DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw

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Dewalt DCCS690H1 Cordless Chain Saw Review

DEWALT DCCS690H1 40V MAX Lithium Ion XR Brushless 16" Chain Saw

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCCS690H1
Price: 379.99
Power source: 40V MAX
Motor size: Brushless
Weight: 13.2 LBS

When it came to trimming branches or cutting down trees I used to be completely dreading the task on hand.  Having a gas powered chain saw means storing a gas/oil mix. Then praying the chain saw would start when needed and possible get some nice blisters to extract when you get home (Fun night ahead of you). There is also the yearly maintenance program since it is a small engine.  Now that DEWALT has an entire line of outdoor power equipment anxiety and blisters are gone.  The DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw was everything we were looking for in a cordless chain saw to breeze through trees that need cutting and or trimming.


DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw Features

  • Low kick back 16” Oregon bar and chain
  • High efficiency brushless motor
  • Automatic oiling with LubriLink and LubriWell for continuous lubrication
  • Quarter turn oil cap for quick oil refills
  • Chain brake for kick back protection
  • Tool free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Part of the 40V MAX system from DEWALT Outdoor Power Equipment line up


  • Battery is a 6.0AH Lithium Ion
  • Bar length and type is 16” Oregon bar
  • System is 40V MAX
  • Watt hours is 240 WH
  • Weight 13.2 LBS


  • DCCS690 Brushless Chain Saw
  • 40V MAX 6.0AH Lithium Ion Battery
  • DCB114 40V Lithium Ion Standard Charger
  • Chain Bar Sheath


Job Site Performance

Starting with the first project, to the most recent, DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw has been great for us.  We do not use a chain saw often but when it is needed its invaluable!  As far as runtime, the battery was never an issue, and lasted throughout all of the projects.

The Oregon bar and chain sliced through the trees like butter or if you prefer peanut butter.  The chain saw was well balanced with no complaints of weight and the handle has a comfortable grip for all day use.

Bar Chain Oil Refill

Filling the bar chain oil tank was easy, nice lock on cap with no spills. A white plastic lens  allows you to visually check bar oil level without having to unscrew the cap.  Another nice feature!

The saw blade’s protective sheath was a little snug, we’d prefer to see a carry case; see suggested improvements were I elaborate on this topic.

Blade Tension Adjustment

Tightening the bar and chain was simple, fast and easy.  We were able to make adjusts on the fly without heading back to the truck.  In the past going to get a screwdriver and a socket set was the only way to adjust the old chain saw.

Clearing the Way – How’d it Cut?

The first time we used the DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw was to cut back and prune some tree branches.  We were able to get a good feel for the saw and to see how smooth the chain saw glided through the 2-3” tree branches.

The next project my client asked to cut several trees down for her while we were their replacing her soffit trim. Additionally on large branch was in our way with only inches from the soffit and roofs edge.  This tree was about 8” round and about 16’ in height.  We were able to drop and slice the tree fast, with clean cuts and get back to the soffit trim project.  After the client witnessed that, she asked to drop a few more.

Dropping Trees and Runtime

This one here was to write home about, it was a 12” round by 35’ in height and was cut with perfect drop.  I state the perfect drop for the fact of one side was clients house and the other side was her newer tree (about 3 years old).  The DCCS690H1 chain saw never bogged down.  A v-notch was cut then the final cut with that perfect placement.

The next tree was about 8” round and approximate 20’ in height. With all trees dropped and no damage to the house or grass, we scored a win with a very happy client at the end of day one.   The three trees were completely cut up disposed of and all on a single charge with the DEWALT DCCS690H1 brushless chain saw.

Next few projects were random with no perfect placement to truly brag about.  They consisted of the removal on smaller 2” Sapling’s and more pruning.  Like mentioned earlier, we do not use a chain saw often, but when we have too it was a blast using the DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw.

Note Worthy Features

DEWALT has the battery position right in the middle of the saw with great balance.  You can also check the bar oil gauge easily from a top view.  Another feature was to push the battery lock button to disengage it from the battery contacts.  The battery just sitting in the saw on top of the spring loaded mechanism.  I liked this feature when my curious 3 year old was around and wants to push the buttons, just gives more peace in mind.

Something else I noticed in the battery compartment was a small oblong hole opposite the side of the battery spring mechanism. This hole worked great to wipe the battery compartment out and allowed chips/debris to be clean out instead of turning the saw upside to clean compartment.  Besides the battery let’s talk about the lack of noise, fumes and gas.  This was great and we able to cut without hearing protection so I could monitor my surroundings closely.

To sum up not having to deal with gas, oil, spark plug, noise and that darn pull cord had me added in no pull to start.


Suggested Improvements for DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw

My first suggestion would be to offer a carrying case.  Inside the molded carrying case would be nice to store an extra chain, a spot for bar chain oil.  If there was room for the charger would be perfect.  This option is preferred because you can grab in go.

Another reason for using a carrying case over the bar sheath because it does not go on the easily.  The possibility of slipping with your hand grazing across the sharp chain is one laceration I am all set with.

Next we found an issue with the bar chain oil leaking from the base of the chain saw were the chain bar bolts to the housing. We noticed this after the saw was used, not over flowed and was just left on the shelf in the shed.

The size of the oil stain was on average the diameter of a half a dollar.  A couple of times we found it to be larger (example 6 half dollars) in size with no other different findings or change in usage.  This issue never affected the chain saw performance and bar oil was monitored before each use as standard practice.

DEWALT Warranty

Overall Impression on DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw

DEWALT‘s brushless cordless chain saw preformed like a gas chain saw by having a 40V 6.0AH battery at the helm of its fuel source. If you are already on DEWALT’s 40V MAX platform then this saw is a must to have to keep your property trimmed.  This chain saws is a solid tool, has a comfortable feel and I loved the tool less blade tension system.

From dropping trees to trimming small branches we would highly recommend the DEWALT 40V XR Brushless 16″ Chain Saw for any DIYER or professional use.

DEWALT DCCS690H1 40V MAX Lithium Ion XR Brushless 16" Chain Saw

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