Milwaukee Tripod Chain Vise Review

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Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise Model 48-22-8690 Review

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 48-22-8690
Price: $499.99
Power source: N/A
Motor size: N/A
Weight: 49.8
Milwaukee has recently released their 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise and it is a must-have. It is incredibly sturdy with a large and well-designed deck. Set up and clean up are a breeze with the easy deployment system.  For easy storage, Milwaukee’s Tripod Vise also folds flat to fit in service trucks or job boxes.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise


  • Pipe Capacity: 6”
  • Storage Depth: 5.25”
  • Storage Height: 49.5”
  • Level Adjustment: +/- 3 Degrees
  • Working Height: 36.5″
  • Total Weight: 49.8 Lbs

Milwaukee Tripod Chain Vise Deck

Surprisingly, the Milwaukee Vise Deck is made out of high-quality cast aluminum. When I saw this tripod vise released I just assumed the deck was going to be made from Milwaukee’s signature heavy-duty red plastic. Conversely, the aluminum deck makes for a strong and stable work area. The deck also has a large work surface measuring 20” x 15.5″. The beveled edge, notches, and cutouts are perfect for keeping your supplies and tools from rolling onto the ground and creates an organized workspace.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

Milwaukee Tripod Deck Stabilizer Lock is a Key Feature

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

The deck stabilizer lock allows you to twist the stabilizer arm which increases the tension. As a result, this arm stabilizes the board completely. No matter how long you own this Tripod Vise this adjustment will always take out the slack and keep the vise tight and wiggle-free. We also found that we did not need a pipe stand as often due to the large deck and the stability that the Deck Stabilizer Lock provides.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

“Look no feet” The Milwaukee Tripod Vise is so stable that once we tightened the Deck Stabilizer Lock, we could hang on the pipe without the vise wiggling or tipping.

Milwaukee Tripod Chain Vise is Quick to Setup and Breakdown

The Milwaukee Chain Vise deploys easily and folds up quickly. Once folded the vise folds flat, making for easy storage in your shop or truck.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

Adjustable Leg

The adjustable leg will assist in easily leveling the board +/- 3 degrees.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

Balanced Carry Handle

The carrying handle is perfectly balanced with the vise making it easy to carry in a straight position.

Foot Grips

The foot grips are made of soft but sturdy rubber. They can also be removed for anchoring.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

Grounding Tab

The built-in grounding tab makes welding a little easier.

Room for Improvement

Although the large deck provides plenty of workspace, we wish that a lower shelf was included. A lower shelf is available as an accessory for another $99.00 at While having the option to purchase this shelf, later on, is nice, including the shelf in the original kit would make the chain vice nearly perfect.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, The Milwaukee Leveling Tripod Chain Vise is a good product with an excellent design.  The large deck allows for plenty of work space and organization. The Deck Stabilizer lock allows the Milwaukee Vise to get very tight, and sturdy, which should extend the service life of the tool.  The adjustable leg allows for quick angle adjustments, all while it deploys and cleans up quickly to save space.

Price and Availability

The Milwaukee Chain Vise is priced at $499.99 which is similar to other competitors. Considering, the large workspace and the quality craftsmanship behind the 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise, I think that choosing the Milwaukee is an easy decision to make. The Milwaukee Tripod Vise can be purchased from our friends at ACME Tools by clicking the link below.

Milwaukee 6” Leveling Tripod Chain Vise

In addition, the Milwaukee Chain Vise will pair perfectly with the full-size or compact Milwaukee Pipe Threader that we previously reviewed.

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