GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Review

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GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30 Review

Grandfalls Pressure Washer

Manufacturer: GiRAFFE TOOLS
Model number: p106-g30
Price: $309.79
Power source: 110
Motor size: 13.5amp(1800w)
Weight: 42
When I was asked to test out this wall-mounted pressure washer by GiRAFFE TOOLS I was interested to see what it was all about. I saw mixed reviews on this product online and I wanted to have a look for myself as I have been thinking about getting a wall-mounted unit.  Having only owned a gas-powered pressure washer I was excited to see how the performance of an electric model stacked up. I was looking forward to mounting this pressure washer to my wall and having the ability to pressure wash things in seconds without all of the setup up and cleanup of a gas unit. This wall-mounted pressure washer is easily hooked up to water and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. A 100′ hose with an automatic reel function is also included making things very easy and quick to use. Below I will outline my experience.GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

GiRAFFE TOOLS Pressure Washer Specifications

  • Model Number    p106-g30
  • Rated Voltage    120V~60Hz
  • Motor  13.5amp(1800w)”
  • Max Water Inlet Temperature 104 F/ 40C
  • Flow 2.1GPM
  • Max Pressure 2200 PSI
  • Hose Length 100ft
  • Dimensions:  23.34″x19.17″x13.89″
  • Cord Length: 6′
  • Leader Hose: 5′

Setup and Installation

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

Upon opening the box the Grandfalls Pressure Washer was packaged well and also seemed to be good quality and rather simple to assemble. The Grandfalls Pressure Washer comes with everything pictured below. Conveniently, a mounting bracket is secured to the wall, and the pressure washer slides down onto the bracket to be easily mounted. I chose to mount mine to a piece of waterproof PVC that reached across two studs as I am not a big fan of plastic anchors. Giraffe Tools even included a small level for those that don’t have a plethora of tools laying around. I mounted mine a little higher than the recommended 24″-32″ because I didn’t want to infringe upon my storage space.

Functional Features

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

The Grandfalls Pressure Washer includes 100′ of water hose. It also neatly stores the foam gun and sprays nozzle while not in use via the built-in holders. The hose is spring-powered and has a smart lock that will lock the hose in place when you reach the desired length. A slight pull of the hose and the automatic hose reel retraction will kick in allowing you to walk the hose back to the reel. The built-in retraction system will neatly reel the hose without kinking or binding. The pump motor also shuts off when the unit is not in use and the trigger is not being pulled which helps reduce noise like most electric units.

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

Foam Soap Cannon

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

I have to admit, that I was pretty excited that the Grandfalls Pressure Washer included a foam soap cannon as I’m a little late to the foam car washing craze. I immediately ordered some Chemicalguys foam body wash to test the soap gun. The soap container easily attaches to the gun. There is an adjustment knob on the top for how much soap you would like to pull. Although this foam cannon didn’t shoot thick foam like some of the professional foam guns, it was good enough for my needs.

Nozzle Tips

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

The Grandfalls Pressure Washer also comes with four different spray nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°). Therefore, you can select your desired spray pattern and pressure output. Conveniently, they are also secured to the spray gun so that you can easily access the tip you need to use.

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

Power and Functionality

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

Above all, this is an electric pressure washer. Certainly, it will not compare to a gas pressure washer. It is rated at 2200 PSI when you first pull the trigger, and then it reduces slightly when in use. I found this was the perfect amount of pressure for washing my vehicles or any light-duty projects.  GiRAFFE TOOLS is going to be releasing a higher PSI (PRO) unit soon if you think this may be a little light on power for your application (keep an eye out for another review).

Room for improvement

Right off the bat, I noticed that I liked the idea of the mounting system. However, I wished that it came with a wider bracket. A bracket that expands over 16″ so it could be mounted to two wall studs would be beneficial. Comparatively, I would recommend something similar to a tv mount. A mount that covers 16″ to 20″ apart would be beneficial. A larger bracket would be a nice feature and eliminate the need for plastic anchors or a homemade wall plate.

GiRAFFE TOOLS Pressure Washer Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I tested The Grandfalls Pressure Washer for over a month. I washed several vehicles, a Badboy ZeroTurn lawn mower, my entire 30×30 garage floor, a muddy dirt bike, some siding, and many other things. I really appreciate how I can turn it on, pull the hose, and be using it in seconds. During the testing process, the pressure washer worked great. I had no problems with the pressure washer and it maintained pressure well. The foam gun worked well and having the different nozzle tips to choose from was also helpful.  The 100′ of the hose is the perfect amount to reach most of my projects in the driveway. The hose pulls out nicely and reels back in easily and neatly. I think that having a pressure washer mounted to the wall is convenient and makes life easier for quick light-duty jobs.

GiRAFFE TOOLS Grandfalls Pressure Washer Model P106-G30

Where to buy

The Grandfalls Pressure Washer can be purchased from the manufacturer via the link below for $309.79 with free shipping. I think that $309.79 is a very good price for all this pressure washer has to offer. With the included 100′ of hose, the foam gun, the different spray tips, and the 2-year warranty you really can’t go wrong.

Grandfalls Pressure Washer

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