Bostitch 105 Piece Socket Set BTMT72261 Review

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Bostitch 105 Piece Socket Set BTMT72261 Review

Bostitch 105 Piece Socket Set BTMT72261

Manufacturer: Bostitch
Model number: BTMT72261
Price: $99.99
Weight: 20.6 lbs

Whether you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or an actual mechanic if you use tools to make a living, you have a handful of heavy duty tools that you need to service, tune up, or replace parts to keep them running and working as hard as you do. Bottom line having a comprehensive set of mechanics tools is important part of your tool complement regardless of trade.

Bostitch BTMT72261 Mechanics SetNo matter your profession I think the Director of Product Management Rob Kamieniarz said it best during the announcement of Bostitch’s new line of hand mechanic tools regarding the utility and affordability of these tools.

“We are proud to introduce an extensive range of mechanics tools that continues to expand our line of professional Bostitch® tools. Whether you’re working on cars in the garage or headed to the jobsite, we know end users are looking for long lasting tools that are available at an affordable price.”

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A great example of a mechanic set that will satisfy the needs of most pros and serious hobbyist is Bostitch’s 105 Piece Socket Set [BTMT72261]

The set includes:

  • 1 – 3/8″ Drive Pear Head Ratchet
  • 1 – 3/8″ Drive 3″ Extension Bar
  • 1 – 3/8″ Drive 6″ Extension Bar
  • 11 – 3/8″ SAE 6 point Drive Deep Sockets
  • 11 – 3/8″ MM 6 point Drive Deep Sockets
  • 11 – 3/8″ SAE 6 point Drive Sockets
  • 11 – 3/8″ MM 6 point Drive Sockets
  • 2 – 3/8″ Drive 6 point Spark Plug Sockets (5/8″, 13/16″)
  • 1 – 3/8″ Drive Universal Joint
  • 1 – 1/2″ Drive pear Head Ratchet
  • 1 – 1/2″ Drive 5″ Extension Bar
  • 1 – 1/2″ Drive 10″ Extension Bar
  • 10 – 1/2″ SAE 6 point Drive Sockets
  • 10 – 1/2″ MM 6 point Drive Sockets
  • 1 – 1/2″ Drive Universal Joint
  • 20 – Hex Keys
  • 1 – T-handle
  • 10 – T-handle Bits

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  • Heavy Duty Ratchet
  • 72-Tooth Gear System for low arc swing, high torque ratcheting & better accessibility
  • Contoured, Ergonomically Designed Ratchet Handle with Anti-Slip Knurling
  • Durable Stamped Size Markings (easy socket size ID)
  • Anti-Slip Rings on Sockets
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel Construction
  • Durable Blow Mold Case with Metal Latches
  • Bostitch Lifetime Warranty


The new Bostitch standard ratchets feature a slim head and require only 5 degrees of arc swing, making getting into confined areas easy and effective. The ratchets feature a 72-tooth gear system which delivers high torque ratcheting and the low profile directional lever allows for quick one-hand operation. The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort during operation.

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Bostitch sockets are made from premium chrome vanadium steel for extra strength and durability. And unlike many mechanic tools which only have laser etching, which are thin and can wear and fade over time, these Bostitch sockets feature a durable stamped size marking for easy identification, and stamped anti-slip rings provide grip for easy removal.

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The unique T-Handle set included in the BTMT72261 with 10 bits allows users to deliver up to 400 inch-pounds of max torque. The handle is ergonomically contoured to provide a comfortable grip. The handle accepts 1/4 inch drive bits for quick and easy bit changes

Bostitch 105 Piece Socket Set BTMT72261 Review

Hex Keys

The SAE and MM Hex Key sets include the small allen wrench sizes required for tool repairs and component tightening of even the smallest components. The hex keys are stored in well marked and convenient booklets that keep the small tools secure and accessible.

Overall Impression

This Bostitch 105 Piece Socket Set BTMT72261 is a great compliment for any tool box regardless of trade or regardless of pro or DIYer. This set meets so many needs and does so with quality, innovation, and at an economical price!

Bostitch 105 Piece Socket Set BTMT72261

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  1. Benny

    what are the sizes of the sockets included? I am looking for 8mm to 24mm inclusive in 1 mm increments. Thanks!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      I’ll get that info for you and respond shortly.

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