Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw Attachment

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Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw Review

Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10" Pole Saw

It is summer time. The sun is shining, the humidity is making you sweat through your pants, and all that leafy green and barked covered stuff on your property is growing out of control. The Tool Box Buzz crew feels your pain and that is why we are working hard to bring you as many outdoor power equipment (OPE) reviews as we possibly can. This is a review of the EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw Attachment from Ryobi for their 40V series of cordless OPE.


Recently I had the opportunity to review Ryobi’s 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer and was impressed with the capabilities of the tool. The 10″ pole saw attachment is designed to interface with the trimmer power head thanks to Ryobi’s EXPAND-IT system. This pole saw is extendable and convenient. It offers impressive power thanks to Ryobi’s 40V battery platform and is extremely user friendly. For small to medium sized limbs and brush, the Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw is a surprisingly well though out piece of OPE.

Ryobi 10" Pole Saw Bar and Chain

Features & Specs:

  • 10″ Bar and Chain With 6″ Cutting Capacity
  • Angled Cutting Head For Better Control
  • Extension Shaft For Up To 12′ Reach
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Tool-Less Assembly
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Weight: 6 Lbs.



Ryobi Pole Saw Chain Tensioner

The 10″ bar and chain assembly of the Ryobi Pole Saw is great for small trimming and pruning tasks. The factory bar and chain appear to be OEM from Ryobi but overall fit and finish are good. The head assembly is angled to allow a more natural cutting position. This angle will allow you cut downwards as if you were using a handheld saw. This puts less fatigue on the bar and reduces the chance of the chain binding. The chain is a 3/8″ LP (Low Profile) so you will need a smaller gauge file for sharpening than your average chain.

A flat headed adjusting block screw on the face of the tool head adjusts chain tension. This feature works well and is easy to access. A good rule of thumb is to always check your chain tension after making your first cut. The heat generated from cutting will cause the chain to expand and stretch slightly.


Located on the back side of the tool head is a tank for bar and chain oil. The tank will holds about 8 Fluid Ounces of oil. Ryobi includes a bottle of bar oil with the pole saw kit as well as an adjustment wrench. The wrench fits the chain adjuster and nut for the bar assembly housing perfectly.

Ryobi Pole Saw Bar and Chain Oil

One other nice feature from Ryobi is an included carry strap that allows you to sling the pole saw over your shoulder during use for better balance and leverage. The strap includes a mounting ring to be attached by the user to the shaft of the trimmer. You set the height to maximize your comfort.

Keeping the Ryobi Pole Saw Lubricated

Bar and chain oil is different from conventional weight motor oil. It is far more tacky with a higher viscosity rating so it bonds to the bar and chain better. You don’t need Ryobi specific oil. You can use any quality bar and chain oil to keep your pole saw running.

Room for Improvement

While using the tool a couple of issues stood out to me that I would like to see addressed by Ryobi. The head of the tool needs a brush hook. A small hook for moving limbs would be a welcomed addition. This is a feature that other pole saws, such as the the Milwaukee, have standard.


Also, I would like to see a brand name chain be included. The provided Ryobi OEM chain was sharp out of the box, but I do not know how it will hold up to both use and resharpening.

Ryobi EXPAND-IT Accessories


Intended Use?


This is a home owner grade pole saw, however, it is a well thought out and easy to use home owner grade pole saw! If you currently use the Ryobi 40V battery platform or own the 40V trimmers, then the Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw is the perfect accessory for you. The pole saw is ergonomic, well balanced, and fast to assemble. It does not have the power and long term durability of a pro grade model, but it is an excellent option for doing light tree trimming work around your house or property.

Ryobi Pole Saw Price and Availability

The Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw is available now for about $109.00 at Home Depot. Like all Ryobi tools, this accessory is primarily available from Home Depot and Amazon.

Overall Impressions of Ryobi EXPAND-IT Pole Saw

I was impressed by this Ryobi Pole Saw and I enjoyed using it. I would not buy one for dedicated commercial tree work but I have no issue using it around my property in conjunction with the 40V string trimmer platform. The tool world continues to go cordless and modular and the Ryobi EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw is a great example of that philosophy being put to work. I think my favorite feature was the built in forward angle to the head assembly because it made it incredibly easy to properly set the bar and get leverage in the cut. If you are looking to clean things up around your house, check out this option from Ryobi and then get to work before the whole place gets overgrown!


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  1. Puja Joshi

    Thanks for sharing the information. This is really helpful to make a buying decision. Ryobi pole saw is one of the best products available in the market. It is easy to assemble and comes with 3 years warranty period.

  2. I really enjoy all 9 *Ryobi products that I currently own. There are ‘better’ tools out there for the “PRO’s”, but for us 70 year old folks the Ryobi products surely make the job easier.
    I have ‘1’ small problem. Maybe someone could be so very kink to get me out of my delema. I ;purchased a 40v, 10″ Pole Saw, Model# RY40561.
    It’s been 7 weeks since purchase. (illness in family). Took saw out of box but it DID NOT CONTAIN A ‘MANUAL’. My delemna is, ‘How do you extract the battery to recharge it? I inserted the battery into the charger provided, then used the pole saw. Works great. But now it’s time to recharge and I haven’t a clue how to extract. Can someone please help. I tried calling *Ryobi and tried getting manual on-line to no avail. I’m stuck!

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