Milwaukee Flex-Head Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

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Milwaukee Flex-Head Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Review

Milwaukee Flex-Head Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 48-22-9413- 48-22-9513
Milwaukee has expanded their wrench line with new Flex-Head ratcheting wrenches. These new wrenches come as a 15 piece SAE (Model 48-22-9413) and a 15 piece METRIC set (Model 48-22-9513). The wrenches are chrome plated and have an incredibly comfortable I-beam handle design that feels great to hold. The MAX BITE open-end grip improves the grip on nuts and bolts. The durable yet flexible ratchet system is sure to allow for quick and efficient “wrenching” in small spaces. For these reasons, I was very excited to start turning some nuts and bolts with this beautiful and quality made set.


  • 2.5° of Arc Swing
  • 144 Ratcheting Positions
  • Double Stacked Ratchet Pawls
  • MAX BITE Open-End Grip Design
  • Flex-Head Closed-End Design
  • I-Beam Style Handle
  • Ink-Filled Size Labels
  • Color-Coded Storage Tray
  • Adjustable Set Screw for Flex-Head Tension
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Chrome Plated
  • SAE Set Includes 1/4″, 9/32″, 5/16″, 11/32″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 13/16″, 7/8″, 15/16″, 1″
  • METRIC Set Includes 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm, 20 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm

The Milwaukee Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench Plastic Organizer Tray

Upon first inspection, I notice the plastic tray organizers. I like my tools neat and orderly; everything must have a home. This set comes in two trays designed to fit in your toolbox drawers perfectly. In addition, when placed together they make a nice rectangle measuring 15.5″x 22″, that will fit in most toolboxes. Furthermore, the trays have the tool sizes printed on the plastic which makes it easy to put them back in place.

Chrome-Plated I-Beam Handles and Ink-Filled Size Labels

Next, I can’t help but notice how striking these wrenches are. The chrome-plated I-beam handles are smooth and comfortable to grip. I’d like to point out the size labels on each wrench are ink-filled to make size identification quick and easy.  Moreover, they are color-coded to make them easy to locate between SAE and METRIC.


The Milwaukee Flex-Head Design

I can immediately tell this wrench set is built for quality. Indeed, holding the wrench you can feel how well these tools are made. A Flex-Head may not be something that you use every time.  However, when needed, this wrench is made for tough jobs. The Flex-Head Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set features 2.5° of arc swing and 144 ratcheting positions. To emphasize, I do have other ratcheting wrenches, but adding the Flex-Head really makes these wrenches a game-changer as they can reach nuts and bolts in odd angles or tight spaces.

The Milwaukee Flex-Head in Use

Above all, one thing I’ve found when working on a vehicle is that there is always something in the way. For this reason, the Flex-Head is really a blessing to have. The wrenches have an Allen key set screw that can be adjusted on the Flex-Head. As a result, this allows you to tighten the desired pressure that the head will flex. Tightening the Allen key screw will stiffen the head, which is especially useful when you need to access that hard-to-reach spot and maintain a certain angle. According to Milwaukee, the Flex-Head wrenches have “double-stacked pawls within the ratcheting mechanism, which is said to increase durability and extend the life of the tools.” Speaking of tool life, does it matter? It’s important to point out, this quality Milwaukee wrench set is backed by Milwaukee’s Life Time Guarantee.

Milwaukee MAX BITE Open-End Grip

The MAX BITE open-ended grip improves the wrench’s grip on nuts and bolts. Certainly, nobody wants to strip a nut or a bolt. This wrench prevents stripping by providing a tighter grip on the hardware. Notably, Milwaukee claims that it will provide 25% more torque than a standard smooth-faced wrench. I will admit I was a little nervous about the ridges on the open-end.  However, you can see in the pictures below that the design allows the wrench to sit deep onto the nut providing maximum grip.

Price and Availability

Currently, the Fex-Head wrenches are available as two individual sets. Either the SAE or the METRIC versions retail for around $289.00 for fifteen total wrenches. Together, the complete set will cost about $578.00. If you are unfamiliar with the pricing of professional mechanics tools, this may seem expensive. However, the Flex-Head ratcheting wrenches are a professional-grade tool with design features geared towards demanding users. The Flex-Head, MAX BITE, and high-quality construction are invaluable features for users who need to get the job done fast without breaking or stripping hardware constantly.

The individual SAE/METRIC sets are currently available from our friends at ACME Tools. Follow the “Buy Now” link below to purchase directly from them.

Milwaukee Flex-Head Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set

Overall Impressions of the Milwaukee Flex-Head Wrenches

We all have been in a situation when you just can’t get to a certain bolt and it’s going to take about an hour to get it out. Therefore, a ratchet wrench set with a Flex-Head is a must for saving time. To sum up, this Milwaukee Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench is a must-have. The set comes in two plastic organizing trays that fit in your toolbox drawers perfectly. The chrome-plated wrenches have a comfortable gripping handle. The MAX BITE open-end grip seems to grasp tight on nuts and bolts. In other words, I have nothing but praise for this quality Milwaukee product. Milwaukee is known for top-of-the-line tools.  Please take a look at our other Milwaukee reviews here.


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  1. Mark

    These “non-reversible” (except by flipping the wrench over) wrenches can get you into a real mess if you are working in tight spaces. Say you are backing out a bolt that has a fixed obstruction above the head. If one winds the bolt up towards the fixed obstruction without leaving a gap large enough to remove the ratchet end of the wrench from the bolt head, it becomes trapped.No way to reverse the direction to back the bolt in a bit to remove the wrench. Other wrenches that have a reversing feature are far less frustrating.

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