Ryobi 40V HP 8″ Auger Review

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Ryobi 40V HP Model RY40710 8″ Auger Review

40V HP 8" Brushless Auger

Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model number: RY40710
Price: $299.00
Power source: 40V Li-Ion Battery
Weight: 40.2 Lbs.
Ryobi continues to drive forward as a leader in cordless solutions for homeowners and DIYers. With their new line of 40V HP high-performance tools, Ryobi is making cordless a reality for more common outdoor tasks. This tool review features the new Ryobi 40V HP 8″ Auger Model #RY40710. Earth augers take the demanding physical strain out of tasks like post-hole digging. However, most homeowners have an occasional need for one. This leads to long-term storage and maintenance issues with gas-powered offerings. Ryobi now offers a solution to these issues.

The 40V HP auger boasts impressive power and safety features. It is reasonably lightweight and capable of being used by one person. A word of caution though. Using the new Ryobi auger may lead to purchasing gratuitous amounts of fenceline and birdfeeder posts.

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

Ryobi 8″ Auger Specifications

  • Weight: 40.2 Lbs. W/ 4.0 Ah Battery
  • Power Source: Ryobi 40V Li-Ion Battery
  • Number of Speeds: 3 (2 Forward/1 Reverse)
  • Auger Bit Diameter: 8″
  • Engine Torque: 53.98 Ft./Lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 Year Tool/3 Year Battery

Standout Features of the Ryobi 40V HP Auger


Ryobi 40V HP 8 Inch Auger Review

The ease of assembly and breakdown on the Ryobi auger is outstanding. The auger assembly disconnects from the main powerhead using a steel retaining pin. Similar to those found on a trailer hitch. The auger is broken down for storage or transport. At 40.2 pounds assembled, the auger is capable of being moved by one person. Or break it in half if weight is a concern.

Three Total Speed Settings

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

Ryobi’s 40V auger includes two forward speed settings (High/Low) as well as a reverse speed. This level of user control is extremely desirable depending upon the task at hand. Here in the Northeast, the ground is extremely tough and filled with roots and rocks. Having a higher speed setting assists with chewing through those obstructions. While the lower speed is excellent for more delicate work and landscaping prep. The reverse speed makes cleaning out the auger hole effortless.

Ergonomic Controls

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

The main control grip of the Ryobi Auger is contoured and comfortable. A spring-loaded trigger safety prevents the tool from starting up unintentionally.

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

The handlebar also features padding on the left side to increase comfort for the user. This padding is appreciated when bracing against the handlebar during single-operator use.

Rugged Auger Teeth

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

Ryobi’s RY40710 is designed primarily as an earth digging tool. The 8″ auger assembly features an aggressive feeder point and large cutting teeth for digging through tough soil conditions. While it won’t eat through solid rock, it is extremely capable of blasting through most soil types.

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

Anti-Kickback Safety Feature

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

A major safety concern with gas-powered augers is the auger assembly binding in the ground, but the powerhead continues to spin. This extremely undesirable situation can lead to the injury of the operator. Fortunately, Ryobi included an electronic safety brake in the 40V HP to prevent this from happening. This brake senses when the auger binds up and shuts the tool down before it becomes a whirling cyclone of mayhem and destruction. During use, this brake is extremely responsive. It gave me great peace of mind when working by myself.

The Ryobi 40V HP System

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

Ryobi claims that the 40V HP auger delivers “30% more torque than an average gas unit”. I do not have any way of truly quantifying this statement. However, the new HP motor technology from Ryobi is powerful and robust with very little felt vibration. During use, the motor felt and sounded identical to the Ryobi 40V Cordless Lawnmower that I had previously reviewed.

Power and Capability

Ryobi 40V HP Cordless Auger Review

Ryobi Auger on Ice!

While the Ryobi 40v HP Auger is designed as an earth digging tool, I thought ice may serve as a true test of its capability. The Ryobi auger was loaned out to a local dive rescue team back in February while they conducted ice rescue training. During the training, they used the Ryobi to bore through an 8″ thick layer of ice on a freshwater pond. To our surprise, it chewed through the ice effortlessly!

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

The Ryobi’s ability to perform this task, with an earth auger blade, was very impressive. Furthermore, it demonstrated a new application for this tool. A battery-powered auger is a great investment for ice fishing enthusiasts where environmental contaminants like fuel and oil are a concern.

Price and Availability

The 40V HP 8″ Auger is available now from Home Depot. Like all Ryobi outdoor power equipment, they are exclusive to the big orange retailer. As of writing this article, the auger is available as a kit with a charger and one 4.0 Ah battery. The kit retails for $299.00. Overall I think this is a good value for what you are getting. The auger packs a lot of performance and the 40V battery platform from Ryobi is constantly expanding. Although you may not use the auger daily, that battery would complement any other piece of Ryobi OPE you may have or are planning on buying.

Follow the Buy Now link below to purchase the 40V HP Auger from Home Depot.

40V HP 8" Brushless Auger

Overall Impressions of the Ryobi 40V HP Auger

Ryobi 40V HP Auger Review

The moment I opened the box from Ryobi, I thought to myself “this thing looks like an electric corkscrew from hell”. But the 40V HP Auger is right at home in any outdoor space and not just on the set of a low-budget horror film. Overall I am very impressed with its performance. It is ergonomic, easily portable, and has excellent built-in safety features. I plan to continue putting it to use by installing a fenceline on my property.

The Ryobi 40V HP 8″ Auger Model RY40710 is an excellent option for any homeowner or DIYer. It is not a commercial-grade tool. The motor lacks enough power to chew through some of the soil conditions that a commercial model is designed for. However, for small fencing, deck building, or landscaping projects, the Ryobi 40V HP Auger is well suited for the challenge.

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  1. Pat Beck

    I bought one 2 days from HomeDepot in Port Chester. It works like a charm I even place it on top of a small tree stump I was trying to remove for some time and it chewed through the stump. Not recommended though. Anyway I would recommend it for DIYers like me. I cant comment on other types of augers because this is my first use of one.

  2. Pamila McReynolds

    What size is the shaft of this 40V Ryobi augur? Our son gave my husband this augur with an 8″ augur bit. We wanted to get a 4″ and a 6″ augur bit also. We wondered if a Earth Auger Bit – 4″ Earth Auger Bit fits for common hand-held post-hole diggers with 3/4″ shaft would fi?

    1. Wes Bartosik

      All of the Ryobi auger bits are cross-compatible between the 40V and 18V versions. Just looking at the Home Depot website quickly showed the 4″ and 6″ auger attachments and lists them as compatible with the 40V model.

  3. tracy smith

    What size extension shaft can be added to the auger to increase its length?

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