RYOBI 40v Cordless 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Kit Review

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RYOBI 40v Cordless 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Kit – Model RY40301VNM

RYOBI 40V Backpack Sprayer

Manufacturer: RYOBI
Model number: RY40301
Price: $219.00
Power source: 40v
Weight: 13.8 Lbs
With the evolution of outdoor power equipment and lithium-ion battery technology, one-gallon pump sprayers are getting pushed aside. Manual sprayers are not conducive to productivity. They often do not hold enough product to get the large jobs done and who wants to manually pump these days? Avoiding hand pumping is probably the most beneficial feature of a cordless backpack sprayer.

Get More Done in Less Time – No Need to Stop and Pump Up The Sprayer – Battery Powered Time Saver!

RYOBI continues to impress the Tool Box Buzz crew with its outdoor power equipment [OPE] lineup. From their 18v products, 40v line of OPE, and recently the 80v Zero-Turn Mower we just reviewed.



Out of the Box | Assembly

There were some assembly steps necessary when the RYOBI backpack sprayer was delivered. The spray wand needed to be put together and the 2.0Ah battery needed to be charged. The trigger handle, which was already connected to the hose, needed to be connected to the spray wand. You are now prepared to begin working after completing these two stages.

RYOBI 40V Backpack Sprayer

The RYOBI 40V Cordless Battery 4 Gal. Backpack Sprayer comes in a kit form (RY40301VNM) or as a bare-tool (RY40301BTL)

RYOBI MFG Specifications

  • No pumping required
  • Variable pressure dial 
  • 4 nozzles
    – Adjustable
    – Flat Fan
    – Shower Head
    – Dual Head
  • Translucent tank for easy fluid level reference
  • Gravity-fed design – no wasted chemicals
  • Comfortable backpack design with padded and adjustable shoulder straps

RY40301VNM Kit Components

  • 40V Backpack Sprayer ( RY40301BTL )
  • 40V 2.0Ah Battery (OP40204)
  • Charger (OP404)
  • 4 Nozzles
    – Adjustable
    – Flat Fan
    – Shower Head
    – Dual Head


Backpack Sprayer Tank |Features

Gravity Fed Tank Design

The gravity-fed tank’s design eliminates the problem of wasted fluid. On the right and left sides, fluid is pulled from the lowest position.

Fluid Level Indicators

There are two fluid level indicator scales on the tank. On the left side, there is a Gallon scale from 1-4.

The backpack sprayer also has a metric scale on the right side from 5, 10, and 15L markings. We felt that maybe highlighting the number would be easier on the eyes of the user and weren’t sure where exactly the line indicates the level.

Labor Free Benefits

As we mentioned before, one of the major benefits of cordless sprayers is the ability to avoid any manual hand-pumping.  Having to manually pump to build up the pressure to spray is time consuming, especially if you have a large amount of area to cover.

We find delight in preventing user fatigue while maintaining a good performance throughout your spraying job.

Speed Control Knob

On the lower left side of the cordless backpack sprayer, there is a speed control knob. You may adjust the speed for particular applications with the variable speed knob, which has a range of OFF to maximum PSI. Maximum speed enables 90 PSI of pressure, which quickly releases the substance.

Auto Lock Trigger

The RYOBI RY40301 has a yellow trigger lock switch located on the trigger handle allowing for a constant stream if desired. To activate what we would call “cruise control” pull the trigger lever and flip the yellow switch

To activate what we would call “cruise control” press the trigger lever and flip the yellow switch back. This will lock in the lever. Flip the lever back forward and it releases the lever and you are back to controlling the flow. 

Comfort Backpack Straps

There is a comfortable backpack design with padded and adjustable shoulder straps allowing you to spray around the yard comfortably. The straps have multiple points that you can adjust to achieve the most comfortable position for the user.

There is a middle chest buckle preventing the straps from falling off your shoulders.


RYOBI claims that you can spray 200 gallons per charge on a 2.0Ah battery. During our testing and evaluation, we flowed 50+ gallons of pesticide and herbicide. We also flowed roughly 20+ gallons of water through the tank just cleaning it out in between uses. We did not notice any decrease in power throughout our spraying and the indicator light on the battery was at 2 bars.

Think about the amount of pumping required for 200 one-gallon containers. Additionally, the time saved by using a 4-gallon tank rather than stopping to fill a 1-gallon container.

Overall Impressions

Whether you are a simple DIY homeowner or a professional landscaper, the RYOBI RY40301 Cordless Backpack Sprayer is one of those pieces of equipment that just makes sense to have. If you are on the RYOBI 40v platform then it is definitely worth the purchase. Sold in a kit for $219.00.

As general contractors, we receive requests for a wide variety of tasks. This RYOBI 40v 4-gallon cordless backpack sprayer will allow you to efficiently flow products, such as insecticides on the foundations of houses or herbicides to kill undesired vegetation.

With the RYOBI 40V 4 Gal. Cordless Backpack Sprayer, you can complete the task at hand without ever having to pump anything.

The Ryobi 40V Cordless Backpack Sprayer is a Great Addition To Anyone’s Yard Care Tool Collection

RYOBI 40V Backpack Sprayer

RYOBI 40V 40Gallon Backpack Sprayer Video Review




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