Craftsman V60 Outdoor Power Equipment

Craftsman V60 Outdoor Power Equipment

By Ben Carmichael

As a homeowner, I take pride in maintaining my property. Part lawn, part garden, with a healthy
amount of woods and bushes along the perimeter, I have always looked for outdoor power equipment
that meet two simply requirements: they don’t require an extension cord, but they deliver reliable
power.Craftsman V60 OPE -25

That’s why I’ve enjoyed working with new Craftman v60 line of outdoor power equipment for
maintaining my property. They have proven to be strong, effective, and reliable over my time of
testing. Plus, I think they look good too — which, given my house is on the corner of two busy
roads, is a welcome plus!

Craftsman V60 Overview

All of the tools I tested were on the new Craftsman v60 system, relying on rechargeable lithium
ion 2.5 AH batteries. These tools are new for 2019, and include:

  • V60 Cordless Brushless Axial Blower
  • V60 Cordless 16 inch Brushless Chainsaw
  • V60* Cordless 15 inch Brushless Weedwhacker String Trimmer with Quickwind Kit

Initial Impressions

Upon unboxing, I had two initial impressions of these Craftsman tools: they are light, and they
look great. The former is more important than the latter, of course, but still: you want to use
something with confidence, and design matters.
The only tool that required any assembly was the string trimmer, and that was a breeze.
Initial impressions upon unboxing were very strong.

Testing in the field

Ergonomically, all of these tools feel good and well balanced in the hand. The handles all come
equipped with a soft rubber that feel good when handling, and dampens some of the vibration.
The weedwacker is extremely well balanced, for instance, as is the chainsaw — both handled
easily, and without trouble.

This might see like a small note, but the shape of the handles themselves are also quite well
thought out. They are shaped to fit your hand in a way that reflects considerable thought and
design. I give kudos to the team on this front.

I also found the tools in this entire new suite of V60 to be very light and yet sufficiently powerful
for my uses. For instance, the Brushless Axial Blower cleared leaves leftover from the fall from
around my stonewall with a breeze. It was strong enough to lift them out of the stone wall itself
as well. In other words, these tools don’t sacrifice power in exchange for weight.

Craftsman V60 Improvables

After using these tools for a few weeks, I found the improvables to be only in the details.
For instance, on the axial blower, there is a small dial on the side that is labeled “Hi – Lo”. When
you turn it, you find it’s actually simply a cruise control setting — one that allows you to take your
finger off of the trigger. This is a great feature, and could only be improved by labeling as it as
what it is.Craftsman V60 OPE -33

I also found the shape of the weedwacker guard to be an odd shape — and one that, when I was
using it, didn’t give me a lot of confidence it was going to do the kind of blocking and tackling I
would hope. A slightly larger guard wouldn’t add considerable weight but would add peace of
mind — at least, it would to mine.

I did time how long the 2.5 AH battery lasted, and in using the blower non-stop it lasted
approximately 15 minutes. This could be improved by upgrading the battery, which Craftsman
offers. They offer 2.0, 5.0, and 7.5 AH batteries.

Final thoughts

For my needs, these are a perfect fit. We have a large yard, and growing gardens. They have
helped me maintain the lawn edges, remove trees, and clear debris easily. They are light
enough to keep fatigue at bay, powerful enough to do what I want, look good, and are made by
an American company with almost a century of experience under their belt. That’s all I possibly
ask for.

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Craftsman V60 Cordless Brushless Axial Blower

  • Air Speed: 110 MPH
  • Air volume (cubic feet per minute): 600 CFM
  • Brushless
  • Weight. 5.6 lbs

Craftsman V60 Cordless 16 inch Brushless Chainsaw

  • Bar Length 16 in
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning YES
  • Oiling Automatic rpm
  • Weight 12.4 lbs
  • Weight without Batteries 9.8 lbs
  • Chain Pitch 3/8 in
  • Guage 0.043
  • UL Safety Listing YES
  • CSA Safety Listing YES

Craftsman V60 Cordless 15 inch Brushless Weedwacker String Trimmer with Quickwind Kit

  • Rpm 0 – 5200 / 0 – 6200 rpm
  • Cutting Swath 15 in
  • Line Diameter .080/.095 in
  • Feed Type Bump Feed
  • Number of Speeds 2
  • Number of Lines 2
  • Weight 10.2 lbs
  • Weight without Batteries 7.6 lbs
  • Replacement Accessories CMZST260H
  • UL Safety Listing YES
  • CSA Safety Listing YES

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