Milwaukee 16 ft Compact Tape Measure 48-22-66-16

Milwaukee 16 ft Compact Tape Measure 48-22-66-16 Review

The original tape measure was invented on July 14, 1868 by Alvin J Fellows of New Haven in the United States. Over the decades tape measures have had subtle modifcations to them done by various manufacturers.

Milwaukee Enters the Tape Game

In July of 2013 Milwaukee power tools decided to branch out by entering the hand tools market.  The introduction of the Milwaukee tape measure brought in their first innovation into tape blade technology,

The first generation of tapes were geared towards mechanical trades, the 2nd generation were a more streamlined version with a smaller hook and geared towards carpenters. Today were looking at the Milwaukee 16 ft Compact Tape Measure 48-22-66-16.

Further Innovation And Compact

Milwaukees latest innovation with their line of professional grade tape measures has reduced their size by 30 %.    As a finish carpenter 95% of the materials Im working with typically are under 14 ft long, theres no need to carry a 25 ft tape so I use a 16 ft tape.

Milwaukee Tape Features

Unlike the earlier models of tapes which featured a wire belt clip, Milwaukee switched to the more popular metal clip type found on most tapes.

The reduced weight and size of this Milwaukee tape not only takes up less space in a tool belt but also creates less weight when hanging on your pants pocket.

Accurate and Consistent

When I compared the compact tape to three other tape measures for accuracy, the readings were exactly the same as two other Milwaukee models. In comparison, to the competitions tape, which had a descrpancy of 1/32”

I really like how the blade hook has been reduced in size, creating less interference when hooking, and  gable to fit into tighter spots to take measurements. Earlier models were notorious for a clumsy, oversized hook that looked more like a grappling hook.

What can be improved

The blade features numerical markings are listed every 1/8” along the entire bottom edge, making for a very busy to read blade. This “busy readout,” should be kept to within the first 12” if not removed entirely

Milwaukee states a 9 ft blade standout, which is pretty accurate give or take 1 or two inches. Those who frame, build decks or do general carpentry tasks will want longer blade stand out.

Overall Impression

Overall the Milwaukee 16 ft Compact Tape Measure 48-22-66-16 is a well built tape measure which is definitely worth picking up. It is a lighter duty model, so I can see those in the interior finish side of construction picking them up along with home owners, designers and architects.  With a price point of $10 U.S  its a no brainer when you compare it to the heavy duty models which are much bulkier and can run upwards of $25

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