HART 20V Cordless Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer Review

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HART 20V Cordless Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer Review

HART 20V Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer Review

20V Pole Hedge Trimmer & 8" Pole Saw Kit

Manufacturer: HART
Model number: HGPH011VNM & HGPS011
Power source: 20V Li-Ion Battery
The homeowner market for outdoor power equipment (OPE) is exploding and HART continues to bring new affordable battery-powered offerings to consumers. This tool review will focus on the HART Model HGPS011 8″ cordless pole saw and Model HGPH011VNM hedge trimmer. ToolBoxBuzz has covered many of the affordable and capable cordless tools from HART in previous reviews. My experience with these two pieces of battery OPE was very similar in that they are a lower-cost option for homeowners and DIYers looking to tackle a project or their own property maintenance.

20V Pole Saw Specs

  • Bar Length: 8″
  • Extension Pole Length: 9.5′
  • Bar Oil: Not Required
  • Warranty: 3 Year limited

20V Pole Hedge trimmer Specs

  • Blade Length: 18″
  • Cut Capacity: 5/8″
  • SPM: 3,000
  • Weight: 8.35 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited

HART Extendable Pole System

HART 20V Pole Saw Hedge Trimmer Review

Both the pole saw and hedge trimmer use an extendable pole system. There is a length attached to the powerhead with the controls as well as the cutter head. An extra midsection is included with each tool to reach the max length. These sections connect through a hand screw system, as pictured above. This collar is easy to use and held securely during use.

HART 20V Pole Hedge Trimmer

HART 20V Hedge Trimmer Review

The HART pole hedge trimmer features an adjustable head that is capable of rotating a full 90° in either direction. This flexibility is excellent for trimming tall bushes overhead. I found it most beneficial when trimming those annoying thick weeds and saplings that are too large for a string trimmer and too small for a pole saw. The HART trimmer is capable of cutting up to 5/8″ diameter which makes it well suited for this job. I set the trimmer head parallel to the ground and held the extended shaft where it was comfortable to use, then simply walked along cutting the brush.

HART Cordless Pole Trimmer Review

HART Cordless Pole Saw

HART Pole Saw Review

Of the two tools tested, the performance of the 8″ pole saw most impressed me. The bar and chain feature a screw-turn tension adjustment system. The system worked well and the chain never slacked-out excessively. There is also a brush hook molded into the bottom of the housing that is excellent for moving limbs out of the way or hooking a stuck branch after it is cut.

Pole Saw Cutting Performance

HART 20V Cordless Pole Saw Review

The pole saw lacks any form of lubrication for the bar and chain. There is no bar oil reservoir and therefore long-term durability of the tool is a concern of mine. But then I remember, this is not designed for a professional landscaper or arborist. So occasional homeowner use should not be an issue at all.

HART Pole Saw Review

I performed an impromptu runtime test with the saw on an approximately 4″ diameter maple tree limb. To my surprise, the HART made a total of 14 full depth cuts and then approximately 3/4 depth on the 15th. This was done with the included 2.0 Ah battery. I fully anticipated less than ten cuts with such a small battery. The unbranded saw chain also threw chips well and did not bo down at all.

Overall Impressions of the HART Cordless Pole Tools

In my opinion, HART continues to deliver upon its philosophy of value and convenience-based tools for the average homeowner or DIYer. The 20V cordless pole saw and pole hedge trimmer fully lives up to that reputation. They are adjustable and surprisingly powerful tools that are well suited to maintaining a small home or garden area. As with all HART tools, they are exclusively available from Walmart.

Currently, the pole saw retails for $158.00 as a kit and the hedge trimmer for $148.00. Overall this is a great value for the tool with a charger and one 2.0 Ah battery, for occasional use with no extra maintenance needed. I would strongly recommend a larger battery pack if you intend to use the tools for extended periods of time. Follow the Buy Now link below to purchase directly from Walmart.

20V Pole Hedge Trimmer & 8" Pole Saw Kit


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