Wilton Tradesman 1755 Bench Vise

Wilton Tools Model 1755 Tradesman 5 1⁄2” Bench Vise Review

My vises are all hand-me down cast iron monsters from my grandfather and father that were pulled out of old barns and garages, only to be put back to use. After using the new Wilton Tools Tradesman series of benchtop vises, I can’t go back to the old ways. I was able to work with the new 5 1⁄2” model 1755 and found it to be a modern and feature packed tool. This ain’t your granddad’s vise and that is a good thing.

Wilton 1755  Specifications

  • Jaw Width: 5 1⁄2”
  • Maximum Opening Capacity: 5”
  • Throat Depth: 3 5/8”
  • Pipe Jaw Capacity: 3/8-3 1⁄2”
  • Type of Base: 360° Swivel
  • Number of Mounting Points: 4
  • Jaw Depth: 1⁄2” Jaw Height: 3⁄4”
  • Weight: 51.5 Pounds

Durable Replaceable Jaws

The Tradesman series of vises offers well thought out features. The jaws on the vise are made from finely checkered steel that resemble the checkering on metal framed handguns. These jaws are also replaceable using two allen key bolts on each jaw. The backside of the jaws are smooth can be reversed to offer a less damaging face. Wilton also offers a variety of shoe covers for the jaws if you need to further product the material you are working with.

Wilton 1755 Pipe Jaws

Below the main jaws are a second set of curved jaws designed to hold round materials. These pipe jaws will lock in a piece of pipe up to 3 1⁄2” in diameter. This became my favorite feature of the vise and was invaluable for a steel gas pipe project I was working on.

Wilton 1755 Vise Body

The body of the vise is a fully enclosed construction. This prevents debris and dirt from building up along the slide bar. This also keeps lubricant inside and lengthens the overall life of the tool. Wilton improved the spindle assembly and slide bar tolerances as well to provide less jaw movement in any position and smooth function.

The Wilton Anvil

The rear portion of the housing features a square anvil face for striking. The anvil is 3 1/8” square and is great for driving stubborn pins.

Solid From The Ground Up

The vise features (4) total anchor points to mount to a benchtop. Wilton does not include the hardware, but does provide a paper template to help you pre drill the 11/16” holes. They recommend using 5/8” diameter cap bolts that are grade 5 or better. These bolts should be roughly 2” longer than your bench thickness.

360° Rotation

The base has full 360° rotation with cast indents along the perimeter. It can be locked into any position using two locking levers. When both levers are fully locked down there is zero play.

Room for Improvement?

I found the Tradesman vise to be easy to use in a lightweight platform. One area that could be improved is the anvil striking face. I found it difficult to balance a larger item on the anvil while swinging a heavier hammer and driving a punch due to the small size. A drift hole for driving pins would also be a welcomed feature.

Where To Buy

The Tradesman series vise is currently available from Wilton Tools. You can find the 5 1⁄2” Model 1755 online from vendors such as Acme Tools and current sale price is around $589.99

The new Tradesman series of vises from Wilton offer superb features for the industrial professional or weekend warrior. The Model 1755 is a great example of compact and feature packed design that would be well suited for any serious user’s bench. Wilton is also a company dedicated to manufacturing durable and long lasting tools right in LaVergne, Tennessee. Check out their website for further details and size information.

The 1755 could end up being the vise that you pass down to your grandkids!

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