STIHL Introduces Zero Turn Mowers

STIHL’s New Zero Turn Mowers Preview

We covered the 2022 GIE [Green Industry and Equipment] show in Louisville Kentucky. Countless new products were unveiled to the thousands who attended! The STIHL booth was a happening place and we wanted to show you a preview of their new line of Zero Turn mowers they are launching!

STIHL was founded on a dedication to providing high-quality products for customers. Since its founding in 1974, STIHL Incorporated has been committed to providing gas and battery-powered outdoor power equipment for the professional, commercial, agricultural, and consumer industries. Outdoor power tools that can be used on-the-go, such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, edgers, and earth augers, as well as battery- and gas-powered grass and weed trimmers, handheld blowers, and backpack blowers.

STIHL’s 100 Series  & 200 Series Zero Turn Mower

The STIHL 100 Series and 200 Series zero-turn mowers provide homeowners the durability, performance, and dependability they have come to expect from STIHL. They also come loaded with a variety of features to ensure a comfortable, effective cutting experience. The STIHL RZ 142, RZ 152, and RZ 261 are three models for homeowners that sport the Ready Start technology, which enables speedy start-up with the turn of a key. Additionally, dependable V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engines [between 23 and 25 horsepower]  which enable forward ground speeds of 7.0 – 8.5 mph and 4 mph in reverse, are standard on the STIHL 100 and 200 Series models.

STIHL RZ142 Zero Turn Mower


The four-wheel suspension with adjustable rear shock absorbers on the STIHL RZ 152 and STIHL RZ 261 will also let users to handle a variety of terrain. With a 61″ commercial-grade mowing deck, the 200 Series, STIHL RZ 261—the largest of the consumer models—is the perfect match for a variety of properties, from home lawns to a farm or ranch. Additionally, two USB-A connections are standard on all STIHL 100 and 200 Series tools so that users can charge devices.

STIHL RZ152 Zero Turn Mower


With these zero-turn mowers, STIHL is thrilled to enter a new product category,” said Brian Manke, STIHL Inc. product manager. “With a range of features on the STIHL 100 and 200 Series, homeowners receive an excellent combination of performance, comfort and capability they’ve come to expect from STIHL.”

Series 100 and 200 Standard Product Features

Both the STIHL 100 and 200 Series are equipped with the following key features and benefits:

  •  3-gallon fuel-capacity.
  • Foot-operated cutting height
  • Trailer hitch
  • Deluxe Seat
  • Cup holders
  • USB-A ports

Series 100 and 200 Price Points

The suggested MSRP are as follows:

  • STIHL RZ 142: $3,899.99
  • STIHL RZ 152: $5,649.99
  • STIHL RZ 261: $7,449.99

STIHL’s 500 Series Zero Turn Mower

The STIHL 500 Series zero-turn mowers are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, including farm owners and professionals wishing to modernize their mower fleet.
These mowers have commercial-grade Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transaxles, which give them a top forward speed of 10 mph and a top reverse speed of 5 mph. The cutting-edge four-wheel suspension system with mowing deck height compensation is made to give a smooth ride and maintain a consistent cutting height. The STIHL 500 Series’ four models—the STIHL RZ 552, STIHL RZ 552 K, STIHL RZ 560, and STIHL RZ 560 K—allow owners to preserve their properties with specialized features and great performance.


With a choice of a professional-grade 52” or 60” mowing deck and a Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki carburated engine, the STIHL 500 Series gives users the power options they need to efficiently mow multi-acre properties,” said Brian Manke, STIHL Inc. product manager. “On top of all that users will experience improved performance and a more comfortable ride on uneven surfaces with the adjustable rear suspension with shock absorbers.”

STIHL 500 Series Standard Product Features

The STIHL 500 Series is equipped with the following key features and benefits:

  • Independent front suspension
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)
  • Aluminum 5.25” mower deck spindles
  • Two USB-A ports
  • Foot-operated cutting height adjustment.
  • Deluxe seat with armrests
  • Cup holders

Series 500 Price Points

The suggested MSRP are as follows: Note the K stands for Kawasaki engine. No K means equipped with Briggs & Stratton

  • STIHL RZ 552: $9,949.99
  • STIHL RZ 552 K: $10,449.99
  • STIHL RZ 560: $10,499.99
  • STIHL RZ 560 K: $10,999.99

STIHL 700 Series  & 900 Series

The STIHL 700 Series and STIHL 900 Series zero-turn mowers provide professional users the broadest selection of mowing options. They feature effective performance, clean cuts, robust construction, and comfortable rides that reduce user fatigue. Professionals have a total of 12 new models to choose from within the 700 and 900 Series, with deck widths ranging from 52″ to 72″ across the range and a variety of high-performing engine options, including carbureted and fuel-efficient EFI [electronic fuel injected] engines.

STIHL RZ972 Zero Turn Mower

The STIHL 700 and 900 Series both come with an innovative four-wheel suspension system that compensates for the height of the mowing deck and features an independent front suspension with upper and lower control arms and a shock-absorbing rear suspension. The 700 Series’ and 900 Series’ effective top forward ground speeds are 10 mph and 12 mph, respectively, thanks to strong Hydro-Gear ZT transaxles. The reverse speed on both professional series is 5 mph, giving the user mobility.

To help keep pros comfortable on the job, the 700 Series features a deluxe seat with armrests. However, the 900 Series offers superior comfort with a premium suspension seat providing an adjustable backrest, armrests and padding for comfort during longer professional jobs.

STIHL is thrilled to launch the two professional series of zero-turn mowers,” said Brian Manke, STIHL Inc. product manager. “With three distinct engine options and various mowing deck sizes, professionals can choose the ideal mower for even the most demanding landscaping jobs.”

STIHL 700 & 900 Series Standard Product Features

Both the STIHL 700 and 900 Series are equipped with the following key features and benefits:

  • Engine options include Vanguard Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine, Kawasaki carbureted engine or Kawasaki EFI engine.
  • Four-wheel suspension system
  • Independent front suspension
  • Adjustable rear suspension with shock absorbers
  • Heavy-duty 8” and 10” cast iron, grease-able mower deck spindles
  • Two-belt mower drive system
  • Two USB-A ports
  • Trailer hitch
  • Foot-operated cutting height adjustments
  • Cup holders
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)

Series 700 & 900 Price Points

The suggested MSRP are as follows: Note the [i] Vanguard Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine, [K] Kawasaki carbureted engine or [i K] Kawasaki EFI engine.

  • STIHL RZ 752i: $13,149.99
  • STIHL RZ 752 K: $11,899.99
  • STIHL RZ 752i K: $11,849.99
  • STIHL RZ 760i: $13,849.99
  • STIHL RZ 760 K: $12,499.99
  • STIHL RZ 760i K: $12,449.99
  • STIHL RZ 960i: $17,899.99
  • STIHL RZ 960 K: $17,899.99
  • STIHL RZ 960i K: $18,199.99
  • STIHL RZ 972i: $18,399.99
  • STIHL RZ 972 K: $18,399.99
  • STIHL RZ 972i K: $18,699.99

Overall Thoughts on the STIHL ZT Mowers

Both professionals and homeowners rely on STIHL for the accuracy, robust design, and powerful performance required to complete any outdoor  task. With the brand-new STIHL zero-turn mowers, STIHL is mowing a new path after nearly a century of innovation in outdoor power equipment.

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    Hi, interesting article and these machines, I suspect will be popular as other Stihl products are. 1. When will they be available to buy in Australia? 2. The prices in the article are they US$s or AU$s?

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