DEWALT 60V String Trimmer Review

DEWALT 60V MAX Flexvolt String Trimmer DCST972X1

I recently got a chance to test out one of DEWALT’s newest outdoor tools, the DEWALT 60V String Trimmer (DCST972X1). The kit includes a 60V trimmer with a single 3.0 Ah battery (9Ah for 20V Flexvolt) and charger. Having always relied on 2 and 4-cycle gas-powered trimmer, I was curious to see how a battery-based platform performed. I had high expectations and lots of weeds that needed to be cut. Fortunately, the DCST972X1 didn’t disappoint!


DEWALT 60V String Trimmer Specifications

  • Tool Weight: 9.6 lbs
  • Power Source: Lithium-Ion 60V MAX* Flexvolt battery
  • Amp Hour: 3.0 Ah (9.0 Ah for 20V motors)
  • Line Diameter: 0.08″ or 0.095″
  • RPM:  Low 0-4650 RPM / High 0-5800 RPM
  • Cutting Swath:  15″ or 17″


  • Universal attachment capable
  • QuickLoad™ spool
  • Variable trigger with HI/LO speed settings
  • Brushless motor
  • 3-year Limited Warranty


The DEWALT DCST972X1 String trimmer features a well-designed and balanced “D” shaped handle. It is comfortable and allows the operator to easily position it to balance the weight of the cutting head and motor. From there the Hi/Low switch is conveniently located within thumbs reach. Lastly, the textured rubber overgrip and dual-stage tang safety lever with the large trigger are intuitive and comfortable to hold for extended runtime.

Design & Performance

Compared to traditional gas-powered string trimmers I’d always used, this trimmer has two obvious advantages.  First, it is very quiet for a string trimmer. I’m in the habit of always wearing ear protection (mostly so I can listen to music while working) but I could easily have not worn any when using the DCST972X1. That being said it isn’t a “whisper” motor by any means as it still produces a high-pitched whine when you push up the power.

Second, there was comparatively less vibration.  To be sure, there will always be vibration associated with a motor of any kind. But without pistons moving, the vibration was significantly reduced. It was noticeable while cutting and even more noticeable when I stopped cutting and didn’t have a numb or fatigued shoulder. For any Pro or homeowner running a weed eater for an extended amount of time (30 min+), you will absolutely appreciate the difference!

Runtime and Power

The DEWALT DCST972X1 60V String Trimmer is packaged with a 3.0 Ah battery (9Ah in a 20V Flexvolt tool). At full charge, this battery allowed me to spend 45 minutes intermittently trimming around my property.  When I was done cutting I was down to 1x bar on the battery. Runtime during actual operation will vary depending on the resistance of what is being cut. The beauty of any battery platform is the ability to swap batteries and keep going. But the beauty of this platform is the ability to also pull the battery off this 60V tool and use it in a 20V DEWALT tool seamlessly.

The trimmer has an adjustable 15″ or 17″ diameter cutting area that is serviced by a dual-line bump feed.  I had no issues with line pinching or line pull-out. The line fed consistently every time I bumped it, even when bumping it on semi-soft soil. I tried to do an even amount of Hi and Low cutting. The low setting was more than adequate for light-mid duty cutting and the high easily handled everything else. I even tested it out on some 3/8″ diameter vines and it was no problem in the high mode.

Maintenance and Care

Aside from routine cleaning, the only regular maintenance required for the DEWALT DCST972X1 60V string trimmer will be to re-feed the string once it has been used.   Like other DEWALT string trimmers, DCST972X1 has a QuickLoad™ spool that allows the user to easily re-spool the trim line.   As outlined in the manual, you:

  1. Pop the cover off
  2. Feed 25′ of line halfway through, and
  3. Wind it up in place

There was no need to have someone else hold the shaft or spool while loading. It was a very easy and user-friendly process.

Final Thoughts | DCST972X1

The DEWALT DCST972X1 60V String Trimmer is an excellent trimmer with high-end power. It features a large 17″ cutting area powered by a virtual maintenance-free 60V brushless motor. The Flexvolt battery platform is exceptional and offers those new to cordless tool platforms to instantly expand on DEWALT’s 20V and 60V lineups. The design is top-notch and ergonomically seamless, as I’ve come to expect from DEWALT. This is the best string trimmer I have ever used and trust me, I’ve used too many. Kudos to DEWALT on the overall power, design, and performance of the DCST972X1.


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