Ryobi New 80V Lithium Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

Ryobi Introduces New 80V Li-Ion Zero Turn Mowers

RYOBI™ is excited to introduce the most powerful products to date from the #1 Cordless Lawn & Garden Brand: RYOBI™ 80V HP Lithium Zero Turn Riding Mowers. These innovative riders deliver true gas performance and the equivalent of 35 horsepower* by combining the power of 80V Lithium-ion Batteries, Advanced Electronics, and Brushless Motors. Innovative 40V Battery Ports allow users to extend runtime and tackle more terrain than ever before, up to four acres*. The all new iDrive Intelligent Drive System delivers the precision and speed of traditional two-handed paddle drive ZTRs, with a single intuitive joystick control.

All New Design

Last year we reviewed the Ryobi 48V 54″ Zero Turn Mower (Lead Acid Battery) and it really impressed us. This year Ryobi is releasing three new mowers all updated to their 80V Lithium Battery platform. Some of the new features include a new control system, brushless motors and improved electronics.

From Ryobi:

HP Technology harnesses the 5 high-performance Brushless Motors to deliver power, runtime, and speed. The units feature RYOBI’s popular CROSS CUT™ dual blade system to deliver superior mulching and enhanced cutting performance. Powered by (3) 10AH RYOBI™ 80V Lithium-ion Batteries, these revolutionary ZTRs deliver best-in-class performance and can take on the toughest jobs. These innovative Riding Mowers also feature 4 onboard 40V battery ports, compatible with existing RYOBI™ 40V Battery platform, extending runtime and allowing users to tackle up to 4 acres. This rider also features a rubber side discharge chute for easy maneuverability around objects, gates, and fences while mowing.

RYOBI™ 80V HP Lithium Zero Turn Riding Mowers are designed from the ground up with premium features to deliver a superior experience every time. RYOBI™ iDrive is an intelligent drive system that maximizes convenience and maneuverability with an innovative joystick that replaces the two-handed operation of traditional zero-turn mowers. Turn on a dime with a 360 degree turning radius, all with a single hand. Monitor battery life, runtime, drive speed, and cut speed on the LCD Display Screen, or from your phone on the all new RYOBI™ Riding Mower App. Tackle the next job with the integrated Supercharger, allowing for a full recharge in just two hours.

RYOBI’s family of 80V HP Lithium Zero Turn Riding Mowers combines superior design with premium features to deliver top-tier performance. Users can expect maximum power, performance, and runtime in all three different deck configurations: 30″, 42″, and 54″. Experience the pure-electric performance of clean power without the emissions and fumes of a traditional gas riding mower and virtually no maintenance. Take your lawn care to the next level with RYOBI™ 80V HP Lithium Electric Zero Turn Riding Mowers.

RYOBI’S line of 80V HP Lithium Zero Turn Riding Mowers combines a superior design with premium features to deliver top-tier performance. These new 80V Zero Turn Riding Mowers deliver maximum power and are available in three different deck configurations: 30″, 42″, and 54″. Experience the pure-electric performance of clean power without the emissions and fumes of a traditional gas riding mower and virtually no maintenance. Take your lawn care to the next level with RYOBI™ 80V HP LIthium Electric Zero Turn Riding Mowers.


RYRM8010 – 80V HP 30″ Deck
RYRM8021 – 80V HP 42″ Deck
RYRM8034 – 80V HP 54″ Deck

This exciting new line of RYOBI™ 80V HP Zero Turn Riding Mowers will be available exclusively at The Home Depot and Homedepot.com in various configurations starting in Spring 2022

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  1. Mark Chambers

    Hi Todd
    Just been looking at the new range of Ryobi 80 volt electric ride on mowers, very interested in finding more information re the 42 inch or 54 inch models cost delivered to Brisbane Australia. Any leads would be much appreciated.
    Regards Mark Chambers

    1. Todd Fratzel

      No idea on cost shipped there. We are US based and only a review site. You’d have to contact Ryobi to find out if there are options.

    2. I am also interested.

      Brisbane or Gold Coast

  2. Will McCord

    The 54″ has a trailer hitch. Is there a 12 volt plug-in fplug-in for a, for instance, Fimco 30 gallon sprayer?

  3. Chris Berry

    Hi Todd, I live in North Hampton, NH and am looking forward to seeing these new mowers come to market this spring. 2 questions, any idea when this spring they will be available? Also, will this line of mowers have bagging options available?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Chris – I’m not sure, I’ve reached out to Ryobi and asked the question. Stay tuned.

      1. Chris Berry

        Great, I have read on some sites that it appears there will be a bagging system, fingers crossed. When you do connect with can you also look into the timing of these coming to market. It looks like the Home Depot site is now saying “early summer” instead of “Spring”?

        1. Todd Fratzel

          They are telling me a bagger boost will be available (not sure what they mean by that), and that timing is still up in the air…hoping for late Spring.

    2. mike

      moving to north hampton soon. Have you learned more about ryobi lithium ztr mower availability?


      1. Todd Fratzel

        Nothing yet….they keep telling us soon.

  4. Chris Berry

    Todd, do you know if this new line will have an available bagging system option?

  5. Yeziam12

    Grass is already growing like weeds in Texas – huba huba Ryobi. 19 March 2022.

  6. Mike

    What is the top speed of the 54”?

    1. is it not in the articler?

  7. Mark Chambers

    Hi Todd
    Mark from Down under Brisbane again, have been trying to find contact details of the Ryobi Shelbyville office, but to no avail, l was hoping you might help me out with their email and or phone number.
    Regards Mark

  8. bob goss

    Hi mark have you had any luck with ryobi as yet iam in sydney and interested in looking at the joystick 54 as well

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