Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2726-21HD
Price: $299.00 Kit and $169.00 Bare Tool
Power source: 18 Volt
Motor size: Cordless
Weight: 10.9

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer Review

Milwaukee Tool recently released three core landscape maintenance tools:

  • Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ String Trimmer
  • MilwaukeeM18 FUEL Blower
  • Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD

We took a close look at the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD, which is going to be offered as a are tool and kitted with the following:

  • M18 FUEL™ Hedge Trimmer,
  • M18™ REDLITHIUM  HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Battery Pack
  • Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger
  • It is also available as bare tool, model 2726-20

Milwaukee Enters The World Of O.P.E

Since 1924, Milwaukee Tool has enjoyed a reputation of making professional, heavy-duty tools and accessories. In the last few years they have been researching and developing a new category of outdoor power tool equipment, referred to as OPE.

When I first learned of the OPE tools, my response was; we’ll that makes sense. You see not every homeowner or Do-It-Yourselfer is a Pro contractor, BUT, every Pro contractor is a DIY-er when working their own homes! For example, I’m a carpenter but I often tackle electrical, roofing, tiling, painting, and landscaping on my own house. To me it only makes sense to be able to utilize the same battery platform that you use, on the job-site, at home!

M18 Volt Compatible – That’s The REAL Story

All three of these OPE tools operate on the M18 volt battery system, and that’s the real story here. While any 18-volt battery will work with the OPE tools, you’ll see your best performance when you combine them with a 9.o Ah battery.

We’re big fans of tool companies that are investing in their current 18-volt battery platforms. Speaking on behalf of the TBB Crew, having one battery platform for all of your tools, is not only advantageous, but preferable.

Milwaukee Hedge Trimmer Crank Mechanism

A tools longevity and power is dependent on many things, but there is no dispute that the power train or in this tools case; the crank mechanism is key to that delivery of power.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD uses a crank mechanism similar to the Sawzall’s mechanism. This crank mechanism provides increased durability, and an all-metal gear case enclosure protects the critical gear drive system from abuse.

Milwaukee Hedge Trimmer Specifications 2726-21HD

  • Blade Length:           24”
  • Cut Capacity:            3/4”
  • Strokes Per Minute: 3,400
  • Gear Case:               All-Metal
  • Length:                      45.75”
  • Weight:                      10.9 lb

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD

Is it Powerful Enough To Do The Job?

According to the folks at Milwaukee, the M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD has the power to cut ¾” branches, cuts up to 30% faster, and provides up to 2 hours of run-time per charge.

To test this claim we used the trimmer to trim some bushes around our shop. We also brought it into the shop to cut wood dowels.  We chose 3/8 hardwood dowels for two reasons. First, the 3/8 hardwood dowels are stronger than the bush branches this trimmer was designed to cut. I figured it was a good way to demonstrate how strong this trimmer was, and if I could stall it.  To appreciate the strength of a dowel, all you have to do is try a pair of pruning shears on a 3/8″ branch and compare it to cutting a dowel and you’ll immediately see the difference.

Dowels are different than branches, they’re drier and living branches which have moisture in them. The Milwaukee Hedge Trimmer cut the 3/8″ dowels with a sawing action. The harder I pressed the tool the faster it cut them. I did notice that the trimmer cut same size, and larger branches faster than the dowels. During this testing I was unable to stall the trimmer.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD Features

Hedge trimmers need to be well-balanced and allow the user the control needed to create shapes and contours. Milwaukee designed this hedge trimmer to have a balanced handle placement and weight distribution. We noticed that with the battery inserted this trimmer, and placed on level ground,  the trimmer sits perfectly level. This keeps the blades from touching the ground and getting dirty or damaged.

Out of the box, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD shear blades are sharp, real sharp! The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD features a 24” blade, allows users to trim more material in a single pass. A safety blade tip guard, prevents the trimmers shears from damaging property if it comes into contact.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer Handle Design

The handle on this hedge trimmer are worth noting. We felt that they are well placed, and situated similar to that of a chainsaw design. The trigger handle is designed as a neutral grip, while the stabilizer handle allows a pronated grip. This handle orientation, is a  comfortable grip for operation its the most controllable grip.
We found this hedge trimmer comfortable, easy to use and effective at trimming hedges. At 10.9 pounds its not a one-handed tool.

The trigger handle is rubberized and large enough to accommodate gloved operation. The trigger is oversized, it is easy to operate, and is controlled by an ambidextrous safety-switch, called a lock-off button.

This trigger is an on or off trigger and is NOT variable speed. One safety feature we noticed, and liked was that once the trigger is released, the shears stop immediately.

Similar to a chain saw, a heavy-duty plastic safety guard is located in front of the front handle. This guard is essential in case you lose grip and your hand slips off the handle, toward the trimer shear mechanism.

Lastly, a heavy-duty plastic storage guard, or sheath, is supplied to cover the shears for storage and transport.

Milwaukee M18 Hedge Trimmer – Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD is a durable, power, well designed cordless hedge trimmer. On the outside, its a no-frills tool, while on the inside, you have the performance of the well-proven and highly engineered sawzall mechanism working for you.


Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD
$299.00 Kit and $169.00 Bare Tool

According to my friend Drew Lentz,

       “ You don’t see other cordless outdoor power equipment with this beast of a mechanism!”

From landscaping professionals to trade professionals, the real story is that tool manufacturers are now making an effort to offer trade-focused solutions allowing us to get more work done on one battery system.

I wanted to end this article with a pun on the Milwaukee hedge trimmers, but . . .  I really don’t know enough about their cutting hedge technology!

Happy trimming ya’ll!

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer 2726-21HD  Video Review

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