Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Zero-Turn Mowers Preview

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Zero-Turn Mowers Preview

The Equip Expo (also known as GIE [green industry and equipment] featured an abundance of new products in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry this past October. More specifically, many brands have launched new battery-powered zero-turn mowers. That’s correct, BATTERY POWERED Zero Turn Mowers!

The OptimusZ Range of commercial zero-turn ride-on mowers from Greenworks Commercial, an industry leader in battery-operated outdoor power equipment, was on display at this year’s show. Greenworks Commercial product line is cutting-edge, robust, and innovative in its field. This series completely transforms the lawn care sector by providing faster, more powerful, profitable, and sustainable advantages than any rival.

OptimusZ | Available Options

The OptimusZ Zero-Turn mower consists of the following options:

  • 48-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch ride-on platforms with 18kWh and 24kWh battery modules
  • 48-inch, 52-inch, and 60-inch large stand-on platforms with 18kWh and 24kWh battery modules
  • 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms with 8kWh battery modules

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ | Ride-On Zero-Turn Mowers

OptimusZ  Ride-On zero-turn mower soars past the competition by leveraging a powerful 24kWh battery capable of up to eight hours of runtime. Landscapers can now confidently mow up to 21 acres on a single charge from sunrise to sunset. They are completing the job faster than ever before with a class-leading top-cut speed of 16 MPH. This ultra-high-performance mower operates with the equivalent power of a 65HP gas engine and is equipped with three direct-drive cutting motors capable of achieving and sustaining a constant 19K FPM blade tip speed with up to 16 MPH cutting speed in any grass conditions.

NOTE: 32″ Stand-On Mower Productivity Chart

These motors intelligently adjust to various grass conditions to provide users with an unmatched quality of cut, every time. With the absence of pulleys and belts, this mower is virtually maintenance-free. OptimusZ mowers are engineered to handle any terrain, cutting along slopes of up to an astounding 25 degrees. The revolutionary, innovative design features two industry-first. Low-profile hub drive motors in the rear wheels constantly monitor and respond to changing conditions, providing adaptive traction control.

I believe this product line will shock the world,” said Mason Cain, Product Manager of Commercial Mowers and Cordless Vehicles at Greenworks. “These new ZT does not only address multiple pain points but also have the ability to do a job faster, at a higher quality, and with a better return on investment. [ROI].

Battery Housing

The “battery-first” design maximizes the space within the chassis, allowing for the battery to be housed directly beneath the rider, achieving the lowest center of gravity in the industry. The superior cutting and drive systems, its innovative design, and intelligent CAN bus system not only help make this the most agile and powerful zero-turn mower line-up on the market, but also the most compact.

Designed to tackle the most demanding commercial applications, OptimusZ ™ brings comfort and safety to the forefront; with features including 360-degree, high-intensity HALO lighting LED illumination, fold-able Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), safe LFP lithium-ion battery technology, ultra-quiet operation, built-in protective measures, and unrivaled response time and user control.

Greenworks Commercial offers rapid charging capability, allowing users to achieve a full charge in three hours to keep them on the job, maximizing efficiency. With productivity engineered into each facet of these machines, OptimusZ ™ allows for a drastically quieter operation, earlier start times, longer working hours, and increased profitability opportunities compared to any competitor.

Greenworks Commercial Savings

This line-up consists of up to 80% fewer moving parts than gas classmates. Resulting in the elimination of related maintenance fees, part replacements, winterizing, and associated downtime. Landscaping crews can now breathe easily with no fumes, no headaches, no trips to the gas stations, and no vibration fatigue. Incorporating OptimusZ ™ into a fleet has a projected savings of $29,475 in year five, all with zero emissions.

Anti-Theft Protection

Not only do these machines help generate more profit than the gas competition, but they also help secure investment with the industry’s first real-time Green Shield theft protection. 4G/GPS connectivity comes standard across the entire OptimusZ  Range enabling fleet management via the Greenworks Fleet Connect app anytime, from anywhere. This connectivity provides instant visibility to usage statistics and gives insights into the battery status and all systems functions. The 4G module enables over-the-air (OTA) software updates to guarantee every OptimusZ always has the latest and greatest software without ever having to step foot in a dealership or repair shop.



Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ | Compact Stand-On Zero-Turn Mowers

For those looking for a stand-on experience, Greenworks Commercial has you covered! Greenworks delivers an intelligent design that allows operators to optimally stand between the rear wheels of the machine. The operator is achieving the lowest center of gravity. Greenworks Commercial is introducing the first ever battery-powered 32-inch and 36-inch compact stand-on mowers. This exciting addition to the OptimusZ Range features smaller deck sizes. Providing landscapers more visibility around the mower and allowing them to fit in much tighter openings. All while eliminating maintenance and service, emissions, and fumes.

The OptimusZ  Range of Zero Turn mowers provides cutting-edge technology. This allows landscapers to efficiently provide premium services that meet local ordinances and requirements. With multiple patents, Greenworks coins the OptimusZ  range as “the ultimate productivity machines.”

Greenworks Commercial

Since 2002, Greenworks has been manufacturing rugged, powerful tools with superior brushless motor technology and advanced lithium-ion battery power. Greenworks Commercial sets the standard for commercial-grade, battery-powered outdoor equipment. As the only brand exclusively focused on the design and manufacturing of battery-powered products entirely.

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