Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Review

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Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Review

CS-590 Timber Wolf

Manufacturer: Echo
Model number: CS-590
Price: $399.00
Power source: 2-Stroke Gasoline Engine
Motor size: 59.8cc
Weight: 13.2 lbs (powerhead weight)
Echo’s professional line of chainsaws were built to be tough. The Echo CS-590 was designed for the tree care professional offering an 20″ bar, a 59.8cc 2-stroke engine, and near unbeatable value.

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw

Specifications and Features

  • Engine Displacement: 59.8 cc / 3.64 cu in
  • Fuel Capactiy: 21.8 fl oz
  • Oil Capacity: 10.2 fl oz
  • Powerhead Weight: 13.2 lbs (no fuel, oil, bar, or chain)
  • Oiling System: Automatic/Adjustable (Clutch-Driven)
  • Starting System: Standard pull
  • Carburetor: Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm
  • Bar Type: Pro-Lite w/ ProAm material
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Sprocket Cover: Plastic
  • Sprocket Type: Spur
  • Available bar lengths (in): 18 / 20* / 24
  • Warranty: 1-year commercial / 5-year consumer

*standard offering


First Impression

A friend of mine is an arborist and has been singing Echo’s praises for the past few years. He had a few Echo saws of his own that I had used when I assisted him during climbing and felling jobs. When I first fired up the Echo CS-590, I was immediately impressed. The setup of the chainsaw with the 20″ bar was impressive. The weight is well balanced, the construction is sturdy, the ergonomics are well thought out, and the power…oh the power. It was incredible. Just the right amount of power to take down an impressive tree without being too much to handle.



First off, safety is always the primary concern. This saw has the standard features that you’d expect from a chainsaw. It has a chain brake with a solid, positive click when it’s engaged. Also, the grip safety is convenient to actuate if you have a good grip on the handle and can be used ambidextrously.

There is a chain catcher which has been effective in protecting the operator in the times I’ve seen an Echo 590 throw it’s chain (seen it happen to someone else, not myself). Also, the location of the on/off switch is somewhat of a safety feature. While it can be accidentally hit (more easily by a righty than a lefty), it’s in a much more convenient spot than some other brands of chainsaws and can be used as a last resort to turn off the saw. While this isn’t a recommended practice, as it could damage the saw, it’s nice that Echo errs on the side of caution with their design.

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Power

Some chainsaws are overpowered or underpowered depending on the engine-to-bar length ratio. Right away, I could tell that the balance of power to cut capacity was unbelievable. A 20″ bar allows for the felling of pretty substantial trees. During one of the jobs I ran, I was able to fell trees that were 18+” in diameter, then buck them up into firewood length without a drop in performance. It was certainly nice to so efficiently progress through the job site when the hot summer sun was beating down on me.

The power than the Echo 590 brings to the job site certainly helps to prevent fatigue. As jobs progress, it’s natural to feel fatigued which can lead to costly mistakes. Having a saw that makes work quick and easy can reduce this considerably. The saw makes quick work of trees which leads to less time carrying it around and ultimately can help to get you off the job site sooner.


Echo CS-590 Design

The design of the 590 is very similar to most chainsaws, but there are a few features that were particularly pleasing. First off, the saw has a sighting system built into the body. It allows you to line up the saw with where you’re trying to place the tree on the ground for your face cut. In order to get a quick gauge of where you want to put the tree, this sighting system is more than sufficient.

On the bottom of the saw is a screw for the adjustable oil flow system. This is especially nice because it allows you to control the amount of oil used. I personally adjusted the oil flow to completely open and it was fantastic. I’ve never run into an issue of the saw over oiling or running out of oil before gas. The adjustment screw can be a bit tricky as you can’t reach it with a scrench (you need a small screwdriver), but once you have the right tool, it is pretty intuitive with markings on the body about how to adjust it.

The chain tensioner is very simple being on the side plate covering the chain. With a quick turn of the screw, you can adjust the chain for optimal performance. One quick anecdote is to be careful when removing/reinstalling the side plate. I’ve seen a few people break the tensioner when trying to force the pin into the right spot. To prevent this, adjust the tensioner to line up with the bar, then reinstall the plate with the corresponding nuts.

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw Price

This saw is available from a variety of online retailers and hardware stores. The MSRP for the 590 with a 20″ bar is $400 which includes the saw, a chain, scrench, and bar sheath. Everything that you would need (minus gas and oil) comes with the saw.

Overall Thoughts

I am very impressed with both Echo and their CS-590 Timberwolf. While the price point could make a professional question the durability of the saw, I can assure you that it’s tough as nails. Multiple arborists crane climb with CS-590 and they hold up to multiple years of professional use. The saw is extremely comfortable, well-powered, and easy to use. I’d certainly recommend this saw to any professional end user or even homeowner looking for a durable, high-quality saw. You won’t regret getting a 590.

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  1. Tim Overcash

    Chain gets wood under it between bar and chain restricting chain on the new CS590. I also have an older CS400 that never have had this problem. Just purchased a new Oregon 20″ bar and chain for theCS590 and have not installed it hoping for better results.
    Oak and hickory are the type of trees I cut. I have 50 years experience and never had this problem with a new saw.

  2. Beck

    I just cut down two whites 10″ and it never backed down. I love this saw. Its sharp out of the box and better than I expected.

    30 years cutting

  3. Bob Pell

    I have had Echo cs590 in the shop 3 times since I bought it 3 years ago for not oiling. It was covered under warranty but I fear this time I’ll be told that it needs a new bar which shouldn’t happen after maybe 10 hours of shouldn’t happen after only 10 hours (approximately) of use. Hope to have a better outcome next time I use it. I own several echo tools and had no problem with them.

    1. Charlie

      Oiling gear is plastic and will strip in colder weather. Thin your bar oil down with light motoroil,keep in a warm place before using and between usesif posable

  4. Chace

    I have the cs-590 with a 20″ bar. My question is what chain do I need? There’s so many different chains with different numbers. Thank you.

  5. Ed

    I’ve now cut down and cut up about 30 trees anywhere from 12” to 24” across and my only complaint about this saw is how often I have to tighten chain it seem like every 10 to 15 cuts. Other than that cuts like a hot knife through butter and has plenty of power

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