DEWALT 2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower Review

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DEWALT Model DCMWSP255 2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower Review

2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCMWSP255Y2
Price: $799.99
Power source: 20V MAX* Li-Ion Batteries
Weight: 75.0 Lbs.
This year DEWALT added a new model to their cordless battery-powered lawnmower lineup. This tool review will focus on the new DEWALT Model DCMWSP255Y2 2x20V MAX* cordless mower. This mower features a rear-wheel drive self-propelled operation system powered by the proven 20V MAX* battery platform. Additionally, the DCMWSP255 is cross-compatible with the FLEXVOLT  series of batteries which provide extended runtime. Speaking of runtime, the 2X20V designation means that this mower uses two batteries in series to provide up to 70 minutes of continuous use per charge.

DEWALT 2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower Review

In June ToolBoxBuzz posted a new updated Head-2-Head comparison where we evaluated a total of sixteen cordless lawnmowers. The DEWALT DCMWSP255Y2 was featured during this test and I will reference information from the H2H as well as my own experience in this review. Check out the full Best Cordless Mower 2022 article for more details.

DEWALT 2X20V Cordless Mower

DEWALT 2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower Features

  • Brushless Direct Drive Motor
  • Top Folding Handle for Storage
  • 21.5″ Cutting Deck
  • Front Lift Handle
  • Options for Mulching, Bagging, and Side Discharge of Clippings
  • Cutting Height Settings From 1 1/2″-4″ Tall
  • Single Lever Deck Height Adjustment
  • CONTINUOUS SPEED/Auto Sensing Technology

Operation and Controls

DEWALT MAX* Cordless Mower Review

The small black override key is pictured pointing downwards from the yellow housing. The mower will not operate without this safety key.

The Start-up and operation of the DEWALT MAX* mower are similar to a traditional gas-powered mower. Only without the potential wrenching of the operator’s back and spewing of obscenities after it doesn’t start after three, four, or even five-plus pulls. The DEWALT uses a large easy-to-reach main power switch that is activated in conjunction with the spring-loaded safety bar pictured above. Releasing the safety bar will shut the mower off automatically.

DEWALT describes the DCMWSP255Y2 as a 3-in-1 machine. Essentially the mower comes from the factory with options for side discharge of clippings through a chute, rear bagging, and also mulching using a rear plug and spring-loaded side cover. The rear bagging option installs and removes with one hand while holding up the spring-loaded door with the other. Whatever your preference for lawn care, the 2X20V MAX* mower gives you options.

Battery Life and Performance

During our Head-2-Head test, the DEWALT took fourth place overall in our Run-Time Performance category. We found that the DEWALT MAX* cordless mower is capable of over 18,000 square feet of mowing on a single charge. The 2X20V battery system draws from two 20V batteries in series. Therefore the two included 12.0 Ah FLEXVOLT batteries work together to greatly extended the runtime. In fact, the mower is good-to-go for almost two miles of marathon grass cutting. I used the DEWALT primarily as a trim mower, for cleanup in areas my larger zero-turn can’t get to. Typically a full battery charge lasted for three to four separate cuttings.

DEWALT 2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower Review

Better stay hydrated. We’re going to be out here for a while.

While the performance of the 2X20V MAX* system is excellent, I do have an issue with the included hardware. DEWALT includes two DCB107 battery chargers with the mower. One for each battery. This charger is extremely slow charging the large 12.0 Ah batteries. Charging the batteries completely took approximately eight hours when I first unpacked the mower for review.

Given the extended run-time performance of the DCMWSP255Y2, the ability to recharge batteries fast shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of homeowners with average size lawns. However if planning to cut multiple properties or use the same batteries in other tools, a larger and faster battery charger would be desirable.


As mentioned before, the 2X20V MAX* mower features a self-propelled drive mechanism. The mower is rear-wheel drive and is propelled by the 11″ solid plastic wheels. DEWALT included what they describe as their CONTINUOUS SPEED system as well. This feature acts as an automatic load-sensing system. During use, the self-propelling feature is activated by squeezing a control lever built into the handlebar housing. The more pressure/squeeze applied, the faster the mower will travel. This is excellent for adjusting for a comfortable walking pace for the user.

However, the CONTINUOUS SPEED system will monitor the amount of load the motor is experiencing and will then automatically adjust the speed of the mower to optimize performance. This results in the mower slowing during use, regardless of the amount of pressure placed on the drive controls. This feature saves battery life and protects the motor and electronics, but can be frustrating at times during use. Another data point to this is that the self-propel system will only engage while the cutting deck is engaged. So if traveling across grass that you do not wish to cut, be prepared to push the mower manually.

The CONTINUOS SPEED slowdown described above was far less noticeable when side discharging clippings, due to the mower experiencing less resistance. When mulching or bagging clippings, the speed adjustment is more common because the mower is working harder to move the clippings. The decrease in speed does result in a cleaner and more uniform cut.

Overall Impressions

The benefits of battery-powered lawnmowers are well known and thoroughly discussed here at ToolBoxBuzz. They are quiet, easy to maintain, fold easily for storage, and eliminate the hassle of fuel. The DEWALT 2X20V MAX* cordless mower embodies all of those qualities. I thoroughly enjoyed using it and evaluating it during the review process. It is large and well-balanced and feels nearly identical to a traditional gas-powered mower. There are a few areas of improvement to be pointed out. Given the cost of the mower, a higher-quality dual-port battery charger should be included. The ability to turn off the CONTINUOS SPEED system and also engage the self-propel drive without turning on the cutting deck would also greatly enhance the user experience.

So how much does it cost? The current MSRP at the time of writing this article is $799.99 for the full kit. This includes the mower, two batteries, two chargers, and all of the other accessories. Overall I think this is a good value for individuals currently invested in the 20V MAX* or 60V FLEXVOLT platform. Two 12.0 Ah batteries can provide a lot of additional work output if considering other battery outdoor power equipment such as a trimmer or blower. This mower as a kit would also be an excellent entry purchase for someone considering investing in the DEWALT platform.

Below is a Buy Now link to purchase the DEWALT DCMWSP255Y2 from our friends at ACME Tools.

2X20V MAX* Cordless Mower




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