Greenworks PRO 60V 16″ Cordless Chainsaw Review

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Greenworks PRO 60V 16″ Cordless Chainsaw Model 2014502 Review

Greenworks PRO 60V 16" Cordless Chainsaw

Manufacturer: Greenworks
Model number: 2014502
Price: $249.99
Power source: 60V Li-Ion
Cordless chainsaws are making a big splash in the outdoor power equipment market especially with homeowners. For occasional use, these saws are an excellent choice for a couple of reasons including low maintenance, quieter use, and affordable pricing. We recently tested two of the new Greenworks PRO 60 Volt 16″ Cordless Chainsaw. Editor Todd Fratzel and I both received samples to test around the house with some tree and log cutting and this is a compilation of our collective thoughts.

Greenworks PRO 16″ Cordless Chainsaw Features

  • Voltage: 60V Li-Ion
  • Bar Length: 16″
  • Bucking Spikes: Metal
  • Chain Brake
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Chain Tensioning Requires a Tool
  • Tool Warranty: 4 Years
  • Battery Capacity 2 Ah
  • Advanced brushless motor technology delivers major torque, power, and life, with virtually no maintenance required

Stand Out Features of the Greenworks PRO 60V

The ease of use with the controls of the saw was a pleasant surprise. There is no additional on/off switch or mode selector. Simply insert a battery, pull the chain brake towards the rear of the saw, press the safety catch lever, then pull the trigger and start cutting. It is a very intuitive process and reminds me of using a traditional gas powered saw.

The inertia activated chain brake itself is an outstanding safety feature. The brake system is ergonomic and contours around the hand while cutting, but does not interfere. Once engaged it stops the chain immediately.

Greenworks 60V Pro Chainsaw

Many cordless saws in this class rely upon a folding plastic adjustment knob to set proper chain tension. This is fairly gimmicky and does not inspire a ton of confidence. Greenworks chose to use a traditional side-mounted chain tension adjuster on the 60V PRO saw. This was an excellent decision in my opinion and allows proper chain tension to be set using a saw wrench or screwdriver in the same manner as a traditional gas saw.

Greenworks 60V Pro Chainsaw


Can the Greenworks Saw Cut?

My Cutting Experience

Cutting with the PRO 60V saw was pretty impressive compared to my prior experiences with lower end battery powered saws. I performed test cuts on larger diameter seasoned tree length wood with the saw buried all the way to the bumper spikes. Even in hardwoods, the Greenworks saw was surprisingly powerful. That being said, if leaned on it too much the saw would easily bog down. However, letting the saw do the work and applying an appropriate level of downward pressure resulted in fast smooth cuts.

The felt vibration is very low in Greenworks 60V PRO and results in less user fatigue. The quickness to full chain speed will surprise you if you are unfamiliar with cordless saws.

Greenworks 60V Pro Chainsaw

Todd’s Cutting Experience

Over the last couple of years, I’ve used a handful of cordless chainsaws from most of the major brands. I used the Greenworks 60V PRO to cut up two medium size Maple trees in my yard. The trees had trunks 12-14″ in diameter. The 16″ bar combined with the brushless motor made quick work cutting up both trees. This saw actually cuts a bit quicker than some of the other saws I’ve used. However, it does seem to “bog” down a bit easier as some of those though.

The key with cordless chainsaws is letting the saw do the work and not trying to push them too hard. This saw cuts really nice as long as you let the weight of the tool do the work vs pushing down hard.

One important note is run-time and having an additional battery. I highly recommend purchasing a second battery. In the process of cutting both trees, it took me 5 battery charges to cut up all the limbs and logs. If you have an additional battery you can charge one while you’re using the other.

Benefits of Cordless Chainsaws

For homeowners the benefits of a cordless chainsaw are huge. Most homeowners neglect proper maintenance of small gas engines ultimately leading to difficulty starting the motor and costly repairs. Battery-powered cordless chainsaws eliminate those hassles completely. Additionally, cordless chainsaws are extremely quiet allowing you to work without hearing protection and reducing noise for neighbors.

Where to Buy

You can buy these saws directly from Greenworks or at Lowe’s. At the time of the article, the Saw plus a charger and one battery are priced at $249.99 which is a great value.

Overall Impression – Greenworks 60V PRO Cordless Chainsaw

The Greenworks 60V PRO Cordless Chainsaw is a great option for homeowners looking for a saw to clean up yard brush, downed trees, and normal yard work. While a cordless saw might not be a great option for cutting large quantities of firewood, they are an excellent choice for occasional use. So if you’re looking for a chainsaw for your yard, one with a decent capacity, the 16″ 60V PRO from Greenworks is a great choice.

Greenworks PRO 60V 16″ Cordless Chainsaw Video Review

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  1. Jeremy Holt

    I got a greenworks pro 60 volt, 16 inch battery powered chainsaw. I’ve done 4 battery charges with it. I got it for 5 acres of pine thicket. This chainsaw and yellow pine were meant for each other. With one charge I can cut 4 pine trees with an 8 inch diameter, 5 cuts in the trunk and limbs off, plus about 10 pines smaller that 3 inch trunks. I’ll cut until the battery is dead and use the logs for garden beds and burn or compost the rest. Let it cool for half an hour and an hour or two to charge. For this job it is far better than a gas powered chainsaw.

  2. […] Greenworks Pro 60V saw is no stranger to the Tool Box Buzz crew. It performed a total of 21 full cuts and maintained […]

  3. Stephen Williams

    I got one of these recently from H.D.; I didn’t know what to expect but
    I had a smile after the first cut. Did all my cutting and hardly used much power. S.W.

  4. Maddie Madison

    Worst costumer service I’ve ever had wrote two e mails made one phone call to try to answer what I’d think would be a simple enough request that being what size round file to use on my two 16 inch 40v model # 20321 chainsaws and when they insisted it was a 7/32 I knew they had no idea about their own product rise size is huge does not com close and I’d be wary of a company that cannot supply this no brained question they were rude wrong and insisted they were right even though I’ve used chainsaws for 50 years! I guess good help is hard to get nowadays so if someone can help please contact me at; I’ll never buy from them again if this is their terrible support !

  5. James Daniels

    I recently bought a brand new Greenworks Pro 60V chainsaw, and it fell on it’s face. I unpacked it, checked the chain adjustment, then filled it with bar oil. I put a fresh battery in, and went to cut, and the motor sounded awful. Really raspy, and when I released the trigger, the chain instantly stopped, as if something was dragging. On top of that, several times with the brake pulled back, the motor refused to run when the trigger was squeezed. I called Greenworks, and they told me to take it 25 miles to a service center, where they told me to leave it for at least 5 weeks, with a battery and charger, + $50 deposit. What a joke. I AM SORRY I BOUGHT THIS TOOL!

  6. Dennis Burrows

    I bought one of these saw kit at lowes. I want to get one for my son, my local Lowes tells me they don’t offer that kit anymore.. Any help??

    Thanks, Denny

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