EGO POWER+ 28 Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower Review

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EGO POWER+ 28 In. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower – Model SNT2807

EGO POWER+ 28 In 2-Stage Snow Blower

Manufacturer: EGO
Model number: SNT2807
Price: $2,199
Power source: 56V Li-Ion
Weight: 182 lbs
The EGO POWER+ 28 In. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower with Peak Power™ is EGO’s most powerful cordless snow blower. We’ve reviewed a few cordless snow blowers over the last couple of years and we finally got our hands on one from EGO. EGO sent us their largest snow blower to review, model SNT2807 and it definitely didn’t let us down!

This battery powered snow blower was  designed to perform like a gas powered 2-stage unit and it’s clear from the outset that EGO has set the bar high. Some fresh wet snow here in New Hampshire was a great way to give this snow blower a great test. Check our thoughts on this battery powered snow blower.

Specifications and Features

  • 2-in-1 electronic chute adjustment joystick delivers effortless control of 200-degree chute rotation and deflection
  • Throws snow up to 60 feet
  • EGO claims it will clear a 32-car driveway with 8 inches of snow on a single charge when used with the two recommended 12.0Ah ARC™ Lithium batteries
  • Trigger-controlled steering assists with turning for more control
  • Heated handle grips keep your hands warm
  • 28-inch clearing width and 21-inch intake height
  • Large 16- by 5-inch snow tires deliver added traction in slippery conditions
  • IPX4-rated weather resistance for working in challenging weather conditions
  • 5-year tool warranty, 5-year battery warranty

Initial Thoughts – Using the EGO 28 Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower

EGO ships the SNT2807 battery powered 2-stage snow blower on a pallet partially assembled. Assembly of the unit is exceptionally easy to do and takes less than 30 minutes from the time you un-crate the unit. The control panel and handles come shipped loose as well as the chute assembly. Both of these pieces come with the control cables attached to them so it’s really only a matter of attaching both with some easy to use bolts and knobs. The knobs have nuts embedded in them so there’s no tools needed, the knobs are simply hand tightened to the bolts.

Over the years we’ve been impressed with the quality of EGO outdoor power equipment and this unit is no different. It clearly stands out both in quality and the features compared to other similar snow blowers. EGO put some thought into both the controls on this snow blower and added features to make it stand out among the competition.

The snow blower includes large 16 inch by 5 inch snow tires that grip well and roll really nice. It also includes adjustable skid plates for the front of the snow blower. These are really important with gravel driveways to minimize the front auger area picking up stones and gravel.

The motorized chute rotates and tilts with the control of the joystick. The snow blower also includes a plastic stick for unplugging a clogged auger or chute.

The snow blower includes steel augers and a typical sheer pin design. The metal auger housing is sturdy and well built.


EGO has also included some LED lights both in front of the auger housing and also on the front of the control panel. This provides a good amount of light for blowing snow at night.


Snow Blower Controls

One of the first things that stand out on this snow blower are the controls. Pictured above are the controls which not only work well but they are very intuitive and positioned well.

  • Drive Controls – The left green upper lever is the drive lever that engages the wheels. The lower black lever on the right and left handles are used to steer the snow blower left and right. The green handle just to the right of the left handle operates forward and reverse, with multiple positions that determine the wheel speed.
  • Power / Accessories – In the center of the console is the large green power button, along with a button for the LED lights and also the heated handles.
  • Auger Control – The upper right green handle engages the auger. It has a safety handle that must be depressed before the auger can be started. To the left of the right handle is the auger speed lever. This lever controls the speed of the auger and the distance the snow is thrown. This is a great feature as it allows battery use to be maximized depending on the depth and heaviness of the snow.
  • Chute Controls – At the top, center of the control panel is a joystick that controls the snow chute. The joystick can be depressed left or right to move the chute left or right. By pressing the joystick forward or backward, the top of the chute is angled to increase or decrease the distance the snow is thrown. Both of these motions are motorized and not cable driven like older snow blowers.

Battery Compartment

The EGO 2-stage snow blower holds two batteries in a compartment located just over the axle. Without a motor this is a great location to store the batteries and place as much weight on the drive wheels as possible. The snow blower can use any of the EGO 56V batteries. EGO does recommend the 12 Ah ARC batteries for maximum performance.

Snow Blower Performance

Great features and controls are one thing but the real question is performance. So far the EGO POWER+ 28 Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower has proven to be an excellent battery powered snow blower. This snow blower was able to throw heavy wet snow just as good as a gas powered unit. The electric chute controls work well and the variable auger speed is a very useful feature. The torque created by the electric motor is evident when chewing through a 2 foot tall heavy wet snow bank. This blower can handle anything my old gas powered Craftsman did and then some.


EGO claims this snow blower can clear a 32 car driveway of 8 inches of snow. If you assume a car is roughly 6 ft wide, 15 feet long, or roughly 2,880 square feet. That’s roughly a 200 foot long driveway that’s roughly 10 feet or so wide. Of course 8 inches of what kind of snow? At any rate, that’s a decent size driveway. Just so happens that the driveway this snow blower was tested on is roughly that size. In the previous storm there was about 6 inches of heavy wet snow and a full charge nearly finished the driveway. Luckily we’ve got other EGO batteries so we just swapped them out and finished.

If you’re going to own a battery powered snow blower you really should own at least one set of backup batteries. This will double the range and make things much less frustrating. While doing research for this review, some users were complaining about batteries getting too cold to charge. This is definitely one down fall of all battery powered snow blowers and another reason to have a backup set of batteries that are stored in a warm area.

Final Thoughts – EGO 28 Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower

The EGO POWER+ 28 Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower is by far the best battery powered snow blower we’ve used and reviewed. The snow blower is packed full of features, has easy to use controls, offers exceptional performance, and supported by a company leading the way in battery powered outdoor power equipment. Backed by a 5 year warranty on both the machine and the batteries this snow blower deserves a 5 star rating. Get yourself and extra set of batteries and ditch the yearly maintenance of a gas powered machine and the reliability of your snow blower starting when you need it. We’ve all been in a situation where the gas snow blower won’t start when the first storm hits and that’s not fun!

EGO POWER+ 28 In 2-Stage Snow Blower

EGO POWER+ 28 Inch 2-Stage Snow Blower Video Review

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