Wilton 6.5″ Multi-Purpose Vise

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Wilton 6.5″ Multi-Purpose Vise (model 650P) Review

Wilton 6.5" multi-purpose vise (model 650P)

Manufacturer: Wilton
Model number: 650P
Weight: 58.4 lbs
I recently got a chance to test out the Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise (model 650P). As an experienced steel fabrication shop manager and certified AWS welder, I understand the importance of a quality vise. Why? Because whether cutting, grinding, or fitting up metal joints for tack welds, it is critical to have your workpiece securely held in place! The Wilton 650P is a fully-featured, very adjustable high-end multi-purpose vise and worth every word of praise and highlights.

Specifications & Features | Wilton 650P Vise


  • Jaw width: 6.5 inches
  • Max opening: 6 inches
  • Material (Body & Jaws): Cast Iron (30K PSI)
  • Material (Base): Ductile iron (60K PSI)
  • Weight: 58.4 lbs


  • High tensile strength 60,000 PSI steel base
  • 360-degree swivel on the base
  • built-in anvil (approx. 3.75 x 3.75 inches)
  • Swiveling head w/ 30-degree increment markings
  • V-jaws, pipe jaws, and replaceable hardened steel jaws standard

Adjustable Design Features | Wilton 650P Vise

The Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise (model 650P) is an extremely user-friendly vise because there is not a position the head or base cannot seemingly be set to.  The base swivels 360 degrees and securely clamps in place.  This allowed me to adjust the vise to clamp long runs of pipe without having to manipulate the materials more than necessary. Time saved on material handling is money earned! I was impressed that the Wilton 650P featured not one but 2 heavy-duty thumb screws to lock the base in place.  You can see both thumb screws on opposite sides of the swivel base in the picture below.

360-Degree Swivel Base

The 650P is also designed with a rotating head.  The head rotates a complete 360 degrees as well.  And I found I used this feature often. Swiveling the head allows the user to change from the pipe clamp and v-grip side of the vise head to the standard straight clamp side. Again, this was as easy as loosening the thumbscrew and rotating the Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise’s head. It also locked firmly in place using the thumbscrew with no shifting even when hitting the clamped steel with a metal for shaping purposes. And using the 30-degree marks cast in the vise body was very easy and accurate enough for the fit-ups I needed to get done.

Clamping Surface Options | Wilton 650P Vise

The Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise gives the operator the option of 3 different clamping options. This exemplifies well thought out versatility and functionality. First, there is the standard straight-edge opening. It is 6.5 inches wide and features hardened steel with a superb serrated pattern. This is a basic set-up and the one that I easily used the most often. It held steel, aluminum, and PVC (primarily angle, pipe, and round rod) firmly every single time.

Straight-edge Jaws

I used the 650P on pipe fit-ups or grinding smaller sections for copes, I rotated the head and used the V-grip or pipe clamp grip. These both worked excellently. I was able to fit a 3-inch pipe, SCH 40, into the pipe clamp with no issues. But since the majority of pipe I work with is 1.25 or 1.5-inch SCH 40, this was more than adequate for the projects I used it on in the shop. All in all the Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise worked perfectly just as advertised, which is more than I can say for many products. For contrast and picture clarity, I loaded up some round polyethylene (2.75″ diameter). I was so pleased with the clamp quality on both the vertical and horizontal axis I wanted to get a side by side of each.

V-Grip & Pipe Clamp Jaws

Anvil Work Surface

The Wilton 650P also features an integrated anvil work surface. It is not exactly square but quite close. It measures approx. 3.75 x 3.75 inches. As expected, it is both flat and quite parallel to the table surface once the vise is secured to the tabletop via the four mounting holes. I used it to flatten out 18-gauge sheet metal using a mallet as well as to re-widen the angle on a very small piece of overbent sheet metal. It worked fine for these purposes. Again, keep in mind that the work surface is relatively small which limits the uses of the anvil surface. But it has a purpose in the shop (albeit infrequent) and can come in handy in a pinch when required.

Final thoughts | Wilton 650P Vise

The Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise is a top-notch tool that offers both versatility and quality. It allows the operator to easily reposition the clamping jaws for a variety of tough tasks. The 650P vise is well built, featuring high-strength materials (up to 60K PSI), in a good-looking product. It secured firmly to my steel corner fabrication table and had already become a staple in the fabrication shop. I don’t have any recommendation on how to improve the 650P as this truly is a wonderful addition to any shop needing a general-purpose metalworking vise. At $295 it’s a bit of an investment but you get what you pay for!

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