Greenworks 80V 24 Inch Two-Stage Snow Blower Review

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Greenworks 24″ 80V Cordless Two-Stage Snow Blower SKU 2609102

80V 24" Two-Stage Cordless Snow Blower

Manufacturer: Greenworks
Model number: 2609102
Price: $2,099.99
Power source: 80V Li-Ion
More and more manufacturers are jumping into the Cordless Two-Stage snow blower category and Greenworks has as well. A 24″ two-stage snow blower is great for small to medium sized driveways and walkways. This model is designed as a replacement for a traditional gas powered snow blower. After a few snow storms here in New Hampshire we’re ready to provide out thoughts on this new offering from the folks at Greenworks.

Features and Specifications

  • Clears driveways, sidewalks, and patios with a 24 in. clearing path and handles snowfalls up to 18 in.
  • Discharge chute rotates 200° for directional control and can discharge up to 50 ft. in distance
  • Intelligent TRUBRUSHLESSTM Motor Technology – 2x more torque, more power, longer runtimes, quiet operation, and extended motor life
  • LED headlights illuminate your path in poor light conditions
  • Variable speed controls for auger and drive speed selection
  • Self-propelled with power steering for effortless control
  • Tri-port powerhead holds up to 3 batteries for the industry’s longest runtime
  • Zero turn hub motor wheels for stronger output power and more control
  • Includes (2) 80V 5.0 Ah batteries and dual-port rapid charger
  • No Gas Smell. You no longer have to smell like gas after snow blowing
  • No Maintenance. No tune-ups, no mixing fuels, no messy spills
  • Low Noise. Easy on the ear, low decibel snow blowing
  • 4 year tool limited warranty
  • 4 year battery warranty
  • Dedicated Support 1-888-909-6757

Performance and Operation

The Greenworks 24″ 80V cordless two-stage snow blower offers some impressive power when it comes to throwing snow! The last two snow storms here in NH have been heavy wet snow that isn’t much fun to shovel or clear with a snow blower. However, one of the really nice benefits of a battery powered tool is the incredible torque they generate in motors. This results in lots of power for clearing heavy wet snow. The Greenworks snow blower easily blew the heavy wet snow twenty plus feet in the air with ease.

The Greenworks 24″ Two-Stage Snow Blower looks and operates just like a traditional gas powered snow blower. It has a control panel where you can turn the unit on, adjust the travel speed and auger speed (this is a great feature to help increase run-time when you don’t need as much power).  You can also control the headlights from the panel and see a visual battery gauge for each of the 3 battery ports.

There’s one lever to control the vertical snow shoot and another lever for controlling the shoot from left to right. I did find the design of the left/right shoot control to be a bit cumbersome compared to the many other snow blowers I’ve operated over the years. You have to pull the lever out (it’s spring loaded so you have to hold it there) and then rotate it left or right. There are way better systems out there and Greenworks should give this some thought on the next model.

The augers and housing are all metal construction and appear to be well built. The shaft has two break-away shear pins that are easily accessible in case they need to be replaced. Greenworks also supplies to replacement shear pins and they are conveniently located on top of the snow blower for easy access.

The snow blower has a LED headlight mounted on the top front of the auger housing that works quite well. I found it did a good job in the dark lighting up the work area. They also mounted a clearing tool on top of the housing which is definitely nice to have in case of a clogged shoot.

The sides of the auger housing have traditional skid shoes and snow deflectors to have cut the sides of deeper snow. These are features you’d expect to see on any decent size snow blower.

I found the speed control a bit finicky and I hoped it could be adjusted a bit easier at low speeds. For the majority of snow blowing that I did I prefer the snow blower to move at a relatively slow speed. At the slower speed it’s hard to adjust it down really slow without it just stopping.

One feature I really liked about this cordless blower compared the the last one I reviewed is the fact that it “free wheels” when not turned on. This makes moving the snow blower around really easy and it rolls without much effort at all. This is something I found incredibly useful.


The million dollar question with these tools is always about the run-time.  We tested this unit with two 5.0 Ah battery packs. This snow blower can use 3 batteries and that would be very useful in this application. In the last storm I was blowing 6-8″ of very wet heavy snow and it lasted about 30 minutes. I’m sure a third battery would have increased that quite a bit. For any decent size driveway you are definitely going to want another set of batteries so you can be charging a set while you’re blowing snow. If you have a really large driveway the run-time could be an issue to consider.

Overall Thoughts

Cordless snow blowers are the real deal and they offer some really nice benefits over traditional gas powered models. These start the minute you turn them on. Anyone that has owned a gas powered snow blower can tell you they are a lot of work to keep running well. This is especially turn with ethanol in gasoline these days, which really messes with small engines. Not smelling the exhaust and having a much quieter experience are both really nice benefits as well.

What I really like is the power of these units especially when dealing with wet heavy snow. Their website says this unit will shoot snow 50′ in the air and I truly believe it. The torque that these battery powered motors generate is impressive to say the least.

Priced at nearly $2,100 this is a big investment for sure. But when you start thinking about the maintenance costs of small engines and the associated hassles these cordless snow blowers start making a lot of sense. This is my 2nd battery powered two-stage snow blower that I’ve reviewed and I really like them. I no longer own a gas powered snow blower and really have no desire to again. If you can manage the run-time / battery management then a cordless snow blower really makes sense.

I rated this a 4 out of 5 stars and that’s just due to the cost combined with the run-time. Other than that I really like this unit and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to ditch their gas powered snow blower.

80V 24" Two-Stage Cordless Snow Blower

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  1. Dwight

    Looks almost identical to the Ryobi model

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Nothing like it actually. I’ve tested both of them and they are very different in many ways.

      1. Dwight

        In all honesty which do you feel was the better machine when looking at the performance and functionality first and foremost?

        1. Todd Fratzel

          Dwight – I’d give a very slight edge to the Ryobi just because of the shoot controls.

          1. Dwight

            Thanks for that, I really appreciate the frank opinion

  2. Scott

    Hi Todd. Thank you and the team for doing this review. If you get the change, would you kindly provide us the power of the DC motor on this unit?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Scott – There are no published specs on the motor. It’s a brushless motor running at 80V. I’ll reach out and see if I can get something from the manufacturer.

    2. Todd Fratzel

      Scott – Here’s the info I received from Greenworks:

      1.6Kw for the combined Hub-Wheel Motors
      5Kw for the brushless motor of the snow thrower
      Total of 6.6Kw

  3. Gaetan Lortie

    Thanks Tood very helpfull information. I am french man of 68 years old from up in the Laurentian in Quebec and after reading your review I have order one.I think I am ready for that.

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