Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC Bag Review

Time is money, and it seems that few contractors have a clear understanding of how to improve operational efficiency. There’s a lot of things that can be discussed in that previous sentence but one ground ball is tool organization.

The RIGHT tool for the job, and the RIGHT bag for the tools!

We recently took a close look at the NEW Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC tool bag. The TECH OT-MC is a compact “open-top” tool bag with an internal plastic “box”, housing a repositionable “insert” box that allows you to customize your tool storage.

From the minute I pulled it out of the packaging I knew that this bag was designed by someone that actually used a tool bag to make a living. It clearly delivers a solution for contractors who need to hit that sweet spot of just enough tools, but not too much.

The TECH OT-MC is ridged and self-standing so it does not collapse on itself, a huge plus, not having to dig around trying to find something. The bags rigidity allows the tools to stand straight up for a fast visual to locate and retrieve.

Durable Construction

The TECH OT-MC bag has a Waterproof 3mm polypropylene base which means it could sit in standing water, while your tools stay dry. The bottom armor on this bag will not wear and tear like most soft tool bags.

The handle design keeps the handle upright and out of the way of tool retrieval. The handle is super tough, and there is zero concern that it will tear off, even if hoisting the bag fill of tools.

A wide, padded strap is supplied and attaches to two external stainless steel D-rings, with secure attachment to the bag body. The bag measures 18” H (to top of handle) X 10”L X 8”W.

Large Internal Center Pocket

A nice and needed feature on this bag is its interior injection molded plastic box that is perfect for additional tools like a impact driver, drill or more hand tools. A smaller repositionable “insert” box with lid fits snugly inside this center box and can be placed into five different positions for customization. This insert box and lid is perfect for commonly used parts and accessories.

Vertical Pocket Design

The TECH OT-MC bag is small but is designed to maximize storage space. The TECH OT-MC also features multiple vertical tool pockets for quick & easy access. These storage pouches are strong and stiff, and will not allow the tool to flop around.

28 interior & exterior pockets allow you to store your most used tools for fast location and retrieval. There is an outside mounted stainless steel tape clip for your tape measure. ..

Having all of my most reached for tools organized in a quick to access fashion makes my job go smoother and quicker. There is nothing worse than fumbling for a tool, every time you reach in your tool bag.


  • TECH OT-MC Bag Features: Dimensions:                18” H (to top of handle) X 10”L X 8”W
  • Tool Pockets:     28 interior & exterior pockets
  • Outside mounted stainless steel tape clip
  • Interior injection molded plastic box with smaller repositionable “insert” box with lid
  • Waterproof 3mm polypropylene base
  • Extra wide padded shoulder strap
  • 5 year limited warranty

Overall Impression of the TECH OT-MC Bag

This little tool bag amazed me at the amount of tools it holds and how sturdy it is, it is clear that a lot of thought went into its design. The Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC Bag is priced at $179.00 which is steep. Frankly, I love everything about this bag except the price.

TECHOT-MC Veto COMPACT Open Top Tool Bag

I’m a fan of getting what you pay for and clearly understand that the price of this bag is reflected in its rugged, weatherproof design. It’s a tool bag that will keep your tools organized, protected, and easy to find. It will save you time and energy by reducing your walk-in weight and ready to go with your core group of tools. The TECH OT-MC Bag is truly a well-engineered bag and will I promise you it will outlast cheaper competitor bags by a long-shot.

Veto Pro Pac TECH OT-MC Tool Bag Video Review


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