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STIHL RMA 510 V Cordless Lawn Mower

If you have a fast-paced walk as I do then this mower is for you.  STIHL’s RMA 510 V self-propelled, a cordless lawn mower is easy to use and offers variable speed control that can be adjusted to any suburban homeowner.  And what’s better is that it works on STIHL’s AP battery platform.

STIHL Cordless Lawn Mower Features

  • Model: RMA 510 V
  • Cutting Width: 20″
  • Cutting Height: 1″- 3.9″ (7 spring assisted)
  • Grass Catcher Capacity: 19.8 Gallons
  • Deck Material: Steel
  • Battery: AP Series 36V 6AH
  • On Board 2nd battery storage
  • Weight of Mower: 66.1 lbs
  • Weight of Mower with Battery: 69.9 lbs
  • Mower Blade Speed: 3200 rpm & ECO mode 2800 rpm
  • Self Propel Speed: 0.6 mph to 2.8 mph
  • Handlebars offer 3 different height positions
  • Storage Options: 3 stowed position
  • Safety feature: Removable locking key
  • Noise level: 87.6 db

First Impression

The new STIHL cordless lawn mower offers a sleek and attractive appearance.  During my first use with this mower, I was completely impressed by the speed and how fast you can cut on just a single 36v battery.  Another feature I like is that there is onboard storage for the second backup battery.

It’s very user friendly.  To start it up you set your deck and handlebar height, then push the start button, squeeze the bottom power bar and begin cutting your lawn.  Adjust the speed if you need to. So simple and quiet!

STIHL RMA 510 V  Run-time Test

The RMA 510V ran for a constant 28 minutes before having to swap out the battery.  The total square footage that was mowed with the 2 AP 300 STIHL battery was 12,090 sf.  We can also translate that into miles traveled and that would be 1.3 miles.

The grass conditions for our Head to Head Best Cordless Lawn Mower were dry and recently cut the week before to maintain consistent height. It was an open field area. The speed and strong power coming from this cordless 36 V lawnmower was very impressive.

This mower set in normal running is quiet enough to make grass cutting enjoyable.  You can also have the mower drive-in self propel mode without engaging the blade.  This is a feature that I truly like and use. This lawnmower handles similarly to my old gas job and offers a steel deck!  Not all of the new cordless mowers do.

RMA 510 V Adjustment Levers

Remember when you would struggle with adjusting the height of each wheel with your old mower?  Well if you didn’t, lucky you!  I absolutely dreaded having to adjust the heights on my old gas mower.

Now, it’s one lever to adjust all four wheels at once and it’s like a dream to adjust the deck height on the RMA 510 V.  Collapsing the handle will take you a couple of minutes if you have to store it or transport it in a collapsed fashion. Just adjust/pull all 4 knobs and it’s in a compact form.

Suggested Improvements

The only thing that I am not a fan of is the placement of the lower metal power lever. The placement of this power lever is uncomfortable when you grip it to the foam bar.  It feels like it almost doesn’t line up right.  The upper bar/engage self propel lever with foam handle work well together, but the lower one not so much.

Another small issue I found was after using the self propel it takes a few seconds to disengage from that mode.  If you disengage the self propel mode and want to pull the lawnmower backward, the wheels need to be pushed forward then pulled back to go into freewheel mode.  Not a deal-breaker but another step during use.

STIHL Manufacturing

When you buy STIHL you’re buying American built tools. They have a state-of-the-art facility in Virginia Beach that manufactures millions of finished products every year and exports them to more than 90 countries around the world.   Made by STIHL is a brand promise – no matter the location of production.  So STIHL and China have been a very successful combination for many years.  Since 2006, their plant in Qingdao has been proving that tried-and-tested STIHL quality can also come from China.

Final Thoughts

STIHL has made a good cordless lawn mower with the option to expand from this AP battery platform into their other cordless OPE.  If you’re in the market for a cordless lawnmower with the thought of expanding into other outdoor power equipment then I would recommend giving STIHL a look.  See what they have to offer your property at  It just makes sense.


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  1. Bill Avery

    Great mower…but I have an issue. In drive mode…left drive wheel clicks loudly whilst mowing & then locks up near the end of every mow (up to 1000/f of mowing on a not overlong normal home lawn). The back wheels then just spin on the lawn & if I try to push the mower forward in drive mode it then scours the lawn badly. My mower is a month old & is a Stihl RMA 510V. Any suggestions? Thanks…Bill (NSW Australia)

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Bill – No clue…but STIHL has a great customer service reputation, I”d reach out to them. Good luck.

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