HART 40V Turbo Fan Blower Review

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HART Tools 40V Brushless Turbo Fan Blower Review

HART sent me their new 40V Turbo Fan Blower Model #HLBL031VNM for this latest tool review. Over the last year HART has really hit the ground running with their cordless tool options. Their lines of 20V and also 40V cordless tools is ever expanding. Tool Box Buzz has been fortunate enough to wring out man of these offerings. Therefore I was excited to check out this new piece of outdoor power equipment from HART.

40V Brushless Turbo Fan Blower

Manufacturer: HART Tools
Model number: HLBL031VNM
Price: $197.00
Power source: 40V Battery
Weight: 7.85 Lbs.

HART tools are a great mix of value and performance. The turbo fan blower is another well executed product from HART that lives up to that ideology. While it may not pack the power of a commercial grade blower, the Turbo Fan is infinitely useful at home or while cleaning up a jobsite.


HART 40V Turbo Fan Blower

Features and Specifications:

  • Air Volume: 550 CFM
  • Air Speed: 125 MPH
  • Brushless Motor
  • Turbo Button for Extra Power
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Weight: 7.85 LBS.

Standout Features of the HART Turbo Fan

HART 40V Turbo Fan Blower


The turbo fan blower is well balanced and comfortable in hand. The handle is positioned over the motor housing and is over sized. The grip features rubber over molding for traction and the variable speed trigger is large enough to get a couple of fingers on. The handle also features a cant to it that allows the blower to hang at a comfortable angle during use.

HART 40V Turbo Fan Blower


A Power Boost button is located on the top of the handle. While holding the variable speed trigger all the way down and then simultaneously pressing this button, the turbo fan really…blows! Power Boost achieves the full potential of the HART brushless motor and generates the 550 CFM power that is advertised. The turbo fan had plenty of power for clearing the driveway after mowing, moving small piles of leaves, or cleaning out the shop floor.

HART 40V Turbo Fan Blower

Staring down the business end of the Turbo Fan

Battery Life

HART 40V Turbo Fan Blower

HART includes a 4.0 Ah battery pack with the 40V turbo fan. This battery pack uses a simple slide charger system like all HART batteries. The 40V platform also thankfully includes a push button battery charge level gauge. This is a feature that is missing from some of the smaller 20V packs. My 40V battery pack was more than sufficient for general around the house use.

Pricing and Availability of the Turbo Fan Blower

HART currently only offers the turbo fan as a kit for $197.00. Which includes the blower, charger, and a single 4.0 Ah battery pack. As with all HART tools, this model is exclusive to Walmart. As of writing this article the blower is available online and in stores. Click the buy it now box below to purchase directly from Walmart.

40V Brushless Turbo Fan Blower

Pricing on this model is good, but not great. Ideally I would like to see it come down slightly to put it more in range of it’s cousins being sold at big orange box stores. But it is incredibly convenient being able to purchase this tool from a mega retailer like Walmart.

Overall Thoughts on the HART HLBL031VNM

Cordless Turbo Fan Blower

This latest offering from HART really impressed me as powerful and well balanced tool. The Turbo Fan blower has become my go-to option for cleaning up my garage floor as well as my shop. The ease of use and power of the 40V system also have me leaving my gas powered backpack blower in the corner and relying upon the HART more and more often.

Overall this tool is well suited for the homeowner looking to do small cleanups as well as contractor looking for virtually maintenance free option for site cleanup. If HART was able to lower the retail price slightly, I think this would be an absolute blowout. Pun unashamedly intended.

Check out the HART website for more information or Walmart to purchase directly. This would make an excellent companion tool to HART’s 40V Cordless lawnmower as featured in our recent Head-2-Head article.

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