Milwaukee Introduces REDSTICK™ Digital Levels

Milwaukee® Introduces New Measurement Technology with REDSTICK™ Digital Levels

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to develop new technology for enhanced jobsite productivity with the introduction of REDSTICK™ Digital Levels w/ PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology. With a dynamic, 360° full-color display, a proprietary calibration process, and powered by Milwaukee’s USB REDLITHIUM™ battery, REDSTICK™ Digital Levels provide the best user experience, are the most accurate levels on the market, and the world’s first rechargeable digital levels.

“The digital level options on the market today offer limited information and functionality or are simply too delicate to live up to jobsite conditions. We set out to redefine the digital level and provide a solution that no longer forced users to make trade-offs between the efficiencies of technology and the confidence of durability,” said Taylor Crenshaw, Senior Product Manager. “Built with an advanced calibration process, the new REDSTICK™ Digital Levels are accurate to .03 degrees with no calibration required and have a frame that is 25% stronger* to protect that accuracy for the life of the product.”

PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology provides precision measurement features that can be easily read-out through numeric, graphic, color and audio information on the level’s high-resolution 360° display. In addition to a Fine Mode the levels also include a unique Pin Mode which allows users to lock in an exact measurement and replicate that measurement in real-time on the display. Users also have a range of options for selecting the sensitivity and tolerance of these readouts to best suit their application.

The PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology components and high-resolution display are built within a frame that is 25% stronger*, protecting their digital accuracy. An IP65 rating ensures these levels can stand up to the harshest jobsite conditions, including dust and water. The levels are also backed by a 3-Year Accuracy Guarantee.**

This advanced technology is powered by Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM™ USB batteries***, making these the world’s first rechargeable digital levels. These batteries give users versatility needed and are capable of being charged either in the product or separately with a charger. With a charge time of about an hour, users can get back to work quickly.

Milwaukee will continue to grow in the layout & measurement space by providing premium, trade focused solutions that offer industry-leading features, innovative new technology, and increased durability for the best user experience.

*When compared to the Milwaukee® REDSTICK™ Box Levels.

** In the unlikely event that the end user experiences an issue with accuracy, the level can be replaced per our stated warranty.

*** REDLITHIUM™ USB gives users rechargeable convenience and performance. Capable of being charged either on the product or on a separate charger, REDLITHIUM™ USB eliminates the dependency on disposable batteries.

Available Models

14” REDSTICK™ Digital Level w/ PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology (MLDIG14)

24” REDSTICK™ Digital Level w/ PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology (MLDIG24)

48” REDSTICK™ Digital Level w/ PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology (MLDIG48)

72” REDSTICK™ Digital Level w/ PINPOINT™ Measurement Technology (MLDIG72)

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