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PRO Grade Lawn & Garden Tools Make A Difference

Spring is upon us finally here in New England and I thought its a great time to talk about upgrading your lawn and garden tools. Whether you’re buying your first home or organizing your existing tools, it’s important to maintain some basic lawn and garden tools for projects in your yard. I highly recommend you invest in good quality tools that will last for years to come. Read on to learn why I think this is a worthwhile investment.

Pay A Little More – Lasts A Lot Longer

Razor-Back PRO Garden ToolsYou’ve heard it said time and time again, “You get what you pay for”, and that statement is very true with lawn and garden tools. When we go to the local hardware store or big box store we are bombarded with a huge assortment of Brands, styles, and price points to choose from. I know I’ve been tempted over the years to buy cheaper tools and every time I find myself disappointed with the end result (broken or poor performing tools).

In most cases, you really only need to pay a little more to upgrade to a PRO grade tool. For example: The RAZOR-BACK Fiberglass Handle 15-Tine Forged Bow Rake costs approximately $26 and it’s a PRO grade tool. You can certainly find a steel garden rake of less quality for $15 at any hardware store. However, for that extra $11 investment I’m certain the rake will last longer, perform better, and save you a bunch of time and hassle.

Another example of a PRO feature that lends to a longer lasting product is the SuperSocket® feature on RAZOR-BACK’s Round Point SuperSocket® Shovel w/Wood Handle. The SuperSocket® is a longer steel socket that the wooden handle fits into. This provides a much stronger connection and allows for a lot more prying action. The end result is a stronger shovel that you can use for tougher tasks.

Jackson and Razor-Back Tools

Comfort and Performance

Another reason I prefer to invest in PRO grade tools is related to ergonomics. PRO grade tools always seem to be more comfortable to use which results in more productivity and better performance. Tools built with heavier gauge metal, stronger wood, and better fasteners all contribute to better performance.

A great example of comfort is the new innovative Total Control® handles on the Jackson wheelbarrow pictured above. Anyone that’s used a wheelbarrow knows that control can be challenging when the wheelbarrow is filled with heavy material. These new handles may look strange, but I’m totally hooked on this new innovative design and find it so much more comfortable and easy to handle.

5 Essential Lawn & Garden Tools

Are you buying a new home? Maybe you need to upgrade your current lawn and garden tools? I wanted to share my list of the top 5 tools I think every homeowner should have in their arsenal. These tools can be used for 90% of the tasks that I do around my large yard. I’m including links to the new products that I have recently tested from RAZOR-BACK and Jackson. The products include:

  • Steel Garden Rake: This is one of the tools that I use most often in my hard. I use it for spreading mulch, raking out small weeds in my garden, leveling loam, and all sorts of tasks where a leaf rake just isn’t stiff enough. You can buy a wood or fiberglass handle rake. I happen to prefer wood handles but I also recently tested a fiberglass one that performed very well also.
  • Wheelbarrow: I can’t imagine trying to do yard work without a good quality wheelbarrow. I’ve learned the hard way about buying a cheap wheelbarrow (see the picture below of my cracked/broken plastic wheelbarrow I bought just a couple years ago) and how disappointed I was after it broke. I recently tested a new wheelbarrow from Jackson that I LOVE! It has an innovative handle system and a flat-free tire.

Cheap Wheelbarrow

  • Leaf Rake: Even if you have no trees in your yard, a leaf rake is important for raking your lawn and cleaning up seasonal debris. RAZOR-BACK has a nice fiberglass handle, steel tine leaf rake that I used and it has a couple features that I appreciate. The bolted connection between the steel tines and fiberglass handle is much better than cheaper riveted construction. I also like the really big cushioned grip.
  • Digging Shovel: Everyone should have two shovels in their arsenal, a pointed digging shovel and a flat transfer shovel. The pointed digging shovel needs to be built really well or you’ll break it. I just tested the RAZOR-BACK Round Point SuperSocket® Shovel w/Wood Handle while digging holes for new fruit trees. One feature that I really liked are the large comfortable steps on the blade that make it more comfortable when using your foot to apply pressure.
  • Transfer Shovel: Many people don’t realize that they need a transfer shovel until they start using one. A flat bottom transfer shovel is essential for moving loam, mulch, and other bulk materials. The flat bottom helps with scooping up material from flat surfaces. The RAZOR-BACK Long Handle Square Point Shovel has a very strong Ash handle, heavy gauge steel blade, and a deep socket for strength. This type of shovel is my most used shovel throughout the year and a must have for everyone.

PRO Grade Lawn and Garden Tools

Final Thoughts on Buying Lawn & Garden Hand Tools

My grandfather told me to always invest in good tools or I’d be throwing good money away. Being in the construction industry I can truly appreciate that advice after all these years. Spending a bit more money when you buy tools will result in years of use and ultimately less money spent. While PRO grade tools are certainly marketed to contractors, they are also a great option for home owners looking to make a wise investment.


RAZOR-BACK and Jackson partnered with us on this article. As part of this program, I received product samples to use on related projects. They did not tell me what to say about any product mentioned in this article. All views stated above are my own based on my experiences with the products.



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  1. Hello, yeah you’re right it is really better to buy expensive tools that with cheap one that are easy broken. I have a flower garden that supplies in my flower shop business and I am very lucky to buy affordable garden tools but with a high quality.

  2. all the basics covered! and I can’t tell you how many Jackson’s I see on almost a daily basis riding around on landscaper, paving, state road construction trucks… it says something to me when I can immediately connect a product to what the pros use…chances are, they know something. great round up Todd. cheers and bummed we missed you in PA. ~jb

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