  During a mudroom renovation, we used these levels while installing a board and batten style pattern on the walls.

Also, these levels were used to ensure the benchtop was nice and plumb as well as our corbels, which will hold up our custom shelf, were level across the top.


Carrying Case

OX Tool also has a nice carrying case that will hole their 2′, 4, and 6′ levels. It is model number OX-P027501. This padded case also has a shoulder strap and a strong grip handle for easy carrying. The 24″ and 48″ are secure in zippered pockets on one side and the 72″ secures in another zippered pouch on the opposite side.

Overall Impression

As remodeling contractors know, the level is our best friend.  Accuracy, durability, and longevity are big features we consider when selecting our levels. OX Tools gives us all three for a very affordable price. These levels will become our new finished carpentry levels and will remain nice and safe in their protective carrying case. TBBcrew recommended!

Cost and where to purchase


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