Ryobi 40V Brushless Whisper Series Jet Fan Leaf Blower Review

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Ryobi 40V Brushless Whisper Series Jet Fan Leaf Blower – Model RY404100VNM

The Ryobi 40V Brushless Whisper Series Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower Kit

Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model number: RY404100VNM
Price: $299.00
Power source: 40V
Weight: 9.7 LBS
This time of year the hottest topics typically surround Outdoor Power Equipment [OPE]. We just completed an awesome in-depth Head-to-Head on cordless lawn mowers! Ryobi continues to impress us with their 40v line of OPE. Time and time again Ryobi continues to produce great equipment, like this Brushless Whisper Series Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower, at a very affordable cost.

Some of our crew got to attend a Ryobi media event back in February where they showed us the RY404100VNM 40V brushless cordless jet fan blower kit. We were “blown away” and just recently received one of them to review. Let’s take a closer look at the Ryobi RY404100VNM Cordless Blower Kit!

Ryobi RY404100VNM Specifications

  • Air Volume: 730 CFM
  • Speed Tips: 160, 175, or 190 MPH
  • Max Air Speed: 190 MPH
  • Noise Rating: 57 dB
  • Voltage: 40V
  • Onboard Integrated LEDs for Fuel Gauge

Ryobi RY404100VNM Kit Components

  • 40V Brushless Jet Fan Blower
  • (2) 40V 4.0Ah Batteries
  • 40V Rapid Charger
  • 2 additional speed tips

Whisper Series Blower

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work each year. The Ryobi Jet Fan Blower is called the Whisper Series because it operates at a mere 56 dB without sacrificing any power. OSHA requires employers to use hearing protection when noise exposure is at or above 85 decibels averaged over 8 working hours. In the photo below you will see us wearing hearing protection while using. This is because we went from mowing the lawn to blowing the clippings and we like to listen to tunes while we work!

2 Tips | 3 Speeds

Two speed tips (nozzles) from the Ryobi RY404100VNM kit can be shortened to the desired speed. These tips are two-tiered, so if you reduce the first tier, your blowing speed will be 175 MPH. Second-tier reduces your speed to 160 MPH. If you don’t change the tip, your top speed will be a chilly 190 MPH. When you cut these rubber tips to control the wind speed, they become permanently set to that speed because they are rubber.

  • Tier 1 – 160 MPH
  • Tier 2 – 175 MPH
  • As is – 190 MPH

Auto Locking Cruise Control

One of the most impressive features of this blower is the auto-locking”cruise control” feature.  The cruise control knob works by turning it which will automatically engage the trigger lever to start the blower. You can set the throttle to your own desired speed. In the photo below the cruise control is set to the highest setting and you can see the trigger lever is pressed all the way up.

Turbo Button

Rockets engaged! No seriously, when using the turbo button the additional air blast is like a rocket taking off.  So much power you really have to be wary of items you could potentially blow over. Lawn furniture, signs, or other objects can become projectiles. You become more comfortable with the turbo mode the more and more you use it and you can “feather” the button.

Using the Ryobi Jet Fan Blower while on turbo mode you will chew through your batteries rather quickly. Having the extra 40V 4.0Ah battery charged and ready to go will give you zero down-time. Switch batteries and go. This blower on two full batteries is more than capable of handling the average property. As of 2019, the average property size was 2300 SQFT.



Overall Impression

The Ryobi RY404100VNM 40V Brushless Whisper Series Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower packs a mean punch with a max 190MPH blowing speed. Ryobi has set the bar high and continues to develop professional-grade outdoor power equipment at an extremely affordable price. This blower will blow your socks off not the money out of your wallet!


The Ryobi 40V Brushless Whisper Series Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower Kit

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