Stihl MS462 C-M Debuted At GIE 2018

Stihl MS462 C-M Debuted At GIE 2018

When I was a kid, time seemed to pass slowly by. As an adult it’s a different story altogether, time seems to go by in a blur. Years pass by in the blink of an eye… except this last one. I’ve been waiting for the Stihl MS462 C-M chainsaw for over a year, a very slow year. Ever since I picked up the Stihl MS362 C-M, I’ve been keeping an eye out on Stihl’s European site to see what saw would get the M-Tronic treatment next. Europe gets all the new Stihl stuff before we do.

I can’t remember exactly when but just after I saw it on the website, I came across a video of the it on the Swedish Homestead YouTube channel. I’ve been bugging our media contacts at Stihl USA about it ever since. And for good reason too, on paper this saw is nothing short of impressive.

Stihl MS462 -3

What Is The Stihl MS462 C-M

The Stihl MS462 C-M is poised to be the MS441 and MS461 replacement. Although the 441 has already received the M-Tronic treatment, the 462 will be the premier 70cc saw in Stihl’s lineup. The saw is also the lightest 70cc saw Stihl has ever had. While it’s rated at 6 horsepower, the impressive part is that it is only 13 lbs. That gives it a power to weight ratio of .46 hp per pound. That’s a crazy number. It will be similar form factor to the MS362 with the slim sprocket cover and the only hole in the top cover will be for the decomp button. This saw is going to be awesome in the woods.Stihl MS462 -6

Who Is The Stihl MS462 C-M For

Stihl MS462 -7This saw is near the top of Stihl’s lineup. Just the 661 (90cc) and 880 (120cc) are more powerful. With that in mind, this is a professional saw for a professional user. Traditionally that would be an arborist or logger but a lot more recently there has been a ground swell of people milling their own lumber with chainsaws and alaskan mills. With a ripping chain, this saw will be great for those guys too.


  • Displacement: 72.2 cc (4.41 in3)
  • Engine Power: 4.4 kW (6.0 bhp)
  • Weight: 6.0 kg (13.0 lbs.) or 6.3 kg (13.9 lbs.) for wrap handle model
  • Fuel Capacity: 720 cc (24.35 oz)
  • Chain Oil Capacity:  340 cc (11.5 oz)
  • Guide Bar Lengths: 40 to 70 cm (16” to 28”), 25″ is recommended


  • Equipped with M-Tronic engine management system. It auto-tunes the saw based on fuel and air conditi0ns.
  • Slim sprocket cover reduces weight and wood chip clogging, holes for additional set of felling dogs/bucking spikes.
  • Redesigned felling dogs/bucking spikes for better bite.Stihl MS462 -4
  • Vertical and horizontal felling marks on the fan housing.
  • Low-emissions engine with better fuel efficiency and less pollutants.
  • STIHL Ematic™ oil pump, when combined with the STIHL OILOMATIC® saw chain, uses less oil while still providing more than adequate lubrication.
  • Pre-separation air filtration combined with the automotive style filter does a better job filtering out fines.
  • Quarter turn screws on top cover. Easy access to engine top end and intake components.
  • Side-access chain tensioner and captive bar nuts.
  • Toolless fuel & oil filler caps.
  • STIHL MS 462 R C-M comes equipped with wrap handle. Often referred to as a “western-style” saw.

Stihl MS462 C-M Cost

The Stihl MS462 C-M has a MSRP of $1,100 and the wrap handle version is another $40 on top of that. That price is without a bar and chain. This saw can run a variety of bar lengths and chain types that are available at your local independent servicing Stihl dealer. The saw should be available starting in 2019.Stihl MS462 -2

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  1. Chad Lucas

    I just bought this saw after owning a 26 year old 034 with a super kit in it. While the 034 is a great saw and still in use, after buying 15 acres and needing to do some clearing, I needed an upgrade.

    The responsiveness in acceleration and power to weight is unbelievable. Mine came equipped with a 25″ bar. I replaced that with a 20″ bar and the rapid super chain (33RS 72).

    Very happy with this saw.

    1. Jeff Williams

      Yes! The quick rev is a signature of the new M-Tronic equipped saws. I run my 362 CM with the 25″ and thought it was quick, I can’t imagine how quick yours is with the 20″. It must be just a hoot to run.

  2. Chas.

    I purchased a 562 to replace a older Husky 575XP. I am very pleased with the new saw. It starts very easy, and cuts great. My ONLY complaint is when I run it completely out of fuel, it takes several pulls to get fuel back into the engine. I now refill before it is empty. I run a 25″ bar most of the time, and use a 36″ for really big trees. I highly recommend this saw for heavy use with large bars.

  3. Dennis D.

    Just bought this saw after debating over the 500i or 462CM. This saw is a beast! The M-Tronics saws are amazing! I currently own the MS 261 CM — 18″ bar, and absolutely enjoy using it for various sized trees. I just cut down 2 huge spruce trees with 36″ diameter bases and the 261 worked amazing on it. Did a test run on a 14″ poplar and it chewed up that tree like butter! It’s expensive but well worth the upgrade! Stihl are my go to saws. Owned a lot of Stihls– 026, 250, 251 CBE-currently, just sold my 292 CBE and bought the MS462 CM. Husky’s are great saws had the 50 and 55- gave to my son. But, I sold on Stihl’s new M-Tronic saws. Never had an issue with any. Forgot I owned a 271 briefly. I cut a lot of firewood and decided to go big! The 261 and 462 are amazing saws ! Enjoy both and you won’t be disappointed!

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