DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 20″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Review

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT Cordless 20″ Chainsaw – Model DCCS677Z1


Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCCS677Z1
Price: $549.00
Power source: 60v Battery
Weight: 30 Lbs
A cordless chainsaw is a great option because they require no gas, no fumes, little to no maintenance, and make very little noise. In the market for outdoor power equipment, cordless chainsaws are gaining significant traction, among homeowners and professionals alike.

Chainsaws that run on batteries are adequate and an excellent option for cutting tasks. They have sufficient power to perform a variety of simple and even difficult tasks thanks to recent advancements in battery technology. Using a cordless chainsaw is frequently quicker than one with a gas engine. Let’s examine this monster saw, the DEWALT DCCS677Z1, in more detail.

First Impressions

When the DCS677Z1 arrived I was impressed with the blow-molded case it came in as well as the organization it provided. There are molded spots for the battery and charger that prevent them from sliding around.

Due to the nature of their design, battery-powered saws are frequently heavier than their gas-powered equivalents. The ease of changing batteries comes with the additional weight of the batteries themselves and additional devices. The DEWALT FLEXVOLT saw is comparable to a 50CC gas saw power head in terms of size and weight. The FLEXVOLT, however, balances superbly and feels wonderful in the hand.

DCS677Z1 | Features & Specifications

  • Quick chain adjustment with an onboard wrench
  • Kickback protection with a chain brake
  • Continuous lubrication with an auto-oiling feature
  • 20 in. chainsaw

DCS677Z1 | Kit Components

The DEWALT DCS677Z1 comes sold as a bare tool or in a kit package. Here are the DCS677Z1 kit components.

  • (1) DCCS677 Chainsaw
  • (1) DCB615 DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® Battery
  • (1) DCB115 Charger
  • (1) Bar Sheath
  • (1) Rugged Carrying Case
  • (1) Sharpening File
  • (1) Tensioning Tool


Power & Performance

Power and convenience are superbly balanced in the DEWALT FLEXVOLT. With just the flick of a switch and no pulling on a starter chord, a ton of power is available. Part-time users also benefit greatly from not having to worry about carburetor maintenance, gasoline leaks, or fuel that has gone bad.

For me, it’s a tremendous benefit to be able to use a tool like the DCS677Z1 without being concerned about engine fumes because it allows me to utilize it for a much wider range of activities such as tree cutting or deck demolition.

With the DEWALT, cutting performance is excellent right out of the box. The provided chain is 68 links, 3/8″ pitch and .050 gauge (model DWO1DT620) and is really sharp.  While most battery chainsaws have bars that are between 16″ and 18″, the DCS677Z1 is built with a full 20″ bar. The saw offers a much higher cutting capacity compared to smaller cordless saws on the market.

The saw has exceptional cutting power. According to DEWALT’s advertising, the FLEXVOLT saw has 2.3 times greater torque and a 20% higher peak power than a 50.2CC gas saw. This is made possible by the most powerful FLEXVOLT motor DEWALT has yet created. Electric saws outperform their gas counterparts thanks to their instantaneous ramp-up to full power and relentless torque band. In my test cutting, the DEWALT lived up to it’s lineage. Even though I was primarily cutting storm-related blow-downs and fallen dead trees, the FLEXVOLT would be excellent when cutting live green timber. In fact, according to DEWALT’s specifications, the saw can cut a white oak log with a 17″ diameter in as little as 15 seconds.

Safety & Ergonomics

The saw comes with a thumb safety that needs to be engaged to press the trigger. The saw comes with an electric mechanical chain brake. In an emergency just slap the mechanical guard forward to immediately stop the chainsaw. To reset the safety guard must be firmly pulled towards the back of the saw. The brake lever had an excellent contour to it with very short travel to engage and disengage. Again, this is a standard safety feature on all chainsaws but it’s important to note it worked very well when we tested it

On-Board Wrench Storage

The wrench for the bar nuts is located at the rear of the saw at the bottom of the handle. It sits firmly inside, but for accountability purposes, we keep it stored in the blow-molded case. There is nothing worse than realizing it’s missing when you need it. This way it’s always known to be the case.

Aggressive Bumper Spikes

The metal bumper spikes on the DEWALT DCCS677Z1 are extremely aggressive. A group of pointed spikes that protrude from the saw towards the base of the bar is known as bumper spikes, also called felling dogs, and they offer leverage for easier, more accurate sawing. To get the chain to pass through the cut, drive the spikes into the log and then swivel the bar downward. These spikes can easily grasp dirty or thick bark. These are a significant upgrade over the earlier FLEXVOLT model’s plastic felling dogs.

Automatic Oiling Feature

This chainsaw is equipped with an auto-oiling system that keeps the saw chain and guide bar constantly lubricated and as a result, provides longer-lasting performance. The oil level indicator  shows the level of the oil in the reservoir. If the oil level is less than a quarter full, remove the battery from the chainsaw and refill it. Due to the auto-oiling system, the oil life expectancy is roughly 2 battery charging cycles. Depending upon the size and species of wood you are cutting, I would recommend periodically checking the oil reservoir for your first few charges to gauge how often you will need to refill.

There is a screw style knob on the oil cap for ease of use, even with a gloved hand. 

Benefits of Cordless Chainsaws

The advantages of cordless OPE are widely recognized. Simple long-term storage, less noise, no more exhaust fumes, and no more fuel mixing are just a few of the benefits. Professionals generally dislike having to maintain gas-powered saws as well. What sort of performance, though, can you actually anticipate from a battery-operated chainsaw? You can anticipate professional-grade performance in a cordless chainsaw and the total elimination of those little engine troubles with the DEWALT DCCS677Z1.

Check out our Cordless Chain Saw Head-To-Head for much more in-depth information on cordless chainsaws! During that test, the original DEWALT FLEXVOLT saw shined as one of our top performers. The new DEWALT DCS677Z1 takes the FLEXVOLT line to a new level.


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  1. Hello Scott Arnold,

    Aug 23 2023. Great article. I am wondering what happens to an electric chainsaw if the chain binds or bogs down against a half or 3/4 cut branch or tree? If the gas chainsaws binds or bogs down against a cut branch or tree the chain slows or stops because the clutch disengages. The motor goes into a slow down and everything works out just fine. Does that happen in an electric chainsaw? I bought a 12 inch electric chainsaw. It had more than enough power to cut through a 2 inch branch. I zipped through several. Then one branch pinched against the chain the motor kept spinning because I had the trigger pushed for the split second it took to realise the chain was pinched. This one second delay destroyed the nylon running gear than connected to the chain sprocket inside the saw. This totally disabled the saw. Before I put out 5 or 600 dollars for an electric chainsaw I need to know what happens if the chain gets pinched.

    David W

    1. Todd Fratzel

      David – Most of the cordless chainsaws I’ve reviewed will stop the motor in that situation. I’ve used a bunch of them and I’ve never had one keep going. Could be the design of that specific model you were using.

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