Amprobe Residential Electrical Testing Tools

Amprobe Electrical Testing Tools

Recently the folks at Amprobe sent us several of their residential electrical testing tools to evaluate. Whether you’re a home owner or contractor having a reliable set of electrical testing tools is invaluable. They sent us Amprobe’s PK-100R Residential Testing Kit and ACD-4 Digital Clamp Meter along with a convenient carrying case.

Amprobe PK-100R Residential Testing Kit

Comprehensive set of tools to troubleshoot appliances and residential electrical and HVAC systems including outlets, switches, and extension cords.

  • PM-60 Digital Multimeter: measure AC/DC voltage; continuity function checks light bulbs and fuses; resistance, capacitance, and frequency for advanced repairs
  • VT201A Non-contact Voltage Detector: quickly checks voltage
  • ST102A Receptacle Tester: tests 110 – 125 V GFCI circuits quickly and easily: plug into a GFCI outlet – LEDs indicate wiring status and GFCI circuit will trip to confirm outlet protection is working properly

Amprobe ACD-4 Digital Clamp Meter

  • Amprobe ACD-4 Digital Clamp Meter
  • Measures AC current to 400 A
  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 600 V and resistance to 200 ohms
  • Features advanced VoltTect non-contact voltage detection
  • CAT III 600 V rated

Amprobe Testing Tool Review

Over the years I’ve owned several different electrical testing tools from a variety of manufactures. I can’t tell you how often I find myself testing an electrical circuit or trouble shooting an electrical problem on the job or at home.

This is a great set of electrical testing tools for home owners. Right out of the box the two most likely to be used by home owners will be the non-contact voltage detector and the receptacle tester. In the photo above I used the non-contact voltage detector to check for a live outlet prior to making repairs. Simply place the detector near the outlet, wire or circuit and the light will glow along with an audible signal alerting to a live voltage source.

In the photo above you can see the receptacle tester being used on a GFCI outlet. The two orange lights on the right side of the tester indicate that the circuit is wired properly. These type of testers are great because they can tell you if the conductors are installed correctly, whether or not there is proper ground and several other common diagnosis for electrical outlets. Frankly this is a tool that EVERY home owner should have!

The digital multimeter and digital clamp meter are also very useful. While these are a bit more technical they can be used to help test almost any electrical voltage and current configuration along with resistance. Amprobe includes some great user manuals along with these products to help you understand exactly how to use them.

Overall Impression

I found the Amprobe Electrical Testing Tools to be of high quality and a great set for any home owner or contractor. This set of electrical testing tools should be able to handle 95% of the testing needs of most non-electrician types! If you don’t own electrical testing tools then this is a set I highly recommend.

Amprobe has a line of eleven core tools distributed nationwide in the US through Lowe’s. If you shop a Lowe’s then you should check out this resource for a Lowes Coupon.

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  1. David Poul

    the testing tools of electricity here are looking good. thanks for the giving this information.

  2. Sanford Schwartz

    I have purchased the Amprobe PK-100R Residential
    Testing Kit from Lowe’s. Tow of the items included are self-explanatory. However, I am having trouble understand the usage of the PM-60. The instructing booklet supplied with it seems to me to be technical with no directions, explanations or suggestions for use. I am not an electrician and thought the manual included would be more geared to a homeowner like myself.

    I went to Amprobe’s website hoping to find more complete instructions and, when I used their search function, received a message that the PM-60 and/or the PK-100R did not exist. No such product.

    Can you offer any help or guidance as to where I can go to get proper instruction on the use of these items?


    1. Todd Fratzel

      The PM-60 is a digital multi-meter. Multi-meters are one of the most useful electrical diagnostic tools. You can find tons of DIY help online if you search on Google and YouTube. You can diagnose short circuits, continuity, voltage readings, and much much more.

  3. EDWIN

    A an Electrical contractor and i would like to know where i can buy Electrical tools and testing instruments at a fair price. Am from kenya, please assist.

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