Stihl HSA 25 Garden Shears

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Stihl HSA 25 Cordless Garden Shears

Stihl HSA 25 Garden Shears

Manufacturer: Stihl
Model number: HSA 25
Price: 119.00
Power source: battery
Weight: .8 lbs
The Stihl HSA 25 Garden Shears is a battery-powered, low weight and ultra-short cutting tool designed for tight access, versatile and precise trimming tasks.

STIHL Quality Gears

We were impressed that the transmission inside the STIHL HSA 25 is made of high-grade metal gears. These gears certainly look like they’ve been designed to provide a long service life.The battery casing is also exceptionally sturdy with a rubber-coated ring providing impact protection.

Cutter Attachments

The Stihl HSA 25 Garden Shears comes with two snap on attachments:

  • Ornamental grass trimmer
  • Shrub shears

The grass trimmer is designed for cutting ornamental grass,  edging around patios, flower beds and edges of the house. We did not test this attachment and would lean more toward a cordless edge trimmer for these tasks.

One feature that would be useful is for trimming ornamental grasses, like Lemon grass, etc.

The Shrub shears designed to trim and maintain small, evergreen hedges and small-leafed ornamental trees with up to 8 mm branch thickness.

We found the switch between attachments super fast and easy. Simply remove the base of the tool, without tools, and without having to touch the blade.

Tool-Free Attachment Changes

The Stihl HSA 25 Garden Shears has an ergonomic, rubberized handle, double-stroke blade for a powerful cut and low vibration, it weighs 0.8 lbs. The battery will give you a runtime up to 110 minutes on a single charge.

While testing, we used this tool for 90-minutes with zero issues.

The HSA 25 comes in a kit including a carrying bag, battery and charger for convenient transportation and storage.

  • Blade Length Shrub Shear: 170 mm (6.7 in.); Grass Shear: 110 mm (4.3 in.)
  • Strokes Per Minute 2,000
  • Hedge Shear Blade Length 17.0 cm (6.7″)
  • Grass Shear Blade Length  11.0 cm (4.3″)
  • MAX. Cutting Diameter (of twigs or weeds) 0.8 cm (0.31″)
  • Run Time Up to 110 minutes
  • Weight w/ battery 1.8 kg (0.8 lbs.)

Dual Cutting Blade Action

The cutter blades are laser-hardened, diamond-finished blades and really shartp. They are capable of cutting twigs and branches with a diameter of up to 8 mm. Larger than that and the tool stalls and you will have to dislodge the branch by twisting and turning the tool.

In addition, the two reciprocating blades, which lie on top of each other, and provide 2,000 double strokes per minute. Their result is a fast, easy, and extremely clean cut.

The cuts made from these shears s clean. We did not observe any ragged cut ends.

Overall Impression

For precision garden trimming or a property that has a small amount of hedges or bushes, the  Stihl HSA 25 Garden Shears delivers. We see folks gravitating to this tool more for the hedge trimmer than the grass trimmer. At the time of this review, we found this tool online for approximately $120.00.

Highly recommended!


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  1. Charles E Flynn

    1.8 kilograms is 3.97 pounds.

  2. Beverley B Shoemaker

    This little kit is just great! I absolutely LOVE it! I’m a 64 year old woman with significant back problems. It’s impossible for me to use a gas powered hedge trimmer, as they are too heavy and I can’t pull the cord hard enough to start them.

    This set is battery operated and very lightweight. However, don’t let the petite size fool you. It is small but mighty, and cuts a fine, tidy swath with each pass you make. The battery runs a long time, too, and charges quickly. The handle fits my hand, and is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, such as cutting my boxwoods and topiaries. The product, although lightweight, feels good and sturdy while in use. The engineers did a nice, thoughtful job of designing this outstanding product. Thanks STIHL!

    I can’t say enough positive things about the HSA 25. It’s worth every penny I paid! You NEED this product!!!

  3. Ron Zoeller

    The HSA 25 grass trimmer has a design issue. The top, moving, blade is spring loaded. This works great, for a while. Unfortunately, this also causes the lower blade edges to get rounded which then inhibits a clean cutting edge.
    I recommend making the top blade thicker, like the other attachment, so it doesn’t spring down between the lower blades.

  4. David

    I have nothing against this HSA 25 made by Nextec for Stihl. I was actually happy that I could use my Craftsman Nextec batteries with all of the Stihl 10.8 volt products. That is, until I found out that Stihl has discontinued the production with Nextec of their HSA 25 and have their own version (HSA 26). If you are going to purchase a Stihl GTA26 saw. or any other future Stihl 10.8 volt products, you will want to get the HSA 26 with the new AS 2 batteries that also work in the GTA 26 saw.
    I took my HSA 25 back and purchased the HSA 26. Now both of my Stihl products share the same battery and charger.

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