HART Tools 215 Piece Mechanics Tool Set Review

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HART Tools 215 Piece Mechanics Hand Tool Set Review

HART Tools Mechanics Set Review

HART Tools continues to expand their lines of cordless battery powered tools as well as hand tools available exclusively through Walmart. This review will take a look at the new HART Tools 215 Piece Mechanics Hand Tool Set (Model #HHMTS404). HART’s mission is to provide homeowners and DIYers with affordable yet capable tools for any project on the do list. We recently reviewed some HART 20V cordless tool offerings and found them to be capable performers with a low price tag.

Turning a wrench or working on an engine is a passion for many people. Many enthusiasts make it their profession and keep our cars and trucks running for us. For me, if I never had to do a an oil change again it wouldn’t be too soon. Because of this I have never placed a priority on my mechanics tools. Most of my sets are piecemeal and hodgepodge together from yard sale finds. The HART Tools 215 Piece Mechanics Set provides me with a compact and portable tool set that is extremely affordable. The HART set includes all of the basic tools needed for working on OPE or tinkering in the garage.

HART Mechanics Tool Set Features

HART Tools Mechanics Set Review

  • Plastic Locking Carry Case
  • 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Ratchets and Other tools
  • (16) Hex Bit Sockets
  • (6) 1/4″ Drive Combo Star Bit Sockets
  • (6) 3/8″ Drive Star Bit Sockets
  • (23) 3/8″ Sockets
  • (21) 1/4″ Sockets
  • (14) 3/8″ Deep Well Sockets
  • (14) 1/4″ Deep Well Sockets
  • (18) Nut Driver Bits
  • (21) 1/2″ Drive Sockets
  • (20) Short Arm Hex Keys
  • (43) 1″ Insert Bits

Standout Features of the HART Model HHMTS404

HART’s set provides a good mix of options and features for general mechanical tasks. Having the option of 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ drive makes large and small tasks easy to work through. The variety of standard as well as deep well sockets in both metric and SAE cover all the bases. The bright polished chrome finish is rust resistant but contrasts well against the HART logo and socket size lettering.

HART Tools Mechanics Set

The carrying case itself keeps all of the tools organized and compact. The two individual trays will slide out independently of the rest of the case. A couple of folding plastic wings secure the trays from coming out during transport or storage.

HART Tools Mechanic Set

Once removed, the trays provide easy access to the assorted sockets and hex keys. There is also an extra open space that could store a set of gloves or any other extra tools you may need.

HART Tools Mechanics Set

Pricing and Availability

Whether you prefer to shop in store or online, the new HART Tools 215 Piece Mechanics Set is available now from Walmart. Priced at $148.00 for the complete set, HART is providing users with an incredible value. This set provides high capability with low initial investment. This set is priced far below that of comparable, value based, mechanic sets with the convenience of buying from Walmart. At the time of writing this article, the 215 piece mechanics set is available on the shelves at my local store.

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215 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Room For Improvement With HART’s Mechanic Set

Overall I found the tool selection of the HART set to be very comprehensive. The ratchets specifically felt well finished in hand, but their mechanical features lacked refinement.

HART Tools Mechanics Set

The socket release button would occasionally catch and not fully disengage the detents. The selector switch also lacked a positive feeling detent and would move on it’s own. HART designed the ratchet head’s themselves with a 90 locking tooth action. The teeth felt faint while resetting the ratchet and I am unsure that they would hold up to repeated stress or impact.

HART tools Mechanics Set

An exploded view of HART’s ratchet head design.

Overall these issues are not a deal-breaker for me. While I do not expect to see NASCAR Pit Crews using these tools, they are perfectly serviceable for doing an oil change on the lawnmower or fixing my daughter’s bike.

Overall Impressions of the HART Tools Mechanics Set

The overall compact package and portability of the HART Tools 215 Piece Mechanics Tool Set makes it an easy grab and go option for the majority of wrench turning tasks. When factoring the in the low price and convenience of buying from a mega retailer like Walmart, this set is a home run for homeowners DIYers, and general tinkerers alike. After spending time using the set, I am now looking to clear a place in my trailer for it for those days when something needs to be fixed in a hurry. While the tools are not as refined as professional grade mechanic tools, they are more than adequate for common repair and maintenance tasks.

HART Tools continues to offer good quality value based tools that take away most of the initial cost anxiety for most users. The new 215 Piece Mechanics Tool Set is an excellent example of that.

HART Tools Mechanics Tool Set


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  1. Ousama Abdu

    Hello, I own a small landscaping business. Have chainsaws, 6 mowers all kinds of equipment ect. You think this set would be suitable for maintaining this type of equipment?

    1. Wes Bartosik

      Absolutely. I have been using it myself a lot lately for small engine maintenance. It does not include a spark plug socket which you may want to add. Some pliers and other hand tools would be good to add as well.

      1. Bilgemaster

        That’s a good thorough and fair review. I was lucky enough to snag one of these kits for just $47 (half the sale price) as an “open box special” during Black Friday Week of 2021. Like you said, for a “Mechanics Kit” it’s oddly lacking those special style spark plug sockets with the hex head base as found in most other mechanic kits, but yet it includes 3/8″ drive deep sockets in the lid that’ll do the job fine with most any plug (namely 5/8″, 9/16″ & 13/16″). So, no worries there. There’s also a nice spot in the bottommost drawer for some wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers to round it out. My Craftsman kit has a similar handy spot for additional needful items under its lid, and it just makes me wonder why most such kits DON’T have this useful discretionary feature. I must say this Hart kit’s tool layout is a bit willy-nilly. Why, for example, is the 3/8″ socket extension alongside the 1/4″ ratchet? But these eccentricities certainly ain’t a deal breaker. One suggestion I WOULD offer to Hart for future models and to the owners of this one would be to attach a chain or other line between the lid and base to keep the lid from just flopping over. You can see my kit with a little length of lamp switch type chain in my Walmart review of this kit as “BilgemasterBill” dated December 14, 2021 over at https://www.walmart.com/reviews/product/414834441. It really helps, and will probably help those hinges last longer.

  2. Aircraft Mechanic

    Aircraft Mechanic here:
    Pretty good mix of tools. You’ll never find this mix at this price with the name SNAP-ON stamped on them. The toolbox is great for keeping the items organized and a huge plus is that it will never rust.

    My only gripe is that I can’t get a HART kit of this size in all SAE with 12-point sockets!!!

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