DEWALT 60V Snow Blower Review

DEWALT 21″ 60V MAX* Single-Stage Snow Blower Review

Model DCSNP2142Y2

DEWALT has just recently entered the rapidly growing cordless snow blower/thrower category with its 21″ 60V MAX* Single-Stage Snow Blower.  We received the DCSNP2142Y2 Kit which comes with the snow blower, battery charger and 2 FLEXVOLT DCB612 12.0 Ah batteries.  After several very wet and heavy snow storms here in Massachusetts, we can share some feedback and our review of DEWALT’s snow moving contender.

21" 60V MAX* Single-Stage Snow Blower

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCSNP2142Y2
Price: $999
Power source: 60V FlEXVOLT Battery
Weight: 59lbs Tool Only

Features and Specifications

  • 2 way directional powered chute
  • 3 Mode power selection – Eco, Normal and Power
  • 7″ Steel single stage Auger
  • Bright and easy to read LED dashboard showing battery state, power mode, high load indicator and fault indicator
  • Twin LED Headlights
  • Collapsible handles for storage

Snow Thrower or Snow Blower?

The DEWALT 21″ 60V MAX* Single-Stage Snow Blower sits in a class that many would call a snow thrower vs. a snow blower.  While this may seem like trivial semantics there is a fairly significant design difference between a single stage snow thrower and a larger two-stage or even three-stage snow blowers.

Single-stage machines like this DEWALT have a single rotating auger that performs double duty in breaking up the snow and throwing up a chute for removal.  They are lighter, have less moving parts and are propelled by the user.

A two-stage snowblower has a dedicated auger for breaking up the snow in the mouth of the machine and passing it up to a second faster spinning impeller that launches the snow out the chute.  These machines are heavy, typically propelled by self driving wheels and can move and throw much more snow than a single stage machine.

Design and User Experience

The DEWALT DCSNP2142 features a single 7″ steel auger that processes the snow and throws is up the chute.  The chute is motorized and can be rotated left and right quickly via two paddle switches mounted on the handle.  The handle features large Power ON and Power Mode buttons that are easy to select even with large gloves or mittens.

An auger activation bar runs along the top of the handle is the same form and function found on legacy push lawn mowers.  The handle is connected to the blower via a metal tube frame assembly that can be loosened to rotate and collapse the handle when not in use for storage.  The main housing is a mix of primarily sturdy plastics and metal reinforcement.


At the core of the DEWALT 21″ 60V MAX* Single-Stage Snow Blower is a brushless motor powered by 60V FLEXVOLT batteries.  This kit comes with two DCB612 12.0 Ah batteries.  Note however that these 240 Wh batteries are actually 4.0 Ah batteries when used in a 60V tool.  Only one battery is required to power the blower, but two is recommended for runtime considerations.

The conditions we tested this blower in were about as brutal and nasty as it gets for snow.  Heavy wet snow mixed with slush and hard ice made for a pretty tough test.  At the end of the day we were really impressed!

DEWALT advertises “clear up to 16 parking spaces” and “throw snow up to 40 ft”.  We understand these numbers are under ideal conditions and while we didn’t see numbers resembling that, we were impressed by how long the batteries lasted and how much snow (and water) were moved. With even the hardest packed snow the normal mode was able to ingest and throw the snow >10ft and up to 25 ft.  When MAX power mode was used it made a significant difference in snow throwing performance however it was clear that this put a rapid drain on the batteries.  The blower performed better with a steady flow of snow into the mouth and did not slow down even with a high power load indicator illuminating.

Important to understand is that the wheels are not power driven.  So all the forward movement must be done by the user.  In heavy snow this can require significant force to push the blower through the snow.

The bottom shave plate is grooved likely to help the blower slide along.  This does result in a thin layer of snow being left behind in places.

Price and Value

The DCSNP2142Y2 Kit is currently priced at $999 while the tool only is priced at $699.  As with most cordless tools these days the core performance and resultant cost lies with the batteries.  The kit comes with (2) DCB612 12.0 Ah batteries.  If priced out individually these batteries are currently selling between $300 and $320, totaling >60% of the kit cost.

The real hidden value of the blower and this kit are going to depend on the user.  Users who already own and use other DEWALT 20V and 60V tools may see a huge value in this kit.

21" 60V MAX* Single-Stage Snow Blower


The DEWALT 21″ Single-Stage Snow Blower really impressed us with its compact power and ability to chew through even the worst kinds of snow. I have found it light enough to pull up my deck stairs to help clear off my second story deck.  A job that previously was only achieved with back breaking shovel antics. For users that have a small driveway or grounds personnel who need to clear long stretches of sidewalks, this blower could be a goldilocks solution that fits in between shoveling and larger, heavier and more expensive multi-stage blowers.

DEWALT 60V Snow Blower Video Review

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