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RYOBI Backpack Blower Model BP42


Manufacturer: RYOBI
Model number: BP42
Price: $199
Power source: 2-stroke engine
Motor size: 42 CC
Weight: 18 pounds
A couple of weeks ago the nice folks at RYOBI Outdoors sent me their new 2-stroke powered backpack blower. I was hoping to be able to thoroughly test it for about a month before this review so that you could consider it in time for your own fall clean up. Unfortunately we’ve had a month long Indian Summer up here in the northern Midwest and the leaves have only started falling this week. Not enough time for good testing unfortunately.

Things I really like

First, it’s really light. It’s only 18 pounds where comparable models are about 4 pounds more. The well-formed backpack harness makes it feel light as well. I’ve worn it a couple times for about 40 minutes each and I wasn’t fatigued.Ryobi Backpack Blower starting-instructions

Second, it’s easy to start. Granted it’s a 2-stroke engine so it’s pretty foolproof already but RYOBI wanted to make it even easier. They printed starting instructions right on the air cleaner. More gas powered lawn and garden equipment should do this. The sticker is nice and big.

Third, the motor is isolated from the backpack frame. The motor is set up on 3 springs that decouple it from the backpack. The springs handle the vibration and torque twist instead of your back. It’s a great feature that contributes to its overall comfort.

Room for Improvement

The only issue I have with this tool so far is that you have to remove the backpack to start it. It isn’t a big deal when you’re first getting started but if you have to stop in the middle to move a garden hose or some other obstacle, the backpack has to be removed to start it again. If you’re out in the yard working with someone else they can always come over and restart it though. I’d like to see the recoil snaked out to the sides of the pack so I can restart myself. In a motion like a knight drawing his sword from his belt.

Quick Walk-through

Here’s a short Youtube video so that you can see the tool up close. I’ll post another video later in the fall so you can see it in action.


If you want to win this blower visit Facebook, Like RYOBI Outdoors, and enter the Power Your World giveaway. You have until 9/30/13 to enter. Click here to visit RYOBI Outdoors on Facebook.

Where to Buy

The RYOBI Backpack Blower BP42 can be found in store or online at the Home Depot for $199.


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  1. Todd Fratzel

    I use my Ryobi cordless blower almost weekly to clean (sweep) my garage out. If this gas version is as good as the cordless version I’m sure it’s a great tool. Thanks for sharing Jeff!

  2. Jeff Williams

    My shop/garage was the first place I tested this thing. It aerosolized the sawdust in seconds. Too much power for the garage (but awesome for outside). Proves that I need better dust collection and air cleaning in the shop.

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