KCI Tools Squi.Jigs and StealthMounts review

KCI Tools Squi.Jigs (1 1/4″ & 3″) and StealthMount Battery & Tool Mounts (DEWALT 20V and Milwaukee M18 & M12)

It’s easy to focus on the big-ticket items in the workshop or on the job site, but sometimes the right accessory and jig is really what makes all the difference. Recently I got the chance to test out a few accessories from KCI Tools: 2 different Squi.Jigs and an array of StealthMount battery and tool mounts. I’m always looking for better layout and storage solutions and these KCI products are made for those needs. I had the KCI Tools Squi.Jigs and StealthMounts installed in the workshop the same day they arrived and I wanted to highlight the nitch that both quickly filled.


Squi.Jigs | 1 1/4 inch & 3 inch

Time is money, and that is never truer than when on the clock. So we at Tool Box Buzz jump at any chance we get to save time while maintaining precision and accuracy when laying out measurements. Squi.Jigs offer those benefits at an extremely low cost. Squi.Jigs are aluminum thumbscrew accessories that mount on a framing square allowing you to quickly layout and mark measurements on the job site. They are easily adjustable and come in two sizes – 1 1/4 and 3 inches. They allow you to custom set a two-axis measurement using a framing square at a limitless number of settings. We found them most useful when laying out custom stringers as the height and depth of tread cutouts were a breeze.

And with the simple adjustment of the thumbscrews, they can easily convert to a right-angle straight edge capable of squaring up to any lumber or material you might need an alignment line quickly marked onto. Straight-line edge needed for concrete? Check. Drilling or alignment lines for steel reaming or erecting? Check. We found them to be rapidly adaptable and widely useful. They are also very light and easy to store.

Considerations & Recomendations:

We really only had a couple of minor things to consider pre-purchase:

  • Dedicated storage – as with any small and lightweight tool they are easy to lose so having a dedicated storage place for them is important
  • Surface Control – The 3″ (round) easily roll off a flat surface so we found the 1 1/4″ (hexagon) to be better for the simple fact they stayed in place. We’d love to see both sets of Squi.Jigs use the awesome hexagon shape!
  • Magnetic – The body of both Squi.Jigs are aluminum but the thumbscrews are not created equal. The 1 1/4″ thumbscrews are also aluminum so they aren’t receptive to magnetic. But the thumbscrews on the 3″ are made of steel so they are magnet-able (i.e. if you decide to hang them on a storage magnet bar). We recommend including an integrated magnet into the Squi.Jigs for improved functionality.
  • Alignment line? – If you are trying to line them up to a specific ruler mark on a framing square it is hard to see the ruler marks when fully recessed into the Squi.Jig. We recommend Squi.Jigs look into a recessed cutout alignment line to let you see the ruler marks and align accordingly
  • Visibility – The 3″ Squi.Jigs are easy to see because of the bright blue anodized finish. The 1 1/4″ Squi.Jg red finish tended to blend in with the tools and surfaces a bit more although it still looks great.


StealthMount | DEWALT & Milwaukee

Anytime we have the option to hang tools in a secure manner we appreciate it. It means a lower chance of accidental damage during transport or storage. And having storage options custom-designed to match the tools you use is the best option there is. StealthMounts fit the bill at a very reasonable cost.  Stealthmounts offer storage solutions for both tools and batteries for a variety of popular tool manufacturers (see lists below). I tested out the DEWALT (20V) and Milwaukee (M18 & M12) battery and tool holders. I found them to be very secure and easy to install and I especially liked the twist-lock feature on the M12 tool holder. The screw holes were nicely counter-sunk to allow for perfect clearance with standard countersunk screw heads. KCI Tools offers color-matched spacers to go with the mounts although I didn’t need any for a great install below my shop cabinets.


Tool Mount Options

  • DEWALT (18/20V)
  • Milwaukee (M18 & M12)
  • Makita (18V LXT)

Battery Mount Options

  • Bosch (18V)
  • DEWALT (20V)
  • EGO (Power +)
  • Festool (18V)
  • Makita (40V & 18V LXT)
  • Metabo HPT (18/36V)
  • Milwaukee (M18 & M12)
  • Ryobi (18V)

Final Thoughts | KCI Tools Squi.Jigs and StealthMount

KCI Tools offers some great accessories at some very reasonable prices. We were glad to test out both the KCI Tools Squi.Jigs and StealthMounts and easily found a permanent home for both in our workshop. They offer versatility and are designed to hold up over time. And while we’ve got some recommendations for the Squi.Jigs in particular (as usual), that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from grabbing a set as they are currently designed and putting them to quick use!


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